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I am so fucking bored.  And so fucking sick of feeling this way.  Fucking sick of my house, fucking sick of my job, fucking sick of my hurting foot and the sharp pains in my ankle and driving Brent's car which means driving back and forth too much and sick of having car trouble even though it's only been a few days.  Run on sentence, anyone?  Thank you. 

My mind is random and do you know why? Well I'll tell you why.  Because I'm fucking OVULATING.  Yes, people.  The damned eggs have found their way past the Essure thingys and are spreading their special brand of joy throughout my life.  I know that it can take up to 12 weeks for the Essure to completely take effect, but talk about pissed.  I don't WANT to ovulate. That makes me want to have a baby, and I don't want to want that.  See how fucked up my brain is?  

I have two new-to-me Coach purses, a new pair of shoes I can't wear, and a new sweater for Scarlett.  I am through with ebay I think, although I have two more items that will be shipped once I pay for them.  I am going to take pictures of the bag Leigh wants to sell and post it on ebay for her, along with some other things when she sends me the pictures.  Notice I didn't say IF she sends me the pictures, because I know she will.  

Okay, I'm too worried about getting caught blogging. So I've gotta go.  
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