Sep. 28th, 2007


Sep. 28th, 2007 10:24 am
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Wow. Did I REALLY have nothing to say yesterday?  Apparently so.  I got Scarlett to school, I worked, and I picked her up.  I prayed she would want to skip dance again, and she did. I was glad.  The stress over all this commuting and finding clothes and worrying about the cats and I can't afford gas and OMG now what has absolutely done me in.  NOTHING exhausts me like stress.  So I borrowed $10 off Nancy to get home, we picked up some more clothes and off we went.  Last night was fair, this morning was fair-ish.  I was paid today so money woes are over.  My landlord called last night, he "can't afford $1500 for a new unit" poor thing, so he's going to put a used air conditioning unit in my apartment.  He said he'd try to get it installed on Saturday so I wouldn't miss work and I said NO.  I'd rather miss work and get it Friday, because I have PLANS Saturday.  So naturally he didn't call me back to confirm.  And I'm at work instead of waiting for a repair man at my apartment.  At least its nice and cool today.  SO nice and cool.  

I wanna go home. 

Saw the 9/11 memorial on the boulevard Wednesday with Brent.  We took Courtney but when we were told the line was closed, she took off down Capitol Street.  Brent and I moseyed around and signed our names on the I-beam, but didn't get to see the display video.  That was basically what we wanted to do anyway - sign the beam. 

Got a cool new layout from the beta testing.  I can't see it much, only when I check my friends page or my own page.  When I'm typing entries, etc., its that same old blue crap.  I made me a couple new icons to go with the layout.  I should do another gratuitous icon post.  ha  All my brilliance are belong to me!

BIG yard sale at the Kanawha Mall tomorrow! WHOO HOO! Scarlett and I love those.  I think I'm gonna go do some work now.  Ciao bebbehs.
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September 29 and 30 are National Alpaca Farm Days, [personal profile] tinhuviel

Thus, a gratuitous pic por vous.

Then, more icons, etc., behind the cut. 



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