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I LOVE Harry Shearers blog on The Huffington Post. 
He's provided a very interesting link
regarding New Orleans and the constant,
continued failure of the US Corps of Engineers. 
I can't say it any better, and I can't say
any more, because my jaws are locked
shut from grinding my teeth in anger
regarding this neglect.
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Check my new layout!  Courtesy of the [ profile] seroquels.  It amazes me sometimes how many people on my f-list can write code, are IT personnel, or otherwise computer geniuii.  How did I find all of you?  I'm just naturally drawn to smarties!!

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I has a diamond. Let me show you it.


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[profile] skyearthandseahas started a new community for poets and poetry lovers in West Virginia.  It's sponsored by the West Virginia Poetry Society, of which she has become president.  (I'm going to be secretary.)  The WV Poetry Society was failing, members were growing older and were considering disbanding until Holly got involved.  If you don't know her yet, [profile] skyearthandseais a wonderful poet and former professor at a local University. The following is the user info for the community, please take a look and offer support if you like. 

[profile] wvpoetry  is a community for people who love poetry to discuss their own poetry and the poetry of others; to discuss poetry related events; get feedback on their work, connect with west virginia publishers and celebrate the art of the craft.

This community is sponsored, supported and organized by the West Virginia Poetry Society. The WVPS can be found at

The West Virginia Poetry Society is a 53 year-old organization and is a member of the National Federation of State Poetry Societies. We are dedicated to promoting the writing and sharing of poetry in the mountain state. We have over 200 members, hold yearly contests with hundreds of dollars in prizes, and produce a journal of WV poetry entitled Laurels.

WVPS has a Myspace page at . If you have a Myspace profile, please add us!

We also have a private Yahoo! Group that is open to members only. Membership in WVPS is just $20 annually and it makes a great gift to any of your loved ones who write poetry, read poetry or just like to support the arts in West Virginia.

Membership benefits include:
*A membership card
*A subscription to the quarterly newsletter Poet's Crossroads
*Access to the members-only list serv at Yahoo! dedicated to the discussion of poets and poetry in West Virginia and advanced notice of poetry-related events and the plans of WVPS
*Strophes, the newsletter of the NFSPS
*free entry into the WVPS annual contests
*a subscription to Laurels and eligibility for submission consideration

Membership can be obtained by using this printable membership form:


Oct. 1st, 2007 09:57 am
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And I have a smile on my face, despite my various frustrations. 

I shopped myself SILLY Saturday!  Then dragged Leigh's ass out and shopped her ass silly too!  She got some awesome Fenton that I'd forgot about, and I am now blue with envy. Because the glass is blue, and I love it. She will put it to great use I'm thinking. 

I GOT some blue glass stuff too - and this very cool huge goblet that would look great with a betta in it. However, I have this thing about not keeping a fish in the house with naughty cats, and also a thing about fish deserving more room than a glass bowl can give them.  So I'll do something else with it. I can't WAIT to get back to my home and break out all my treasures.  

Not the least of which is a new set of Pfaltzgraff - a gift from Leigh that I am utterly underserving and insanely crazy about.  She is the most awesome friend.  I'm kinda crazy about her too.  Shhh, don't tell anybody.  

And that man of mine.   
I will be memeing later this morning, when all my requests are in. 

The air conditioning repairman is supposed to call this afternoon to come and replace my unit.  I hope it really happens.  I miss my home.
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I stuck a couple of comments out there on these "love you" memes, and got one of the coolest responses ever.  So now I am bound by honor to return the favor, thus I will do so herewith, yea and verily.  

"Reply to this post, and I will list three things I love about you. Maybe more than three. Then repost to your own journal and spread the love."

Those of you who do not play will receive the soccer boy of fuck-you. 
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And all and any others who will be at le bonfire tonight. 

I am sorry, but we at Chez 'Nita have decided that you are all wacked in the haid for even THINKING about FIRE on a 101 degree day. I don't care if it WILL cool off by tonight. Wacked, chilren.

