Feb. 8th, 2007


Feb. 8th, 2007 10:13 am
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I'M SO FUCKING FRUSTRATED!!!  I can't get out. Goddammit I'm half out of my mind with this, my boss isn't pissed, but mutherfucking I AM!  And my landlord called me while I was sitting in my car, trying to get far enough away from my neighbors car that we won't scrape each other when one of us leaves. IF one of us leaves. 

Oh Mr Landlord, he's gonna TRY and get somebody out here to salt it *insert big dope voice* "Good thing I called or I wouldn't have known."  /big dope voice

Instead of SCREAMING when he said that I replied "Tell ya what Phil, any night it gets below freezing you can consider yourself guaranteed that there's ice on this parking lot." 

siiiiiiiiiiigh.  I gotta go change the cat litter. 

Hmm. I might just have to spread some of my used litter out there. 



Feb. 8th, 2007 11:02 am
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So the girl upstairs with the leaky washing machine tried to get out around me.  

She succeeded in smashing her front left fender against mine, and I think it took out her headlight. Not the first time, she has ALWAYS got SOMETHING wrong with the body of that car. My car appears to be fine.  The guy upstairs moved his car, I backed mine up, and a couple men pushed hers into a safe spot on the snow. 

The ice is about 5 inches deep, but there is a clear spot on the left for traction. Now I'm torn:  try to go on in to work, or wait until it's salted and I can give my landlord a big ol' piece of my mind. 

This place has been nothing but trouble.

EDIT: I'm mistaken. There's not a clear spot on the left, that's why we both "lost it" right there. The spot for traction isn't big enough. And she parked in front of me. siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh Honestly, this apartment was a fucking mistake. It costs too much, it's too small, I have trouble getting in and out even when it DOESN'T snow, it is close to Pavanne and we see how much good THAT has done me. 

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This is the sidewalk along the front of the building.  My stepdad shoveled the path on the right yesterday and the overhang started dripping immedately, forming the ice.  We have taken to walking in the snow.

This is the primary problem. I normally park approximately where I'm standing while taking this pic, and the ice is several inches thick in spots. As you can see, there's a "clear" spot to the left that narrows into the curve, but the width of the ice in the bottom of the pic is what keeps us from getting to the clear spot. We all drive kinda small framed cars. (Except the 4-wheel drive guy next to me - those are his tracks you see cutting across the snow beside the little pine.  The hill that is in shadow is constantly wet, 12 months a year.)

My car is the gold one, for those of you who are new here.  This is after we all managed to get reparked. This is not how we normally park, but I backed into the snow in order to get a good run at the hill. Then the "bright" girl upstairs parked in front of me. All the snow you see in the lower half of the pic is covering our parking lot. We can normally hold about 7-8 cars.

Better view of the damage done when she hit my car. Didn't phase my GrandAm a bit, but I'm pretty sure it took out her headlight. Like I said in a comment, there is some new damage to this car's body most every week.

This is taken from in front of the blue car, next to mine. you can see the tail end of a white car that is parked in the snow, and there's a 4-wheel drive thingy parked in front of it. They haven't been involved this morning.  I know it looks slushy, and in truth it's getting that way - the sun is strong today. It's just not phasing that ice sheet much. 

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2 hour delay for the damned county schools. Honestly I don't have time for this shit. 

I'm so sorry about Anna Nicole. Just breaks my heart. 

It's ten p.m. and I'm ready for bed. I might even go ahead and go. 

My Suzi is a fetch-cat. Thought it up all by herself, and suggested it to me one day, then suggested it to Scarlett just this evening.  Our last dark grey tabby (who looked EXACTLY like Suzi) was a fetch-cat.  A cat who can think up the game of fetch on her own is a pretty damned bright critter. 

No word from Brent about tomorrow night, and I'm not gonna bring it up.  The repair guy is talking about coming over Saturday to fix my ceiling. Turns out the leak is coming from the tenant upstairs' washer, not any pipes or tubing inside the apartment.  Which means she's responsible for getting it taken care of. And it doesn't look like she's going to. I'm gonna get so pissed if this damned ceiling leaks after they repair it. 

So pissed. 

I feel like I've been on the verge of pissed for several days now. My jaws hurt.  

Good night ya'll.


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