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EDIT:  Oh, and by the way?  Today is supposed to be the hottest day of the summer.  If I leave my cats in that apartment, it's tantamount to animal abuse.

Remember this? No, this isn't a "looking back over the past year" post.

This is a goddamnedmotherfuckingpissed post.

This is a "You'll be lucky if I give you a week you fucking arselord" post.

This is a "I'm going to kill someone with my bare hands" post.

This is a "My fucking used air conditioning unit added to my heat pump last year died yesterday." post.

I can't find one icon that says it for me. So I am using six.


Well at least I have my Siamese cat now.
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No wonder I hated watching Sesame Street with Scarlett.  Elmo always made me wanna puke, but I thought it was just because I was grown up. Now I know the truth - I was jaded and hardened by my years on the Street.  The ORIGINAL Street. 

Caution - this article discusses the original Sesame Street episodes, which are deemed unfit for today's toddlers.  

Pablum, anyone?
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 Or my opinion of the State Society of Slumlords?

You make the call. 

It will be DAYS before I'm cooled off.  At least mom will let me bring the cats.  The poor things are panting.

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She won't go to sleep. She's been in there an hour, and won't quit talking to herself. 

I want to eat something, but apparently whatever it is I want to eat isn't in my kitchen. My knees are cold from standing in front of the refrigerator. 

Brent called, and was beyond conversation.  He said "There comes a point where you care less about yourself, and more about the night."

To which I replied: "Feeling a bit melodramatic, are we?"  He was offended. I don't give a shit.

He's calling back. I'm not answering. 

I think I might go to bed.
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Schlotzsky's Deli - Funny Name, Serious Sandwich.  Even more serious Thai Chicken Pizza, with shredded carrots and onions and peanut sauce. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Southern Kitchen.  A staple for those who party at bars into the wee hours, open and serving breakfast all night.  The marquee sign says "Serving o_d food for 47 years"  Old food? Odd food? Yeah, I know, Good food, and it really is. If you like southern cooking. Which I do.

Hooters uses Heiners buns. How quaint. 

There are at least three nice restaurants or fast food joints within walking distance from Brent's new apartment. 

Woman in SUV with clever Mickey Mouse tow ball cover. I pull up next to her at the light, and get out of my car.  I knock on the window, noticing she's a lovely slim brunette with scrubs on.  She buzzes the window down and I say "Scuse me, but you should get your blinkers repaired, as neither the front nor the back lights are working.  I'm certain that you, being a medical professional, are aware of how dangerous it is to drive an illegal vehicle. I'm also assuming that you, as a medical professional, are far too intelligent to turn corners and merge in traffic WITHOUT USING YOUR BLINKERS.  Aren'tchoo?"  *insert smirk here, and subtle finger gesture* "Have a good day."

Okay, no, not really. But dammit one a these days, Alice!!!! BAM! Right in the kisser!

And upon my entering the lane approaching the office, idiot number two decides to pull out from behind stopped car waiting to turn and join me in said lane, pulling out quickly enough that he could have struck me if I hadn't sped up. Sans blinker of course, because he goes to the same driving school as bimbette up there, whose trip to the post office was SO urgent she couldn't be bothered to turn on her blinker while riffling through her purse at the stop light. Thank you.


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