Oct. 1st, 2007


Oct. 1st, 2007 09:57 am
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And I have a smile on my face, despite my various frustrations. 

I shopped myself SILLY Saturday!  Then dragged Leigh's ass out and shopped her ass silly too!  She got some awesome Fenton that I'd forgot about, and I am now blue with envy. Because the glass is blue, and I love it. She will put it to great use I'm thinking. 

I GOT some blue glass stuff too - and this very cool huge goblet that would look great with a betta in it. However, I have this thing about not keeping a fish in the house with naughty cats, and also a thing about fish deserving more room than a glass bowl can give them.  So I'll do something else with it. I can't WAIT to get back to my home and break out all my treasures.  

Not the least of which is a new set of Pfaltzgraff - a gift from Leigh that I am utterly underserving and insanely crazy about.  She is the most awesome friend.  I'm kinda crazy about her too.  Shhh, don't tell anybody.  

And that man of mine.   
I will be memeing later this morning, when all my requests are in. 

The air conditioning repairman is supposed to call this afternoon to come and replace my unit.  I hope it really happens.  I miss my home.
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I hope your birthday was the happiest ever, Ruthie!!

I'm sorry I wasn't online yesterday to wish it.
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Posted by both [personal profile] tinhuviel and [profile] goddess_of_art 

Comment on this post and I will pick seven of your interests. You then explain them in your journal and re-post.

Andrew Greeley - I stumbled across Andrew Greeley due to an intriguing book cover. He's a novelist, Catholic priest, and sociologist. I am intrigued by his frank expression of sexuality among his characters, I love the way he portrays teenagers and it's clear he loves women. he sometimes speaks of God as a woman, as well as most of the Heavenly Host, and he is fascinated by teenage girls. And no, I don't think that's creepy at all.  I love him. His faith is so down to earth that he's often set an example for my belief.
Fred and George Weasley  - Aaah, the joy of twins. Two characters from the Harry Potter series, mischevious, intelligent, and redheaded. Who could ask for more in a fictional crush?
Kiefer Sutherland - Absolutely Tears. Me. Up.  His voice, his eyes, his hair, his jaw. That smirk, the softness I know is inside. Just. Uhh. I want to fuck him.  Yes I does precious.
Swallowing - *blush*.   It's what I do.  I perform fellatio that causes grown men to weep.  And that's part of the reason why.
Thunderstorms - LOOOOVE THEM!  They refresh me like nothing else.  I think I must absorb nitrates from the air or something.  The louder, and harder the thunder, the happier I am.
WC Fields - Funny, funny man!  You can't be a Mae West fan and not appreciate WC Fields.  He's campy, and hates children. What's not to like?
West Virginia - I love my home.  I've tried to leave, and it feels so wrong that I have been forced to return.  There's a relief that comes over me when I see the hills surround me, crossing the state line.


kids in the hall - Hilarious.  Brilliant comedy, and they've gone on to great things.
kiefer sutherland - see above
avalon - A dream where various beliefs meet.  I first read Mists of Avalon when I was in my 20's. It was nothing more than a fictional account of old beliefs. I read it because I had been engrossed in the King Arthur stories for quite some time, and wanted to know more about his sister.  Avalon satisfied that for me.  When I began to explore more feminine beliefs, the ideas expressed in Zimmer Bradley's books stirred my thoughts. Even though I claim the Christianity as my belief system, it's merely a base for me. I've built upon it to answer my own need for Holy feminine guidance.
magic - I'm a firm believer.  I've never seen it manifested as you see it in the movies, but I've felt myself draw power from the unseen world surrounding me.  I would love to see magic manifested by others.
gnosticism - This is a belief system that fascinates me, and rings remarkably true in my mind.  The belief that knowledge is the way to salvation seems to be the primary basis.  I am still forming an opinion on this belief system.
muppets - Grew up in the 70's.  I followed Kermit the Frog from Sesame Street to The Muppet Show, through his movies. I'm still a huge fan. If I were to request a t.v. series on dvd, it would be The Muppet Show.  (And Laugh-In.)
the beach - Love it. Don't want to live there, but LOVE to visit.  The food is fresher, the air is delightful, the sound of the waves is so soothing.  I love finding shells and other treasure on the beach.  I love catching a thunderstorm while I'm down there. I hate sand in my underwear. But who doesn't?


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