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Nov. 6th, 2008 02:21 pm
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Hi ya'll! I’ve added several new friends lately, so I figured I’d give a bit of journal introduction.

My name is Anita, and this is my journal. It’s my entire journal, I don’t post anywhere else any more, and I don’t even GO much of anywhere else any more, web-wise. You should know that I differentiate real life from email/internet/phone/snail-mail only contact. I don't make web-friends and real-friends be SEPARATE, I merely identify them differently to keep them straight in my head.  It’s nothing personal, it’s simply the way I compartmentalize my life. Keeps me sane, so leave it be please.

I love my Live Journal, and I love my friends here. I’ve met some AWESOME people here, and a few who weren’t so awesome, and some who are now mere memories. I’ve got a best friend in real life whom I met here through an LJ friend that neither of us speak to now. Betcha can’t guess who my best friend is, based solely on the last five posts.

I have widely eclectic entries, I make occasional/frequent LOLcat posts, and gratuitous icon posts. I don’t normally post as many photos as you see in the last few posts, but when I have ‘em, I post ‘em.

This is about me.  )

Characters in this journal include: The Boyfriend )

The daughter. Scarlett )

The baby daddy.   Meet the asshat )
Side note: ECKO Red leather tennis shoes for $70 and Coach purses that were practically free make her father pissed, which tickles me TO NO END! Why? Because he’s a former WalMart employee who still shops there. And I fucking hate WalMart because of the way they treat their employees, and refuse to shop there. Do you see where this is going? Good.

My mother.  Oh joy.  The queen. )

Sarcasm. It’s what’s for dinner.

My dad. The old man. )

There is one other major player here. [ profile] kokopelleigh , aka Leigh, is that best friend I mentioned up top. We are moral, emotional, and sometimes financial support for one another. She’s awesome people, with loads of her own angst, which makes us PERFECT friends!

Damn. Who knew this would turn out to be a life story? I guess I did. But these are the things you might like to know while reading along here on the roller coaster that is [ profile] sapphirescarlet . Please don’t bother to keep your hands and arms inside the car – touch me! bwaahahaha 

EDIT:  Oh dang it!  I plum forgot!  I am also a moderator at [ profile] overheardinwv   We loved [ profile] overheardnyc  so much that we decided we'd copy it.
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The landscaping mulch being used at the mall across the street smells like spoiled barbecue. 

That's all for now.


Jan. 29th, 2008 08:41 am
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Bleh.  Blargh.  Ergh.

I have mentioned here before that I live in a high-rent area due to better schools and proximity to work. 

I drive past the high school every day on my way to drop Scarlett at the middle school. 

I drive past Million Dollar homes, $500K townhouses, every make of car you can imagine.  I noticed in the high school parking lot today a beautiful young lady locking her Mercedes SUV before crossing the street to school. I decided at that point to try and remember all the remarkable vehicles I spotted in the parking lot, driven by high school students, just to give you an idea of where we live.  I saw a Hummer, the Benz, a BMW SUV, a 4 Runner, a Pathfinder, a Land Rover, and several Volvos. A new Bug, and an ancient Subaru wagon.  (Smart parents, those! A Subaru will run forever.) 


Nov. 29th, 2007 07:57 pm
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I has a cold.  

I think Scarlett gave it to me. 

I stayed home from work today and have felt progressively worse as the day has passed.  I kept Scarlett home too primarily because she's had a sore throat and yucky nose, and needed Vicks salve on her chest last night in order to sleep. Plus I couldn't bring myself to put forth the effort required to get her to school. 

This means no nookie this weekend, and likely no sight of my favorite man. He wears his tissue boxes on his feet, thankewverrahmuch. Come in with the milk come in with the milk come in with the milk come in with the milk.*

So anyway.  I haven't had much to say lately, and got a much needed nudge from Ruthie last night. I am going through much of the same ol' same ol' frustrations and bitches and frankly I'm tired of writing about them.  I have a giant zit below my nose. I am utterly random and quite content in that mentality. I want cake. 

I am not depressed, although well.....I might be.  Borderline or something.  Feels more like just tired of the shit. I get positively dreamy-eyed when I see a house, which is followed by getting slightly despondent when I think of the paperwork and effort involved and the difficulty I will have finding a suitable place within the parameters of the mortgage program - the only one that is interested in me. Right now I'm too busy trying to pay for Christmas and the roof over my head, my heat and my intranets. So house must take a back seat.  Possibly until after the first of the year. 

