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EDIT:  Oh, and by the way?  Today is supposed to be the hottest day of the summer.  If I leave my cats in that apartment, it's tantamount to animal abuse.

Remember this? No, this isn't a "looking back over the past year" post.

This is a goddamnedmotherfuckingpissed post.

This is a "You'll be lucky if I give you a week you fucking arselord" post.

This is a "I'm going to kill someone with my bare hands" post.

This is a "My fucking used air conditioning unit added to my heat pump last year died yesterday." post.

I can't find one icon that says it for me. So I am using six.


Well at least I have my Siamese cat now.
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You may want to click on the picture to get the full effect of the distance between Institute (yes, that's a town)
and the road to my house in Charleston.

The Bayer Plant in Institute, WV had a severe explosion last night at about 10:30.

My uncle retired from this plant. I can't remember this plant ever having such a severe incident.

There are photos here.

The plant is "about 12 miles west of downtown Charleston" I felt the blast, and it shook
my apartment building. One man has died (I didn't know him) and one man was
injured so severely they airlifted him to a burn center out of state.

It's a sobering event that has been obscured by the conventions, vice president nominations
"Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the so-called "hockey mom" credited with reforms
of her tiny, out-of-the-way state. (Alaska? TINY? PLEASE!!) Hilary Duff's dad,
andby David Duchovny's sex addiction.

Well, we are West Virginia. Sometimes we just don't qualify for headlines,
unless Chad Pennington leaves the Jets (J-E-T-S, JETS JETS JETS!)
for the Miami Dolphins.


Jan. 29th, 2008 08:41 am
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Bleh.  Blargh.  Ergh.

I have mentioned here before that I live in a high-rent area due to better schools and proximity to work. 

I drive past the high school every day on my way to drop Scarlett at the middle school. 

I drive past Million Dollar homes, $500K townhouses, every make of car you can imagine.  I noticed in the high school parking lot today a beautiful young lady locking her Mercedes SUV before crossing the street to school. I decided at that point to try and remember all the remarkable vehicles I spotted in the parking lot, driven by high school students, just to give you an idea of where we live.  I saw a Hummer, the Benz, a BMW SUV, a 4 Runner, a Pathfinder, a Land Rover, and several Volvos. A new Bug, and an ancient Subaru wagon.  (Smart parents, those! A Subaru will run forever.) 


Sep. 25th, 2007 10:22 am
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And a TMI Tuesday meme caught my attention:

1. Who did you think you would marry in elementary school?
Mike Grimm. He was my dream man.

2. Which muppet is your favorite? Why?
Kermie.  He's the great all-around guy.

3. Which politician would you most like to screw? [For pleasure or revenge]
Bill Clinton. For pleasure. 

4. How did you first find the g-spot?
I experienced it without knowing precisely what it was from the beginning of sex, at age 15. I'm not sure when I realized what it was. 

5. What is the best costume you've ever worn?
Right after I had my breast reduction I dressed up as a can-can girl for Halloween. I didn't need a bra for the costume and it was a real thrill!

Otherwise - my extra icons subscription has expired - but that's okay. I don't really mind, I earn some every once in a while, and I've saved all the ones I deleted.  I'll probably upgrade again sometime in the future. 

No air conditioning yet, as far as I know.  And no communication from my landlord, which isn't surprising.  I too avoid making phone calls when I know the person answering will be a bitch.  I am keeping track of my gas purchases, mileage, and the $16.6666 I pay for every day's rent.  If he starts trying to charge me full price again "because the mold has been fixed" I will raise SO MUCH HELL.  Brent wants me to look for another apartment.  I want to as well, but good lord.  It was so damned hard this summer I finally gave up.  There's virtually no place that will allow pets any more. And I still want to stay within Scarlett's school district, an issue which Brent doesn't fully understand. 

The cat's are at mom's today.  They've been hidden under various furniture since we arrived, coming out when they see me, and clinging to my legs.  They glance up warily at the ceiling if a fan is on. Poor nervous little things.  Suzi is biting Mitzi's head off if she comes near, so they don't even have each other for comfort.   I need to call about them. 

I also need to do some work. Dammit.
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 Or my opinion of the State Society of Slumlords?

You make the call. 

It will be DAYS before I'm cooled off.  At least mom will let me bring the cats.  The poor things are panting.


