Apr. 7th, 2007


Apr. 7th, 2007 10:16 pm
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Cold cold cold. Snowy cold cold and snowy.


Had dinner with my guy last night. We had a good evening. i've done a bit of laundry today, and slept. Ate some vegetables for dinner, have been a slug.

Am going to mom's church tomorrow morning, then to mother's house for the annual blessed Easter ham. I wonder what sort of theology I'll come up with sitting through Pastor Seth's sermon this year. I have to admit with some humor that I've come up withsome doozies in the last couple years.  Look, I love God. I love the idea, I love the presence I feel, I love being loved.  (when I feel it, which isn't always you know) But I don't love church so much any more.  I did once.  I had friends there, it was the highlight of my social life during my pregnancy and after Scarlett was born.  But things got stressed at that church, I felt uncomfortable and left, then my parents left.  I've not really found another church since we moved to Charleston, but I haven't looked, because I don't want to. I LIKE LOVE my Sundays. I don't think God keeps a church-attendance score.  I actually had a man write me a note in a Bible class that said exactly that - God doesn't keep track of how many times you go to church - and I was overwhelmed with the simplicity of the truth. Trouble is, my mom does. Now that I'm past 40, I'm learning to let that go. 

Thus I've had a quiet weekend. my hair's a mess, and I'm headed into PMS, cause I've got the fucking munchies. I need hot fudge. lol


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