I'm getting a surprise this Christmas.  First surprise I've received in a long time. I'm nervous. 

And that's all I'm gonna say about that. 


*if you get this reference, you get a cookie. 


Aug. 22nd, 2007 10:48 am
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This will probably have to be two entries. I'm a member of 40-something, and OMG it's flooded now that it's in the spotlight.  It's nice that we've got loads of new members, but every single ONE of them is posting, and posting again, and then others post to copy that post, and its a bit tiresome. I guess that's awful of me to complain, but I think I liked it better when people just responded to posts, with links to their own journals.
The 40-something group is currently doing a meme regarding your life in sevens, or eights, or whathave you. I like that idea, so I'm going to give it a shot.  There are a lot of references in here to other posts I've made, but I'm at work. I don't have time to do the linkage right now.
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Schlotzsky's Deli - Funny Name, Serious Sandwich.  Even more serious Thai Chicken Pizza, with shredded carrots and onions and peanut sauce. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Southern Kitchen.  A staple for those who party at bars into the wee hours, open and serving breakfast all night.  The marquee sign says "Serving o_d food for 47 years"  Old food? Odd food? Yeah, I know, Good food, and it really is. If you like southern cooking. Which I do.

Hooters uses Heiners buns. How quaint. 

There are at least three nice restaurants or fast food joints within walking distance from Brent's new apartment. 

Woman in SUV with clever Mickey Mouse tow ball cover. I pull up next to her at the light, and get out of my car.  I knock on the window, noticing she's a lovely slim brunette with scrubs on.  She buzzes the window down and I say "Scuse me, but you should get your blinkers repaired, as neither the front nor the back lights are working.  I'm certain that you, being a medical professional, are aware of how dangerous it is to drive an illegal vehicle. I'm also assuming that you, as a medical professional, are far too intelligent to turn corners and merge in traffic WITHOUT USING YOUR BLINKERS.  Aren'tchoo?"  *insert smirk here, and subtle finger gesture* "Have a good day."

Okay, no, not really. But dammit one a these days, Alice!!!! BAM! Right in the kisser!

And upon my entering the lane approaching the office, idiot number two decides to pull out from behind stopped car waiting to turn and join me in said lane, pulling out quickly enough that he could have struck me if I hadn't sped up. Sans blinker of course, because he goes to the same driving school as bimbette up there, whose trip to the post office was SO urgent she couldn't be bothered to turn on her blinker while riffling through her purse at the stop light. Thank you.


Jul. 20th, 2007 11:37 am
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This is an interesting mememememe:  How would you describe me to a perfect stranger? I'll screen comments in case you want to answer.

Am feeling a bit sexually needy these days.  It's been a while. And that's all I have to say about that, Forrest. 

I have salmon at home to cook for dinner. I saw a yummy-looking dill cream sauce recipe this week, but I don't know if I want to try it. I did buy some fresh dill tho - and lots of fresh veggies.  Mushrooms are always on the menu for Brent - they're tasty, easy, and he adores them. Plus they are a great source of potassium for both of us, we've both been known to have leg cramps. I'm looking forward to dinner. 

I'm also looking forward to the weekend. He'll be playing, I think.  Scarlett will be home Saturday morning so I'll go to mom's to help them pack Scarlett's stuff for camp. She goes to camp Sunday morning.  I don't know if I'll get her the following weekend when she comes home. That's the weekend Brent is moving so I'll probably need to go help unpack or something. I don't know.

That is also the weekend of my mother's family reunion.  Mom and I are going to get Scarlett as early as we can Saturday so she can attend. That also means I won't be helping move Saturday morning. I won't be free until early afternoon.  I need to tell him this today if I can remember.  I won't be doing any heavy lifting anyway, so I won't be much use Saturday morning. 

I always enjoy the family reunion. My mom's mother was a Lemon, and we have a lot of fun with that - buying door prizes with lemons on them, making lots of lemon flavored food - and lots of SOUTHERN flavored food - and lots of FOOD.....  We sing and catch up and it's crazy loud. And the BOOBS! You should see the boobs.    

Two busy weekends.  When am I going to rest this stiff neck?  I don't have any idea.


Jul. 19th, 2007 12:20 pm
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GOOD GOOD GOOD DAY! So much I wanna say, and can't remember it all. Had dr. appt this a.m., saw therapist, paid shitload due to new fiscal year and deductible starting all over again. 