Sep. 21st, 2007 10:01 am
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 Nothing is as satisfying as going back to bed when you put the kid on the school bus, and sleeping for TWO MORE HOURS.  OMGsigh. 

The exterminator will be here between ten and eleven, which means I need to get my t-shirt out of the dryer right NOW before he shows up while I'm in my underwear.  My house is not clean enough to suit me, I would not normally allow someone in. But for this man? Anything. 

He says the poison is in gel form, odorless, dripless, and will not harm pets or people.  That a child would have to eat two tubes of the stuff to be hurt (killed? um..) but he was only going to use one tube in the entire house. So.  I assume that means that if my cat-who-eats-everything-even-plastic-bags takes a taste she won't fall over with her paws crossed in front of her.  I mean, I can keep her out of his way, but if it's gel, it might be gooey for a while. I'll discuss it with him further. 

Now I go.  Hope my shirt is dry. Hope it is not shrinked-ed.
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It's been three days since I posted here.  Scarlett's birthday weekend has finally passed, and I am relieved.  

Her birthday party was a combination of childish play and obnoxious pre-teen pouting and sassing.  She doesn't handle crowds well, nor does she handle unexpected guests well.  She's much like me in that regard.  It's taken almost all of my 42 years to master the skill of mingling and moving about at a party. I'm still not real good at unexpected guests or surprises.  

We had a good day today.  My cousin's husband brought his professional camera and took photos of her.  They're going to turn out wonderfully, I can tell by the previews.  I will post several here when I receive them.  

She has decided that she is too frightened to walk home after school or stay by herself.  She will stay with friends tomorrow, while I call around in search of day care.  I cannot afford it. Period.  I don't know what I'm going to do, or cut back, in order to provide her the protection that will set her mind at ease.  I'm at a total loss here. 

I've been remarkably domestic today, although you wouldn't know it to look at my living room.  Ah well. One room at a time.  I have a couple of plots involving mailed food that I am trying to coordinate.  I'm trying to adjust my work attitude in time for morning. I MUST go to bed earlier tonight. 

So I'm going to try. Nite, cha'll.


Sep. 13th, 2007 01:49 pm
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 Second day with a nagging pain in the front of my head, above my left eyebrow.   I woke yesterday morning at 4:30 to a spinning room, and I've not felt right ever since.  I made an emergency visit to my doctor yesterday a.m., and she put me on a BP med. Started it today. We'll see.  

Scarlett had another meltdown yesterday evening, kinda went off and on all evening long.  She is NOT feeling well, appears to be a mild cold with no infection, but it's draining her quickly.  I left her at home today with no t.v. and no online access.  She's resting, and a bit restless, which is fine.  Her birthday is tomorrow. I got her some Pokemon cards, trying to accept something I don't particularly like.  

Last night there was an insistent aggressive scratching noise that pulled me out of bed at 11 p.m.  I thought Mitzi had gotten stuck in Scarlett's closet or something, but when I got to the living room, there were both cats, staring at the front door - which was vibrating from the scratching on the other side!  Scared the shit outta me, so I called 911.  The scratching stopped, but while I was on the phone with the police, it resumed further down the wall, close to the sidewalk.  The dispatcher said he'd send someone to look around, so I hung up, grabbed my broom, and waited.  The scratching stopped, but nothing walked past my window or made any further noise.  I went back to bed, and the cop showed up. TWENTY MINUTES LATER.   Charleston's finest, ya'll.  He found nothing, but I figure it was a fox or a possum or raccoon.  Or a fucking rat. 

I dreamed last night that Mitzi had a hole in her shoulder from falling against a bolt sticking out of a chair.  The vet took for EVER to work on her, spent all his time working on a horse in the next room, which kept kicking him.   Women were having their nails done in the waiting room.  Mitzi was so patient, and I felt SO horrible for her.  Poor kitty. 

Brent has asked to attend Scarlett's birthday party. How sweet!  Scarlett is very happy that he wants to come and has said "Of course!"   

Now I've got to do some work or something. I feel like crap.  My head pain won't go away. 


