Sep. 22nd, 2007 01:38 pm
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I thought about just editing that last post, but decided against it.  This one will be much more upbeat.  

I'm 42 years old and have just made my first deviled eggs.  They are delicious, of course.  I think one of the secrets to my cooking skills (which are mad, yo) is that I have been watching and learning all my life. I have always read cook books, collected them, copied recipes, tried them with my own instincts, and ALWAYS asked "How did you do that?" "What's in that?" etc.  

Thus, I have known how to make deviled eggs for several years. I've never done so because I only semi-like them, I have no egg plate, and I HATE the work of boiling eggs, etc.  My mom boiled a BUNCH of eggs for Scarlett earlier this week, so I just used six of those.  I already knew Brent and I like dill pickles better than any other, and he likes things with a minimum of salt and little or no vinegar. (I know. Dill pickles? No vinegar? Howso? But anyway)  I DID have some trouble cutting up the baby pickles, but that just convinced me that NEXT TIME I see one of those chopper thingys, I'm gonna get it. They're so cheap. And I knew to put the stuffing in a baggie in order to get the stuffing in the eggs best. Just all kinna tricks up my short sleeves. 

OH. The other thing that's brought out the "cook" in me is Brent.  He's SUCH a great person to cook for.  He loves so many things, isn't nearly as picky as he says, and is grateful. Scarlett's unwilling to experiment, but Brent's great at it.

I joined a photo community, with contests every week.  I am looking forward to it.

This made me so sad.  I shall go and chop some onions to put in the freezer. Maybe that will help me not think about it. 

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