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EDIT:  Oh, and by the way?  Today is supposed to be the hottest day of the summer.  If I leave my cats in that apartment, it's tantamount to animal abuse.

Remember this? No, this isn't a "looking back over the past year" post.

This is a goddamnedmotherfuckingpissed post.

This is a "You'll be lucky if I give you a week you fucking arselord" post.

This is a "I'm going to kill someone with my bare hands" post.

This is a "My fucking used air conditioning unit added to my heat pump last year died yesterday." post.

I can't find one icon that says it for me. So I am using six.


Well at least I have my Siamese cat now.


Jun. 17th, 2008 09:36 am
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Dammit - I can't get back into the last post to edit it.  [ profile] nsingmanfigured it out, it's Steve Cauthen - or as I will always know him Stevie Cauthen -  best known as the youngest Jockey to ever win the Triple Crown, riding Affirmed in 1978.  Also the LAST jockey to ever win the Triple Crown.   He owns a farm and training facility known as Dreamfields in his hometown of Verona, Kentucky.  I was so fascinated with him when he won the Triple Crown - he wasn't much older than me and for many years he figured prominently in my girlish fantasies. 

[ profile] smiteboygot the other post - Boris Becker.  

GREAT LEGS!  At seconds 1:04 thru 1:06 you get to see that first victory dance.  As I mentioned, I watched it with my best friend, who was a huge tennis fan. I'd never cared for it much, but I followed Boris. Who wouldn't? He was sunshiny-looking. 

Before I go any further - here's a Happy Birthday shoutout to [ profile] warrior_priest.  What a great birthday Kel, to spend it back in your hometown after all this time!

It was 14 years ago today that the world watched the white Bronco crawl down the freeway. Hard to believe so much time has passed. I remember listening to the O.J. verdict sitting in my car after a shift at the phone company. I think it was my last day of work there.  That sparks some very bittersweet memories. Three months later, Scarlett was conceived. 

It's going to be a beautiful day here today!!  Mid to upper seventies, despite the glaring sunlight. Those temperatures always make me happy.  I'm cooking up a new idea for the grill - I'm going to try it out tonight.  I have a brand new cute little mini-grill that I'm going to take to Brent's house. I'm thinking if I cook the chicken on low heat in a skillet with lots of liquid it will steam and stay nice and moist, then throw it on the grill to finish it off - get those black marks and that yummy charcoal taste without drying it out.  I hope it works. 

I took Scarlett to Junior Conservation Camp last night.  It's at a very nice Conference Center in the woods about 45 minutes from here. I KNOW she's going to have a fabulous time, and I saw one of my closest co-workers there. I didn't know she was going to be a leader at the camp, but it makes good sense.  She loves kids, and has a soft spot for Scarlett so I have absolutely NO worries, because I know Karen will look after her.  Can't wait to hear about it when she gets home. 

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WOOT! Found a closeup!

This could be so much fun!  I hope you all will play with me!

Thanks to [ profile] padiwackand [ profile] anita_margaritafor already joining in 
on the first picture!  This one gives the fellow away a little
simply by his surroundings.   Can you figure out who this is?
He doesn't look much like he used to when I thought he was
the living end!   Cool note - there are actually 3 horses in 
this photo!

HINT: This guy used to wear a lot of pink silk.  I'll  post the answer in the morning.
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Whatever happened to??

I wonder this a lot, and love the internet for filling me in on all the people I watched, admired and loved in years past. This is who I've been wondering about lately. Do you know who he is? Without looking him up?

This, my dears, is Boris Becker.  1985 Wimbledon champion at age 17, still the youngest ever to win. My best friend and I sat on my t.v. room floor and watched him make history, while we oooh'ed and ahhh'ed over his great looks and red hair! Now he's got multiple children with multiple women and custody issues.

What a handsome devil he still is!  

  Who have YOU been wondering about lately?  Can you find a picture of him/her/them?  

HINT #1 - He's German.  

Randy got the answer right!   Yay Randy! 


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