Dec. 1st, 2007 12:27 pm
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I have stuff!    And I want to give my stuff away! 

On the suggestion of my friend [profile] seroquelsI signed up at Paperbook Swap, and listed the books I wanted to give away, as well as a couple of books I wanted to receive. I did the same thing at a site called Swaptree. Paperbook Swap has contacted me six or eight times already compared to Swaptree's two, so I'm going to be quite successful in unloading my books and maybe getting a few new ones in exchange. 

However, that isn't why I'm posting.  I have some things that are a bit more special.  I feel I've gained great education from these books (etc) and I'm ready to move them on to someone else.  I want to offer these things to you first, faithful readers.  I'm listing them here, and if they aren't claimed within a week or so I'll add them to the lists at the book swap sites. 

#1 - A lovely tarot deck.  I bought two or three at once and gently used them all to determine which "felt" right.  I've decided to keep my All-Saints deck, and the deck entitled "Quick & Easy Tarot" remains. It needs and deserves a home. It's SO beautiful, and the explanations on the card are quite interesting.  They show no signs of wear, but there is a teeeeny tear on the bottom flap of the box. And I do mean teeny. 

#2 - Mugworts In May: a folklore of herbs is a lovely little book written by a woman who lives in Harpers Ferry, WV.  it was a gift from a friend who tried to encourage my fey tendencies. I've enjoyed it, but don't feel it meets any current needs.  

#3 - A Witch's Runes Another book by a West Virginia author. It gives instructions on making your own runes, and I've made a set.  I tihnk it's time for this book to move forward in the world. 

#4 - The Goodly Spellbook. Absolutely Beautiful Volume, with the dustjacket intact and the spine still stiff.  I loved looking at this, but I don't feel I use it with the frequency it deserves.  She needs a new home. 

#5 - The Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft.  The cover on my book is different from the one you see in the link.  And it has a very small tear in the upper right hand corner. This is a great book! Again, I don't feel it gets the use it deserves.  I have learned a great deal from it, but don't feel the need to hang on to it.  

#6 - Linda Goodmans Love Signs Volumes I & II.  These are 1978 vintage and the dust jackets show it. They are two of her classics, and probably should be in a library or something.  I got what I wanted from them and now they need to be with someone who loves Linda Goodman and all she wrote.  The picture you see on the website is of Volume I.  Volume II has a white dust jacket.  

NOW.  I am not getting rid of all my witchy stuff, merely culling the herd that's accumulated.  I don't want money for any of these things, not even for postage. That will spoil the karma, I think.  If any of you are interested drop me a comment (which will be screened) with your address, and I'll send your preferred item(s) to you.  Unless you're one of the locals. Then we'll work something out.
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I was reading back through my journal and this struck me:

"I WISH I could have just a day or two where absolutely nothing is required of me, I don't need sleep, and nothing is so desperate to be done that it's driving me out of my mind.  And that includes keeping my boyfriend company. " 

And then ten days later, my wish came true. 

I am feeling a bit better, but my nose is stopped up again. the kung pow chicken cleared my sinuses but not for long.


Nov. 15th, 2007 08:59 pm
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We've  established that I'm empathic to a degree. Those of you who are new you may click here for a general description of how it works for me.  The "he" I am bonded to is Brent, although the entry linked was written right after he broke up with his ex.  

I don't talk about the empathy much because I've only bonded to a few people. I consider myself fortunate in that respect because I don't handle stress in my own life well, much less the added stress of someone ELSE'S stress.  I can pick up on stuff with my kid most the time, but usually only when we're together.  And that's what this entry is about. 

Scarlett (on purpose) did a flip over the back of the sofa tonight, and lost control of it.  Her back landed on the edge of the sofa and it hurts, but she told me she couldn't breathe, and was grabbing at her throat for a few minutes until she calmed down. I think her chin tucked in too far.     At any rate, she hasn't mentioned it since.  But I've had a feeling all evening of a tight band around my throat, like I'm wearing a mock turtleneck.  I never wear them, because I think I was strangled or hanged in a past life. I can't STAND stuff around my neck. Bleh!

So goes my woo woo for the evening.
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Reasons for all these questions.  (see poll in previous entry - make with the clicky!)

While I do get premonitions when something bad is coming, it's almost never in regard to a certain person or situation. It's usually just a general feeling of unease that often builds in tension until the event. Sometimes there's a feeling of anticipation afterward that lets me know there's more to come. I can't do much with this feeling, except warn someone before I hand them the phone, if I hear a bad vibe from the person who's calling.  I've done this more than once. 

I've never had a feeling that anyone was going to die, either specified or unspecified. I can however, tell when the phone rings what the call is about, especially when it's death on the other end. This has been going on since the days of the rotary phone, so it's not caller i.d.-related.

I do have intuition regarding life expectancy for most the people in my immediate family. And most of them are going to die old. There was a time when I expected my stepbrother to kill my father, but they got past that, and it didn't happen.  I still believe the intuition was fairly on target, and my brother just surpressed the urge until he got out of the house. I have no specific intuition regarding Scarlett's life expectancy but I do have an unreasonable amount of confidence regarding her general physical safety and well-being. I don't fret much over my child being hurt or seriously ill.  I'd say it's just because I'm not a worrier, but that's not really true. I worry plenty, just not about that. 

I do think that my own love for certain people seems to help them or shield them, or perhaps it just adds strength to their karma or something.  I came to this realization just today - thus the post.  Brent's so doom-n-gloom, and while I see his point about his genetic predisposition for poor health and even a heart attack or stroke at an early age, I also have the strong belief that these things will not happen to him. I acknowledge that I might be wrong, especially if he doesn't quit abusing himself. But it dawned on me today that it feels like my spirit watches over him somehow. He fights a lot of mental demons at night, and doesn't sleep well without liquor. But I feel him within my circle of protection all the same. It doesn't keep people from suffering, it just supports them.
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Okay, so I'm empathic. It doesn't work with everyone, and it doesn't work all the time. Thank God, because I couldn't stand it if I picked up emotion from everyone around me, I work in a building with 600 people, for cryinoutloud.

For the purposes of clarification, let's call the emotion I receive from others 'feedback'. Most the time it just helps me clue into how someone is taking my words, what they need to hear from me, how they're feeling in general. Sometimes it is much like feedback on a speaker system, loud and grating and nonsensical. I give off feedback as well.

cut for over-analyzation that is making me late for work )


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