Aug. 24th, 2007 09:16 am
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Penn Station sandwiches are not worth the price. Steak Escape tastes better, and is cheaper. (Not much cheaper, but still.)
I spent too much money last night.  I bought a lockbox for Scarlett's PS2 controller and the computer modem. And her NeoPets thingy. These will NOT be used during the afternoon when she is home alone. That will be time for homework, chores, and reading. Of course she'll watch t.v., unless I unhook the cable instead of the modem. That's a thought if she has behavior issues.
I also bought a new pair of tennis shoes which I desperately needed.  The heel spur is giving me grief over wearing sandals every day.  Just a few more weeks, feet.  I bought a copy of Chuzzle - HOORAY FOR JENNY! And ANOTHER DVD player. This is the second one this year. I don't know what we're doing wrong, but I wish my boyfriend were electronically inclined. I hate trying to figure this shit out alone. It was easy when it was just a blinking clock. But hooking one to another to another is getting tough.
She had a meltdown last night, and didn't get to sleep until close to midnight. Neither did I. She had another meltdown this morning over her hair. She won't make the effort to get the brush through it all because it hurts to brush through the tangles. I've already had her hair cut once because of this. I WILL do it again if she doesn't learn to brush through the pain. I had to learn, everyone with a "tender head" has to learn. But she recovered, and I didn't blow up. It was a victory over all.
Saw another bug this morning. Undefined type. Bygod I WILL get these bastards licked. Heavy duty scrubbing will be required. And much spraying in the cracks. I fucking hate cleaning. But I hate bugs more. And I WILL move that furniture around. I don't care who likes it or doesn't. I've got pictures to move, and a 50 pound mirror to hang. Whoo hoo. Who wants to help, said the little red hen.
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Do you think China is trying to kill or maim our children?  What about our pets? Are they just too competitive or what is going through their heads? 

Have you all seen the photo on the Yahoo website of the greatbighuge man?  I swear I think that's a testicle next to his leg. He's sad. I hurt for him. 

Today is supposed to be the hottest day of the summer - at least so far.  100 degrees, with high humidity.  Because we ALWAYS have high humidity.  Hell, sometimes you can see the water hanging in the air. It's ridiculous.  If it didn't cost so damned much, I'd go back to Boone. It was SO cool in the mornings there. We slept with the windows open and a quilt.  A QUILT!  I know 100 degrees one day is nothing compared to the milk-curdling heat [personal profile] tinhuviel is experiencing.  She needs to climb into the mountains, before she climbs into a clock tower. I will be feeding the bullets from behind her. Just FYI. 

While I was off yesterday, the man who owns the field out back was burning brush.  BURNING.  In 95 degree heat. The ashes landing on my front porch were as big as maple leaves.  It was unreal.  I reported him, but turns out burning brush is legal. Just trash is illegal. 

Here's what I want to do today:

I want an Alaskan Salmon salad from Captain D's for lunch.  That stuff is pretty damned awesome, even though it's chunks of salmon as opposed to a filet. It's mild and quite tasty.

I want to go to the grocery store and get some fish for dinner. And some fresh veggies. 

I want to take my car to Exxon and leave it to be computer-scanned tomorrow.  My Service Engine Soon light is on, and the manual says that's an emissions problem.  It also says if the light BLINKS to pull over and avoid driving the car.  Must get it in before the blinkage occurs.  I hope I can afford the repairs this payday.

I want to cook dinner at my house tonight.  Brent's sink is leaking.  He is getting VERY frustrated with his new apartment.  This is the second major thing to go wrong and require servicemen to come out.  He hates to complain to his landlord, but I'm pushing it. This is ridiculous. 

I want to feed my cats, get some clothes for tomorrow and change the litter.   I must remember to take some shampoo, etc. with me. He's getting low.

I want to go back to HIS house and unpack some boxes.  I'm feeling some drive this morning, I hope it lasts. 

Quite a list, eh? 
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Found twins in my front yard this morning - 
the doe with the black mask came from the back yard 
and herded them across the parking lot into the woods.

I stepped out onto my porch to take the top picture
which kinda pissed mama off. She snorted at the flash. 
I think it's interesting that neither of her fawns have her mask.


Jun. 5th, 2007 12:43 pm
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SOOOO much to say.  I hope I can remember it all. 

First of all - GOD BLESS YOU to gymorama for my book, which arrived yesterday afternoon.  It is beautiful. I have been waffling between "how incredibly vain of me to think I could write something publish-worthy" and "OMGSQUEEBOOK!" for well over 18 hours.  It is much love. 

For all of you who danced naked - HURRAY!  It worked wonders.  Brent is contrite, properly horrified at his behavior, and currently fearful of repeating it.  ALL good things.  He LOVES the book.  He skimmed, and read, and re-read; cried a little, read out loud to me while I cried, read some more, called Jamie and read, then cried again.  He's such a mush-pot.  There is no wonder that he makes me crazy.  