And Courtney, my personal apologies for being unable to take your call today at lunch. I was, shall we say ... indisposed .  And yes, this is gratuitous gloating. Sex at lunch rox my sox.


Aug. 3rd, 2007 09:27 am
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[personal profile] padiwack quoted me on her journal last night.   If you've never friended her, you should.  She's so interesting, sparkling and delightful.  And that has been my established opinion before she ever quoted me.

It made me cry. Tears of joy, I think, or satisfaction.  Being validated in such a manner is a moving experience. 


Jul. 12th, 2007 10:00 am
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Good day so far, despite a mild headache. It's probably from taking too many pills at once.  No matter - the little bit of Adderall keeps me on my toes. 

Last evening was nice, although we did have a bit of a scuff over something I got in an email.  Someone found a group of my nudes posted on Greatest Journal, and pointed it out to me.  Of course they trashed me, folks always do, but I've gotten to the point where a peons opinion of me is worth nothing, so I ignore it.  However, my knight in shining armour is not so good at the ignoring.  Especially when he's had a few.  He ranted and stomped and INSISTED that I allow him to answer my critics.  I did, and of course they ridiculed him as well.  I'm just glad they haven't travelled over here for anything more than a look at my journal and a subsequent look at his.  We all know what a mess a troll can make if they get their panties in a bunch.  And don't worry Jess, I'm totally cool with you sending that. It's probably hard to believe that I don't care, but I really don't. I don't care what ANYbody else thinks now - I have my admirers, and the one that means the most is the sweetest. 

In other news, I was prompted to show Brent the journal I set up for him because he was nosing through mine last night.  Instead of being offended as he used to, he sighs and agrees with my more harsh assessments of his faults.  Poor thing.  I know it bothers him to read those opinions, but he is very secure in the knowledge that I love him - he often mentions it as one of the reasons he's so protective of me.  I've considered setting up a friends filter and leaving him off it - which makes me laugh maniacally - but I haven't decided yea or nay.  

Ruthie, I put the book in the mail on Monday with Delivery Confirmation tracking, but there's no further information about it yet.  I hope you get it this weekend.  Brent thinks I should get it published as a chapbook, but I don't know if he's prejudiced, or if he's right that it speaks to human emotion on a widespread level.  Most of the pieces were written a couple years ago, so they're kinda hard to find here in my journal.  And of course they're polished since they were originally posted.  Maybe I could just publish it as an e-book.  Maybe I have delusions of grandeur.  

I would kinda like to see some of my essay/flash fiction thingys printed.  Again, I have NO idea how to go about that.  Holly and I need to have several sit-down sessions, maybe in her new house, or at mine. We could discuss it and have a snack and play with the animals. I'd like to see what she's had done to her place - it sounds great.  

Scarlett's coming home tomorrow for a day or two.  She has been at a music camp this week, but she called me at quarter of nine this morning. She didn't go today, she had a tummy ache.  I don't know, it sounds like she just doesn't want to go.  She's kinda homesick, and I miss her.  I need to make a grocery list, so mom can give me some food.  I have very little left to feed Scarlett while she's there, and no grocery money until Monday.  Maaaan, I will be wandering around Kroger and Aldi for HOURS Monday evening.  I'll probably spend $200-300.  My cupboards are THAT bare.  Eep! I'll have to get milk. The kid goes through a gallon in less than a week.  Brent says he's gonna take us to Fazolis this weekend - Scarlett's excited.  Hell, I am too.  mmmmmmmmbreadsticks with loads of garlic butter

I still see the occasional roach when I flip on the light too quickly in the kitchen.  Haven't seen it in a couple days, so it's due to make an appearance.  I've never seen more than two, and I manage to kill most of them, but I KNOW it means there are loads more wherever they're hiding.  I need to find out what to use, and then sprinkle something behind the fridge, and maybe behind the counter, or between the counter and the stove.  Sometimes Mitzi crouches and stares for the longest time under the stove.  Suzi takes one look and high-tails it outta there.  She's such a little coward.  ha  They're both getting kinda used to Brent now, which softens his opinion of them somewhat.  He still says "snakes with fur" on occasion.  But he HAS stopped whistling for them.  I swear I believe Mitzi rolls her eyes when he does that.

