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Have been without intarwebs since dunno when.  LOOOOOOOONG weekend with Scarlett, but we made it and even got a few chores done. Fixed dinner with asparagus (from the Greek, asparagos. Thank you Junior Asparagus.) 

We watched the gubenatorial debates at Brent's house last night, in which the poor Republican contender Russ Weeks stammered and blundered while Smoothy McSmootherton smirked and made direct eye contact with the camera (and all us folks out there in t.v. land) in an honest and disarming  fashion.  Honest? Manchin? Honor among Mafia maybe. I hate him.  I hate what he's done to State Employees, and I fear what he will continue to do when he is re-elected, which he certainly will be, and not just because he has $2Mil in his re-election treasury, and not just cause poor Russ has only has $2000. We will never crawl out from under the domination of Coal-fed Democrats. Never.  Manchin has said his goal is to eliminate the State Employee network altogether.  I don't know what that means, but it scares me. 

Then Scarlett and I went home and watched a Veggie Tales movie and sang along with all the songs at the top of our lungs. I do love me some Veggie Tales, I tell u whut.  I need to find out if there's a Veggie Tales community here on LJ.  I need a Larry-Go-Round icon.

Made some vegetable soup, but didn't have any cabbage or potatoes.  Won't miss the potatoes so much, but cabbage gives a tangy flavor that is lacking in this batch.  Still, it should fill our bellies until payday. 

I hope to buy Scarlett her Halloween costume this weekend after payday.  This will likely be her last year, and she wants to be a midnight fairy from KMart.  So I will search and find it.  Also this weekend Brent has acquired free tickets to the Symphony, wheee!  I haven't been in years, and sure could use a chance to wear some of my nicer clothing.  Barry Douglas will be the featured soloist.  I love piano!

So I am officially Linky McLinkerson today.  I quit at about page five of my friend's list, but I think I hit almost everything I've missed this weekend.  Ya'll point me in the direction of Albuquerque to any posts you'd like me to check out.  Dammit, now I'll have the freakin' Partridge Family in my head all morning.  Oh well, it's better than The Brady Bunch.
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You may want to click on the picture to get the full effect of the distance between Institute (yes, that's a town)
and the road to my house in Charleston.

The Bayer Plant in Institute, WV had a severe explosion last night at about 10:30.

My uncle retired from this plant. I can't remember this plant ever having such a severe incident.

There are photos here.

The plant is "about 12 miles west of downtown Charleston" I felt the blast, and it shook
my apartment building. One man has died (I didn't know him) and one man was
injured so severely they airlifted him to a burn center out of state.

It's a sobering event that has been obscured by the conventions, vice president nominations
"Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the so-called "hockey mom" credited with reforms
of her tiny, out-of-the-way state. (Alaska? TINY? PLEASE!!) Hilary Duff's dad,
andby David Duchovny's sex addiction.

Well, we are West Virginia. Sometimes we just don't qualify for headlines,
unless Chad Pennington leaves the Jets (J-E-T-S, JETS JETS JETS!)
for the Miami Dolphins.
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The West Virginia Music Hall of Fame is having it's first ever induction ceremony tomorrow.   There are a lot of great artists there, and if you watch for a few moments you will see the new inductees names and photos cycle through the space on the left of the page.  Of personal interest is Clark Kessinger,  a distant relative of Brent's.  Clark Kessinger is known as an "old time" fiddle player.  I think that kinda encompasses many styles, including bluegrass and folk music.  He recorded several albums in his lifetime, and my own great uncle Charlie Bill Lemon* accompanied him with guitar on at least one.  Isn't it cool the connections you can find if you look long enough?  Clark's nephew, Robin Kessinger, is also an accomplished flatpicker, with many awards to his name, and too many television appearances to list here.  

We both have music in our blood.  It's another thing that seems to draw us together. 

*YES, Charlie BILL.  Honest to god. His given name was Charles William of course, but he went by the nickname from infancy. 


