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I am a longtime student of piano

Enthralled by those who can play.

Thus I willingly wade through Schubert

Until my ears are stopped with notes.


In which I hear what I came for )

Post time!

Oct. 20th, 2008 05:00 pm
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A symphony of Schubert

Eventually disintegrates

To background music

For great ponderances

Such as

“How did that woman get here?

In which my mind wanders around the stage  )


Jun. 25th, 2008 02:38 pm
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 Two lines from a song made me pick up my pen:


Lipstick on your collar
Told a tale on you.
No one wears lipstick any more
Except your mother
And the old woman
At the front desk.
But you stayed
At home all day.
You've been trying on
My makeup again
Haven't you?

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I'm a post-ho today.  Don't care.  Here's another one, spawned by inspired use of the word "ruinous".

Love must be painful
Ruinous and wrong.
You will be battered
Bruised and broken.
Your heart in pieces
Like some song
That makes you roll your eyes
And change the station. 
You don’t learn
Without mistakes.
You must be loved badly 
To love well.

sad heart

Feb. 26th, 2007 11:17 pm
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I miss my guy.  He hates being alone. He's afraid of feeling feelings for me or my kid, or even getting to know her. He's so afraid that he doesn't drown his fear, he drowns his mind because even when he's drunk he doesn't stop feeling altogether. And I just wanna hold him and make it go away. And then I wonder how long I'm going to feel this way, and how long it will take before I'm tired of  his shit, because I don't think his shit will ever go away. 

From a year ago:

This is what a woman knows about love.

A woman knows when it's love, and when it isn't. 
A woman knows the difference between love and lust. And a wanton woman knows how to use one to fuel the other. 
A woman knows that love cares more about time together than location, participants, or props. 
A woman knows that love brings pain.
A woman knows that the pain of love is one of the most delightful aches imaginable, and will gladly experience it on occasion.
But a woman knows that when the pain outweighs the pleasure it's time for an adjustment. 
A woman knows that it doesn't take a long time to fall in love, but it takes a long time to fall out. 
A woman knows that love doesn't mean blindness. 
A woman knows that love can see faults, and not feel compelled to change them.
A woman knows that love is steady, even when moods are not. 
A woman knows that love can be unreturned and burn brightly nonetheless.
A woman knows what love she can return and what love she cannot. 
And a woman knows that love doesn't mean she has to stay.  

But she wants to stay.


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