Had a GREAT time with my cousin last night, and am still surprised. We got along so well. She even offered me money to help out because she and her fiancee have been "so blessed". I cried. I thought I'd never get home, it was eleven p.m. I'm glad I didn't go to Brent's, it was nice to have the silence to myself. 

MUST go to Brent's tonight to start packing. We've got nine days. We're both such horrid procrastinators, it's shameful. We must needs find boxes. 

Dinner with Courtney tonight, I've GOT to hit the bank first. I'm thinking this business of buying enough groceries for one meal is kinda neat. Tres' European. I don't have time to shop every evening though. Keeps me from buying too much extra crap. 

I have leftover squash casserole. I am pleased as a schoolgirl on holiday. [personal profile] nsingman have you ever seen Nadine Jansen? Whoo. Awesome Boobies.

SO MANY entries I want to go back and read again, and comment. And see pics that I can't view due to my employers ignorant photobucket restrictions.

You all DO realize I'll go internet silent by Saturday, don't you? I'll be engrossed in the last novel, and I intend to read every waking moment in which I am not working. I am going to cry because it's over. It's been a lovely ten years of fantasy and subsequent self-discovery.  So talk to me now!


Jul. 9th, 2007 12:28 pm
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Such randomness on El Jay today.  

OverheardNYC and anal virginity.  

Media blackouts pending the final Harry Potter book - which sounds like a GREAT idea by the way.  

Oh, and DAAAAAAMN!  Mercury just LEFT retrograde. Has been retrograde since June 15.  That fucks with me, because normally a Mercury retrograde affects my life in a very negative fashion.  But my love life has been going extremely well since about mid-June.  I am now creeping furtively from room to room and officially keeping my head down.  Brent's financial life has been improving since that time, as well.  I HOPE that continues.  I'd better find me some green candles this evening.  Maybe it's time for a burning.

I Forgot - a clever song on video - if you'd like to see it drop me an email.  

A friend had secks with burnt legs this weekend, which sounds really ow.  

I had something sexual I haven't had in a long time, and am adverse to even mentioning it by name here. 
I have no fucking idea why, 
I just am.  

I love Princes Wills & Harry.  In a sorta weird scary way.

I love to watch documentaries about JFK.  Especially ones about his family's curse, and about his assassination. 

I love to watch History Channel and National Geographic specials about Biblical history and archeology. 

I could not be trusted to be alone in a room with Cesar Millan.   

I am becoming a better cook than I have ever been.  One of the primary reasons is I now have someone who LOVES my cooking and allows me to experiment.  He actually corrected me when I said he "liked my cooking."  "No. LOVE.  El Oh Vee Ee. LOVE your cooking." 

Oh, and another thing I forgot. Remember THIS?  No, you probably don't.  I can't believe it happened over two years ago.  The date from hell part is what you want to see - because I think the guy is working here now. I keep seeing this itty bitty man with black spiky hair and an immaculate appearance in the hallways.  Something doesn't sit right, and at first I thought it was just because he looked smarmy.  Now I think it's because he looks like the guy from the Date from Hell.  He could be, I have no idea. The guy gave me two names, and I don't remember either of them.  Wonder - if I learn the name he's using here, will it ring a bell?  Hmmmmmmmmmmm..........................
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This is the Friday Five 
1. What sets you apart from your friends?   I'm female (most of my friends are male); and I'm single.

2. What sets you apart from your family?   SO MANY things.  My religious beliefs, my single parenthood, my taste in music and men, and liquor.

3. What sets you apart from your coworkers/fellow students?  Again, many things.  Religious beliefs, my bluntness and openness about my life.

4. What is the one thing about you that is most unique?  I have no idea. There are too many things to list.

5. What is your most interesting quality?   Interesting? I don't know. Anybody have an idea?  I think my most irritating quality is my tendency to give up, or my cold facade when I'm hiding my feelings. 

And this is from almsthvn (I never know if I've got that right)

30 Q's )

Answer if you want or the questions intrigue... no tags!

I spent the night at home alone last night.  I enjoyed it.  I might want to do it again very soon.  I'm just so damned tired, you know?  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaall the time.  My stepdad told my mother that Brent was very intelligent and "I think he might actually be able to keep up with Anita."  I laughed at that. Brent zooms past me mentally like a train.  Which is remarkably stimulating. 