Oct. 10th, 2007 09:10 am
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Wednesday -  The hardest of all the days to spell.  Wednesday, and February.  Frebrurary. 


It's only gonna get to seventy four or so today.  Isn't my landlord lucky??  Oh yes, yes he is.  Here's interesting news:  I shut everything, AND I MEAN EVERYTHING down on that damned unit.  No fan, no air, no nuttin'. 

It's still cackling away under my daughter's bedroom window, like a thing possessed.  Whirr-clunk-clunk-chunk, rattle rattle rattle.  

But you know what made me grind my teeth this morning????

My state's government will have a $63 MILLION surplus in the budget this year.  That's right, I said $63 MILLION.  Yes, I yelled it.  There has been a state-wide freeze on merit raises for state employees for 5+ years.  In fact I'm pretty sure it's more than five. Gee!! I wonder where all that MONEY CAME FROM?????     

Fucking bastards.  I got a load of laundry and a load of dishes done last night.  I actually remembered to bring my lunch today.  I didn't kill my child before she left for school, and SHE didn't miss the bus.  

Pros versus cons anyone?  I'm too busy playing Spider solitaire to make the lists.
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Do you think China is trying to kill or maim our children?  What about our pets? Are they just too competitive or what is going through their heads? 

Have you all seen the photo on the Yahoo website of the greatbighuge man?  I swear I think that's a testicle next to his leg. He's sad. I hurt for him. 

Today is supposed to be the hottest day of the summer - at least so far.  100 degrees, with high humidity.  Because we ALWAYS have high humidity.  Hell, sometimes you can see the water hanging in the air. It's ridiculous.  If it didn't cost so damned much, I'd go back to Boone. It was SO cool in the mornings there. We slept with the windows open and a quilt.  A QUILT!  I know 100 degrees one day is nothing compared to the milk-curdling heat [personal profile] tinhuviel is experiencing.  She needs to climb into the mountains, before she climbs into a clock tower. I will be feeding the bullets from behind her. Just FYI. 

While I was off yesterday, the man who owns the field out back was burning brush.  BURNING.  In 95 degree heat. The ashes landing on my front porch were as big as maple leaves.  It was unreal.  I reported him, but turns out burning brush is legal. Just trash is illegal. 

Here's what I want to do today:

I want an Alaskan Salmon salad from Captain D's for lunch.  That stuff is pretty damned awesome, even though it's chunks of salmon as opposed to a filet. It's mild and quite tasty.

I want to go to the grocery store and get some fish for dinner. And some fresh veggies. 

I want to take my car to Exxon and leave it to be computer-scanned tomorrow.  My Service Engine Soon light is on, and the manual says that's an emissions problem.  It also says if the light BLINKS to pull over and avoid driving the car.  Must get it in before the blinkage occurs.  I hope I can afford the repairs this payday.

I want to cook dinner at my house tonight.  Brent's sink is leaking.  He is getting VERY frustrated with his new apartment.  This is the second major thing to go wrong and require servicemen to come out.  He hates to complain to his landlord, but I'm pushing it. This is ridiculous. 

I want to feed my cats, get some clothes for tomorrow and change the litter.   I must remember to take some shampoo, etc. with me. He's getting low.

I want to go back to HIS house and unpack some boxes.  I'm feeling some drive this morning, I hope it lasts. 

Quite a list, eh? 


Apr. 23rd, 2007 10:44 am
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For some reason THIS ARTICLE makes me incredibly sad.  I guess it just makes me wonder what we've missed while we've been mining all this time.  I'm glad they found these magnificent specimens, but it puts a sort of longing in me, to see not only the fossils but to see what was actually growing there - the magnificent forest that existed beforehand.  You know, the lamest explanation I ever heard for fossilization was during a Sunday School class when I was in my early teens "God created an adult man and woman, what's to say he didn't create an "old" world?"  Fundamentalist Christians just couldn't explain away the existance of fossils and dinosaurs. Nor could they explain the difference in time lines.  At least not well enough to suit me.


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