Jun. 27th, 2008 11:05 am
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North Pole May Be Ice Free by Summer

I've heard for some time that polar bears are losing their habitat.  I wonder what this new development will mean for the rest of the world. 


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Favorite pic of the day

I just love big cats!   Like ya'll didn't know that. 
I LOVE the way the back one is chewing on the pool.
They're obviously juvenile, probably come 
down out of the mountains to find a poodle 
or two to munch on.

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Some of my favorite pictures for the beginning of the week.

I'm going to try and get the first one added to my layout. THAT is what the sun looks like a lot of the time right now. I'm getting headaches from the glare. I have sunglasses, but keep forgetting them, blahblahblah. It feels like my body is failing me. Stupid body.

I watched Brent's mom walk down the stairs yesterday and thought "My god. Look how limber she is! She's gonna outlive me." I hope I'm wrong, only because I think she's pushing 60, and that doesn't give me much time. But if I went to the doctor and told her EVERYthing that was wrong with me, it would cost me hundreds of dollars to get it all checked out. And most of it is weight related - even the arthritis. Stupid body. Stupid inhabitant.

COACH DOG!!   I always think of
[profile] kokopelleigh when I see this picture.
She's all about the matching accessories.

I SO WANT one of these dogs.  I think this one is a silver lab.
Look at its eyes!  I'm a sucker for blue eyes.  Look at the love!

This is Winter.  Isn't she amazing? 
The camera loves her.

And this is Honey.  A blonde Dachsund.
Isn't she sexy? Well you know, dog-sexy.

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Awwww!  Look at the llelephants!!    Elephant pool party.


Jan. 11th, 2008 01:14 pm
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The girl down the hall from me received this guy for Christmas. She brought him to work today, and he's a hoot!!

She has a blue and gold that she's raised from a chick, and actually brought the real bird in to work once. This guy is almost 
as entertaining, and doesn't bite or poop as much.  I didn't think I wanted one for Christmas, but after holding him and talking 
him in her office, I SO want him.  WalMart has the best price, but I'm still not going to spend $50-some on a toy for myself. 

Maybe for my birthday.  Bwaaak!



Sep. 26th, 2007 09:05 am
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I'm allergic to cats. Ya'll knew that, right? If I live with a cat I develop an immunity to it, and sometimes get a bit icky when I'm away from it (throat gets clogged, etc.) But when I'm around a new cat, my allergies kick in. 

So there's this kitten here at the office today, looking for a home. He's a creamsicle, two pounds of love and fury, who can't be around other cats. Cause he beats them up. OMG he's sweet! Well, he was until I played too much and he started beating ME up. Which I don't really mind, cause I think it's cute and fun when they grab you and thump their little bunny backfeet on your arm. Anyway, I'm coughing my head off, and my throat is uberitchy. *snort*

I am in possession of a PS2 today. It's in the car. Scarlett has had a stomach ache since last night, so she stayed at mom's today instead of going to school. I hated it, since they had so much trouble with her before, but I gave her several admonishments about misbehaving "If mawmaw calls me EVEN ONCE there will be NO MORE PS2 this week. Comprende? Capice? Comprendez-vous?" Yes, she comprende, as she stared at the t.v. screen. So I made her repeat my orders, until she got them right. She was briefly pissed about me taking the PS2, but fuck that. There will be no mindless gaming all day without eating. Dammit. Granted, she will compensate with mindless television, but when mom gets home from work I'll tell her to turn it off for the rest of the day. I've also given Scarlett homework, a worksheet she failed and forgot to have me sign, and a list of vocabulary words. There are a few on there that I don't even recognize, so I'm looking forward to learning the definitions of those.

My hands are itching from the kitten claws. I gotta find an alcohol swab. There is NO antibiotic ointment in this building.


Sep. 13th, 2007 01:49 pm
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 Second day with a nagging pain in the front of my head, above my left eyebrow.   I woke yesterday morning at 4:30 to a spinning room, and I've not felt right ever since.  I made an emergency visit to my doctor yesterday a.m., and she put me on a BP med. Started it today. We'll see.  

Scarlett had another meltdown yesterday evening, kinda went off and on all evening long.  She is NOT feeling well, appears to be a mild cold with no infection, but it's draining her quickly.  I left her at home today with no t.v. and no online access.  She's resting, and a bit restless, which is fine.  Her birthday is tomorrow. I got her some Pokemon cards, trying to accept something I don't particularly like.  

Last night there was an insistent aggressive scratching noise that pulled me out of bed at 11 p.m.  I thought Mitzi had gotten stuck in Scarlett's closet or something, but when I got to the living room, there were both cats, staring at the front door - which was vibrating from the scratching on the other side!  Scared the shit outta me, so I called 911.  The scratching stopped, but while I was on the phone with the police, it resumed further down the wall, close to the sidewalk.  The dispatcher said he'd send someone to look around, so I hung up, grabbed my broom, and waited.  The scratching stopped, but nothing walked past my window or made any further noise.  I went back to bed, and the cop showed up. TWENTY MINUTES LATER.   Charleston's finest, ya'll.  He found nothing, but I figure it was a fox or a possum or raccoon.  Or a fucking rat. 

I dreamed last night that Mitzi had a hole in her shoulder from falling against a bolt sticking out of a chair.  The vet took for EVER to work on her, spent all his time working on a horse in the next room, which kept kicking him.   Women were having their nails done in the waiting room.  Mitzi was so patient, and I felt SO horrible for her.  Poor kitty. 

Brent has asked to attend Scarlett's birthday party. How sweet!  Scarlett is very happy that he wants to come and has said "Of course!"   

Now I've got to do some work or something. I feel like crap.  My head pain won't go away. 

more pics

Aug. 28th, 2007 11:44 am
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OMG THAT IS SO WEIRD! You can email pics to your livejournal account (just like an email entry) and it put them in your Scrapbook! OMG! COOL!




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