Nov. 15th, 2007


Nov. 15th, 2007 02:23 pm
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What to say.....

Went on an errand jaunt today, including a doctor's appointment that didn't exist.  That's the second time I've done that with this particular doctor, and I can't find an explanation. I KNOW I called and scheduled this appointment over the phone, but there's no record of it. 


Lunch was cold sesame noodle and mondo.  Mmmmmm.  I spent $60 at Dollar General.  (I can hear ya'll now - ON WHAAT??)  Just stuff I needed, you know?  3 Christmas presents, a stocking stuffer, couplea high-grade toothbrushes. 

Made chicken noodle soup last night because Leigh is sick and I had a taste for it by the time she told me she wasn't gonna be home yesterday evening.  And it's mmm mmm good.  Been taking Scarlett to school this week, and we did pretty well the first day, have done progressively less well since then. Eh, I don't care.  We'll see how it feels after Thanksgiving.  I don't know who is going to live with who next week, maybe we'll trade off staying at one another's houses. (me-n-Brent) He has an appt in South Charleston Tuesday, and I will need to cook Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Besides, my kitties miss me when I'm gone, and get into mischief. 

I'm getting new-to-me furniture this weekend, I think. If it doesn't get too cold.  My cousin has a very nice sofa and chair that belonged to our grandmother.  She inherited it, just like I inherited the watch.  She's getting new stuff, and grandma's stuff is better than mine, so out it goes.  I'm looking forward to it. 

I have several boxes of books I need to sell.  I don't know if my eBay account still works, but I don't think it will work without a credit card.  I set up a new checking account today so I'll get a debit card with that, I can use it and reactivate my account.  But I also don't know if selling books on eBay is worth the hassle or postage.  I should give them away on here. Maybe I'll do that.  Still, there's the postage issue. hmmmmmm

My mom is having her knee operation today.  I know I've not sounded worried, and that's because I'm not - right now.  She's receiving a spinal instead of general anesthesia, because she's had serious trouble with anesthesia before.  However, while healing she could develop an infection which would go STRAIGHT to her less healthy extremities, primarily her feet.  She's diabetic, and her most pronounced symptom is her feet's refusal to heal well, plus the occasional sore that comes from nowhere. 

I haven't spoken to my dad in two months.  My dad hasn't called me in that time either.  I sent him a card apologizing for missing his birthday, and he hasn't acknowledged it.  Sometimes that's okay. Sometimes I'm not sure if it is or not.  I usually tried to spend one of the winter holidays with him, but not this year. Not only do I not have the money (shhh!) but I don't have the desire.  I MISS my kid sister like crazy, but you know something? The VERY BEST Thanksgiving I EVER spent with her was the time her mother in law had Scarlett and I over for Thanksgiving dinner.  I STILL think about her brussels sprouts.  It was crowded and hot and loud and I didn't even care. The whole weekend was great, even though I cooked some of Angie's Tupperware. We still laugh about that. 

Angie has posted two entries on her very own Live Journal so far. It's been great to read how things are going, but she's very stressed, and seems to be a bit depressed.  Post partum can be a bitch, especially during the winter and during school.  She's [profile] ang205if you want to friend her.  She would appreciate it. She didn't see the replies to my entry when she created the journal, and hasn't quite figured out the whole email-journal-comment connection yet.  I need to school her!  Anyway, go add her. Drop her a line or something.  

Umm.  I think that's all. For now anyway. 
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The West Virginia Music Hall of Fame is having it's first ever induction ceremony tomorrow.   There are a lot of great artists there, and if you watch for a few moments you will see the new inductees names and photos cycle through the space on the left of the page.  Of personal interest is Clark Kessinger,  a distant relative of Brent's.  Clark Kessinger is known as an "old time" fiddle player.  I think that kinda encompasses many styles, including bluegrass and folk music.  He recorded several albums in his lifetime, and my own great uncle Charlie Bill Lemon* accompanied him with guitar on at least one.  Isn't it cool the connections you can find if you look long enough?  Clark's nephew, Robin Kessinger, is also an accomplished flatpicker, with many awards to his name, and too many television appearances to list here.  

We both have music in our blood.  It's another thing that seems to draw us together. 

*YES, Charlie BILL.  Honest to god. His given name was Charles William of course, but he went by the nickname from infancy. 


Nov. 15th, 2007 08:59 pm
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We've  established that I'm empathic to a degree. Those of you who are new you may click here for a general description of how it works for me.  The "he" I am bonded to is Brent, although the entry linked was written right after he broke up with his ex.  

I don't talk about the empathy much because I've only bonded to a few people. I consider myself fortunate in that respect because I don't handle stress in my own life well, much less the added stress of someone ELSE'S stress.  I can pick up on stuff with my kid most the time, but usually only when we're together.  And that's what this entry is about. 

Scarlett (on purpose) did a flip over the back of the sofa tonight, and lost control of it.  Her back landed on the edge of the sofa and it hurts, but she told me she couldn't breathe, and was grabbing at her throat for a few minutes until she calmed down. I think her chin tucked in too far.     At any rate, she hasn't mentioned it since.  But I've had a feeling all evening of a tight band around my throat, like I'm wearing a mock turtleneck.  I never wear them, because I think I was strangled or hanged in a past life. I can't STAND stuff around my neck. Bleh!

So goes my woo woo for the evening.
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