Oh, and by the way? He has NOT been saying that he will "never" love me.  That is what I have been HEARING - and this is a common issue between us. We both have a tendency to hear meaning in words, facial expressions and other actions which is implied rather than intended. We work on this constantly. But I am QUITE pleased. When he says he doesn't love me, he means he doesn't love me NOW. And that doesn't mean forever. I can live with the possibility that it will never happen MUCH easier than with the absolute certainty.

My baby birds have left the nest.  They were sweet little critters, and were not around very long.  As I was locking my front door this morning, I heard a shocked gasp come from the yard, and when I turned - I looked straight into the eyes of a full size doe. She was NOT expecting to see me, and she had actually made the sound I heard.  We stared at one another for a moment while I said "OH! I'm so sorry I surprised you. You certainly are beautiful."  Then she bounded down over the hill into the brush.  She had a black mask over her face from her eyes down - I've never seen a marking like that on a deer before.  

I Fucking Hate It when a fast food joint gives me the wrong pop.  I ALWAYS order diet, and when I get regular, it makes me ill.  Too much sugar!  As a result I am trying to remove the skin from my face by pulling my hair.  Not working.  I wish I could throw up. 

Scarlett is at her friend's house - home from her trip. I am SO glad, and can't wait to talk to her.  She didn't have any meds this a.m., so she is mentally incapable of having a conversation on the phone. Thus I must wait until I get home to hear all about her trip.  You people think I'm exaggerating? I. Am. Not.  I'm not shitting you, she cannot get beyond   "Hello? Huh? Uhm..  Library?"  

My sleep study has been moved to tonight.  I don't know why I'm dreading it so, but my god I am.  I just Do.Not.Want. to do this. It was SUCH a pain in the ass last time, and the pain in the ass lasted for several months afterward, while I discussed options with the asshole doctor, got the machine, tried the machine, hated the machine, got sick from the machine, then finally too back the machine.  Do. Not. Want. Machine.   Fuckers. Leave me alone.

Okay. That's it. I am sick-to-puking over this damned pop, I NEED NO SUGAR!!!!


Apr. 22nd, 2007 03:24 pm
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We transplanted pansies on the back porch, and sprayed the bees.  We've watched "The First Wives Club" and I'm in the middle of "Liar, Liar".  Going to fix dinner in about an hour. Have done quite a bit of laundry, but need to put my clothes away.  Scarlett's done pretty well in that department. She even got her Bratz back, and has played with them twice AND PICKED THEM UP both times.  HURRAH!

I've had Excedrin, which started me on the road to relaxation, but didn't get rid of my headache. Codeine got rid of it, but now I'm down to one more swallow.  sob  

Mom will have my piano hauled away Friday morning. It's a relief, even if I do move into a bigger home this summer.  I'm still going to search like mad here in my neighborhood and surrounding, but it's not looking good.  I've discussed it very briefly with Scarlett, and of course she's not the least bit happy about leaving the area. Neither am I.  I told her that if we did move elsewhere, I would try to move back to Dunbar, since we would be able to afford more house for our money in that town, PLUS she knows kids there.  That wasn't much consolation, but I don't have much consolation to offer right now.  I will do everything in my POWER not to jerk her around the way my parents did me, but the move I made to South Hills was likely a huge mistake. At least in Dunbar she'd go into a magnet high school.  It's only a little farther away from the office, and it's closer to mom and Brent.  siiiiiiiiiiiiigh  I feel like a horrible mother. I know I'm not, but it sure does feel like it today. 

My dvd player doesn't work any more.  The VCR part works, but the DVD has died. I have no freakin' clue what to do about it, don't have the receipt to return it, and it's probably been over 90 days or whatever.  It's not exactly the top worry on my list right now anyway. 


Dec. 11th, 2006 09:59 pm
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More water issues: every apartment in this building has had water problems. Now the ceiling in my laundry room is leaking, and the carpet outside the room is soaked. It's also starting to come into Scarlett's room, against the wall that she shares with the laundry room. 

I called the landlord and left a message. This will likely drive me bananas.

In other news, I'm making a friends cut. Please don't take it too personally, this is just something I've gotta do. 
EDIT:  This isn't likely related to your participation here. It might be more related to your participation in your own journal, or my lack thereof.


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