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I saw a man with half a nose this week.

Brent decided against the apartment we saw. But he's still looking, and I'm glad. We had a nice time, and we miss one another. awww

I very much enjoyed Evan Almighty I didn' t make the Steve Carell/Evan Baxter connection between this movie and Bruce Almighty until I read the imdb reviews after the movie. While most the jokes were easily anticipated, it was stlil funny and remarkably clean. I recommend it, and will likely see it again, or buy it.

Scarlett goes home tomorrow. We'll be going to my dad's mountain house Friday after work, so we won't be apart long. I haven't been to my dad's second home yet, and I'm trying not to be too resentful about it. I'm also trying to ignore the fact that my father has always complained about not having any money, yet he's managed to buy a second home. And he still likes to remind me that I owe him $300 from last summer.

Ran into [profile] skyearthandsea and her friend Annette ([profile] thistletail  who hasn't posted in ages) downtown while wandering the Festivall street fair on Capitol Street. Scarlett & I had a nice time, and she spent the last of her pocket money. So did I. 

I'm going to go sort through my clothes now, and put away all my winter stuff. Computer will be down for the rest of the day, so Ms. Thang  & I can interact. Ciao bebehs.
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Awww.   Look how onery they are. 

I've never had cats recover quite this slowly from a spay before.  Mitzi got up about 5:30 and climbed up on me for love. About half an hour's worth, until I had to move and put her down. She was going to jump down, but I wouldn't let her. She still won't let me see her incision, but I heard her pick at it with her teeth and told her No. I think it might have hurt when she did that because she didn't do it again.  Suzi was barely awake when I found her, so I loved her head and got in the shower. 

They're both still walking hunched up, and Suzi has to gauge the distance before she jumps up on the toilet seat. My bed is not much higher, but she couldn't manage that, and I had to pick her up. She won't let me see her incision either. She was ready to jump down by herself when she spotted a woodpecker on the deck, but again, I helped her down. 

Neither of them are eating, although I've seen them drink and use the box. Mitzi actually looked for the olive oil this morning, then refused it.  She NEVER refuses it.  So I started to worry. 

They both laid curled up the rest of the morrning. I wasn't going to give them any more pain meds, because I hoped they'd stay awake and eat this morning.  But when I checked Mitzi, her tummy was hot, so I gave her a dose. I also gave Suzi a dose, and she didn't even fight me. 

Like I said. NEVER seen cats take this long to recover before. 

When do I start to worry?

EDIT:  Oops forgot. From [community profile] fortysomething

My answers to The Friday Four:
1. I love Livejournal because I love getting feedback on my thoughts. Never could get that with a paper journal.
2. I like to put cheeeeeeeeeeeeese on my crackers.
3. The best thing that happened to me this week was ADDERALL!
4. This weekend I'm going to take my kid to mawmaws, have lunch with a bunch of LJ friends, have dinner with my lover and his best friend and his best friends wife (for the first time! go team me!) and hopefully clean house.

In other news, my friend Spike played a song for Scarlett this morning.  Adderall is dabomb diggity BUT yeah. I'm seeing some reluctance to drop off to dream land at night. And my teeth hurt. I think I'm gritting them in my sleep. NOT good. Damned splint. Better try it again.  

I'm planning an AWESOME weekend - lunch with some crazy girls (sans Courtney, much to my disappointment) at Rio for Cinco de Mayo.  Margaritas!  WHOO HOO!!!  Then dinner with Brent's best friend and his wife - meeting them for the first time evah!!!  GO TEAM ME!!  

I hope I get to clean house a bit, maybe Saturday after lunch, before dinner. AFTER I go to Brents and crash from the margarita buzz. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  No wait.  If I were to ask anyone who's ever slept with me, they'd say it's not quite like that. It's more like ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZKDAS;LF2)*()%........................................  ^&*zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz................  (breathe dammit!)ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Um. Yeah.


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