I don't have much else to say.  This is going to be a quiet weekend. I want to go home. I'll probably have to pop another adderall to get through the day. I'm outta money, so no more pop.

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OH! Alright, dammit. lol

More of the random faxness:

1.  I have three stuffed beavers in my possession. Cause I'm a dam girl, yanno.

2.  I finished Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire in 40 hours.  Straight.  I think I slept about four or five of those, and I didn't eat. It was a delicious escape.

3.  I've never kissed a woman.  I DID kiss my stepsister on the cheek once while I was dreaming.  Really freaked her out. Kinda did me too, because in my dream she was my boyfriend. 

4.  I'm about six hours short of being a licensed Pharmacy Technician.

5.  I use ONLY red nail polish on my toes.  I don't wear any on my fingernails.

6.  I like to wear fake tattoos. Especially in the summer.  I've even worn flavored tattoos on my nipples. 

7.  I've ended relationships with men when they revealed that they preferred "other acts" to the actual act of intercourse.  Now I find myself in a relationship with a man like that. I sometimes wonder if this is Karma's way of getting back at me for the rejection of those other men. If so, I'm gonna give Karma a swift kick in the ass if I ever meet her.
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Taken from the bodacious [personal profile] padiwack
The rules: Each person tagged gives 7 random facts about themselves. Those tagged need to write in their blogs the 7 facts, as well as the rules of the game. You need to tag 7 others and list their names on your blog. You have to leave those you plan on tagging a note in their comments so they know that they have been tagged and to read your blog. Haven't done this for a while so here goes:

1. The table and chairs I use in my dining room originally belonged to my parents, during my mother's FIRST marriage. It's almost as old as I am. It shows no sign of age, but there's paint on the top. I don't mind, I just use a table cloth. My daughter was also conceived in the same bed my mother and father owned during their first marriage.

2. I collect glass eggs. can't resist them, really, have an obsessive need to touch them when I see them in a store. I have eight.

3. I hear baby birds on my doorstep. So do Mitzi & Suzi. I hope they're safely away from my door when I finally leave this afternoon. I'm DYING to peek outside the door. (I peeked. There are four, and they're already fully feathered. OMG!CUTE!)

4. I have a pair of foxes who live in the woods behind my house. Neither is afraid to come out during the day, and the female is remarkably bold. She's come within five feet of me in the field out back.

5. The only reason I really took nude pictures of myself was to figure out if other people thought I was pretty, and to put myself on the market. Now that I'm off the market, I haven't had as much desire to take the pictues. i'm also reluctant to force Brent's hand in taking them, and he doesn't seem that interested in doing so. Which kinda pisses me off. lol

6. I'd rather scrub a toilet than do dishes.

7. Because of the church I was raised in, I never learned to dance. I hate dancing because I feel like an idiot, and that's to be avoided at all costs. I also knew all the words to the entire soundtrack of The Sound of Music before I ever saw the movie - because Disney always showed it on Sunday nights. That was church night, unless my fever was high enough for me to be delirious.

Like [personal profile] padiwackI don't want to tag anyone. It's a free for all, I hope you'll participate!
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1. What's your earliest clear recollection from childhood?
Brief flashes from the house we lived in while I was 2-4 years old.  Pet baby ducks, and my daddy letting them swim in the bathtub; a swingset on a hill; a split rail fence in front, and standing on it; a Boston Terrier named Midget who had puppies; the woman who lived across the road and babysat me; riding down the street on my sled, on my daddy's back. We moved when I was four to another house, where I made the first joke I remember - calling the house number "eleven-oh" instead of "one ten". LOTS of memories in that house.

2. What's the first historic event you actually remember? How old were you at the time?
I remember taking part in a parade for the bicentennial - so that was the summer of 1976. 

3. What personal rite of passage -- not something society imposes upon you but something within your own mind -- signified you were finally no longer a kid but a grown up? How old were you when this happened?  Coming to the realization that I was pregnant, and no matter WHAT I did, in September I was going to have a baby come out of me. I was going to HAVE to go through labor, because I was on welfare and I couldn't just ASK for a c-section, I had to need it. (Which I did. I knew I would.)  I remember lying on my back in my bed the night I found out, gripping the edge of the sheet and blankets against my chest, feeling as if I were on a roller coaster and couldn't get off. There were no side exits or chances to change my mind. Pure unadulterated terror would best describe that feeling, and I fell asleep trying to soothe myself.  When I awoke the next morning, I hadn't moved a muscle.  I was 30 years old before I began to feel like a grown up.

