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I LOVE Harry Shearers blog on The Huffington Post. 
He's provided a very interesting link
regarding New Orleans and the constant,
continued failure of the US Corps of Engineers. 
I can't say it any better, and I can't say
any more, because my jaws are locked
shut from grinding my teeth in anger
regarding this neglect.


Jan. 9th, 2008 09:44 am
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 When I open a page to post here, why do I have to reposition my cursor THREE FUCKING TIMES in order to type in the subject line?

I have a headache.  I am eating Twizzlers.  I am going to do work here in a minute.  I gotta go to the lav.  I missed Leigh's birthday party last night, and instead had a screaming match with my daughter.  I won.  

There are a million things going on this weekend and none of them are matching up with my desire for Scarlett to finish her room.  siiiiiiiiiiiigh

I don't like Hilary Clinton.  There. I said it.  I am not interested in discussing politics, I just don't like her. I'm sorry. 

Moving right along. 

I DO, on the other hand, like THIS news article.  I love this woman.  And if my daughter ever defies me in such a manner I pray I will be this strong.  I haven't been this strong yet, but I'm working on it. I have done some things that seem to Scarlett to be just as cruel and unreasonable. But nothing this bad.  Taking the Nintendo DS back instead of giving it to her for Christmas doesn't count because 1) she didn't know about it, and 2) it wasn't taken back for bad behavior, it was taken back because I couldn't afford it.  She speaks so wistfully about the gifts her friends received for Christmas, all their electronic toys and iPods and phones and so forth, and it makes me sad for her. I'm truly sorry that I can't afford those things for her.  But I'm just as sorry that she HAS a PS2 and can't use it at our house because of her behavior and her grades. She is sweet as sugar most the time, but I know that part of the reason she is able to maintain good behavior is because she DOESN'T have the PS2 at home.  

The rest of my life today is the same old shit. My mind is filled with wishes for things like a home and some order to my life and I don't even want to say "a husband" because I feel like an idiot still wanting that when my main problem is my lack of patience. 

So rather than think about those "same old shit" things, I'm going to quit writing and go to the loo. Ciao.
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I read in the snopes LJ feed that a man is warning America about impending attacks, sometimes with some accuracy.  I found it intriguing, then disheartening when I learned that our government may be planning an attack on Iran and Syria.  I know there are likely terrorist cells in these countries, but I have many Syrian friends. Yes, I care more when I know someone from the country in question.  I can't help that.  It disturbs me to think that our country might attack YET another country. I'm so sick of this. Mr Aviv says we approached the situation in the wrong manner, and I tend to agree with his thinking.  

To continue with my liberal train of thought, here's a poem from the most recently named United States Poet Laureate, Charles Simic:

Eyes Fastened With Pins
by Charles Simic 

How much death works,
No one knows what a long
Day he puts in. The little
Wife always alone
Ironing death's laundry.
The beautiful daughters
Setting death's supper table.
The neighbors playing
Pinochle in the backyard
Or just sitting on the steps
Drinking beer. Death,
Meanwhile, in a strange
Part of town looking for
Someone with a bad cough,
But the address somehow wrong,
Even death can't figure it out
Among all the locked doors...
And the rain beginning to fall.
Long windy night ahead.
Death with not even a newspaper
To cover his head, not even
A dime to call the one pining away,
Undressing slowly, sleepily,
And stretching naked
On death's side of the bed.

I like his imagery.  How is this liberal? Well my dad says the Pulitzer Prize is a piece of crap awarded to liberal media like the New York Times for stories slamming our government.  Mr. Simic is a Pulitzer Prize winner for his poetry.  Since I find myself envying Jhumpa Lahiri her Prize for her short stories, it stands to reason I'd aspire to such.  Thus, liberal, no? 


Mar. 21st, 2007 12:28 pm
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Awrite so we all know I'm a bleedin' heart liberal, and I think therefore I'm not Republican. But I don't talk much about politics in general, nor my opinions on them in this journal. Reason being if the politics affect my paycheck directly, or my ability to feed my kid or drive my car, then I'm pissed. Otherwise I have opinions but they're not life-threatening. I'm in survival mode most the time, people. I just keep my head down and plow through, Republican and Democrats alike have screwed me at times.

That being said, check out the LJ of [personal profile] phaballa 

She's got a handle on her politics, and is currently ranting about equal rights for everyone, despite their personal bent.

I've never said much about a person's right to marry whomever they want, but I believe in it. However, I'm more concerned about equality in general life. Not just in the chapel.  The government shouldn't even recognize the difference between the words "gay" and "straight". It's got NOTHING to do with governing people.  If we can buy insurance for our pets, or leave them money in our will, who the fuck is the government to say that we can't add our life partner to our insurance policy, or name them as a dependent?

Who the fuck, I say?

EDIT:  I hope people don't get offended because I used the example of insurance for pets. I am NOT comparing a pet to a homosexual person's partner. I am emphasizing the ridiculousness that allows the public to place such a high value on an animal, yet still treats humans as less than citizens.


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