4. What's the craziest thing you remember from your childhood. Something that, when you look back on it, you wonder, "Did that really happen, or did I make that up?"  I think I remember a man in a car trying to ask me for directions somewhere.  I think I remember getting closer and closer to the passenger side of his car, trying to figure out what he was saying, before the realization hit me - he was a stranger, and if I got too close to his car I could get in trouble.  A brief flash hit my mind that he could try and grab me, although that would have been impossible, but I backed away and then ran home. There were no other children around, which was VERY unusual for my neighborhood. 
I also remember being psychic with my friends a lot, and screwing with their little heads.  But these were more things that other people would doubt, I don't really doubt them. Much.

**In other news, I'm feeling much better today.  A bit strung out and twitchy, but no pain. Well, except the usual stuff, neck, back, etc etc blahblahblah. I'm still not sure if I'm ever going to let anyone near my parts again. 

**refers to girls-only entry yesterday, sorry guys.

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 ...which is Arabic for "Let's twist again like we did last summer, baby!!" Ha, ha, ha!! You know what I mean! Whew! 

Ahab The Arab was just on the radio, followed by Alley Oop, oop, oop oopoop. 

I just ate half a bag of Kentucky Mints, and now I feel like shit.  I was just trying to stay awake. 

I had a dream a few months ago while I was at Brent's house.  I dreamed that the Assistant Secretary here at my agency told me and my boss that my cleavage was "inappropriate for the office".  Like I can just take it OFF or something.  Not really, I mean I knew he was saying that what I was wearing was too low.  I usually try to curb that tendency to wear low-cut items, but sometimes (LIKE TODAY! haHA!) I just don't give a shit.  

When I woke up I told Brent about the dream, and he rolled over and wrapped his arms around me and said "It IS inappropriate for the office."  And then he buried his face in it and laughed madly.  NO motorboat noises, I don't tolerate that nonsense. lol  But I make up for it by laughing at other inappropriate noises.  I am indeed a ribald maiden. 

I will now attempt to nurse away my sugar-headache.  meh
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My back teeth are worn down kinda flat. I used to unconsciously grind my teeth, especially at work. My boss got on my nerves, and my mother was driving me out of my freakin' mind. I've stopped almost completely, although I still bite my tongue on occasion.

I chew on both sides of my mouth simultaneously. Not all the time, if I chew gum or eat a meal I usually chew on the right, but if I'm eating a snack with my hands, I always put two pieces in my mouth at once in order to have one on either side. Popcorn, sesame sticks, etc.

I used to count things, like how many steps it took to get from one room to another, and try to get my steps to come out evenly. You know, start on one foot, end on the other, that sorta thing. I don't do that any more either. I have a lot more control over my life now than I did as a child, teen or young adult. I think that's why I don't do it. Well, plus the "eat things in twos" issue makes up for it.

I don't normally speak unless I'm spoken to first. I have to force myself to speak first to my boss if I arrive at work after he does, and occasionally I'll force myself to speak first in the hall, especially if the person I'm passing is higher up on the "totem pole". But it's unnatural to me, and a real effort. "Children don't speak until they're spoken to." wasn't a rule in my house, but it was a rule of the times in which I grew up.

My stepmother used to tease me about flirting with my father's friends if I smiled at them when they spoke to me, or when I spoke in return. It made me very self-conscious and very angry with her. Even 30 years later.

I had an online affair with a man that actually broke up his home for a while. I never laid eyes on him, and he'd seen one photo of me.  Online ONLY, we never even spoke on the phone. I'm probably not as ashamed of that fact as I should be. I rationalize it by reminding myself that the woman was married to someone else at the time they were living together, and she DID get him back.

I AM ashamed of my tendency to pick up tiny speech mannerisms on the phone and make assumptions about the person's racial background as a result. I was wrong about someone today, having spoken with them several times on the phone then met them at lunch, and I was surprised. I was then disappointed with myself, both for making the assumption and for feeling the surprise afterward. I despise racial intolerance, and fret that I haven't fully eliminated my personal racism.

Brent felt like an asshole last night when he realized it was Valentine's Day. I told him not to feel that way on my account, but that was only half the truth. I wanted to continue by saying "After all, you don't love me and I don't need to be reminded of that on this day of all days." I have since tempered that statement in my mind until it sounds less cruel, but I will likely never get a chance to elaborate.


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