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What redeeming value is found in the song "Muskrat Love?"  Discuss among yourselves.
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Another in the style of The Spoon River Anthology.  Brent suggested this one, and it's taken me quite a while to write it. Once I started googling, the words became clear.


My name is Elizabeth Reed
Has been and always will be
In some form or another
I have been Esther
And Sarah and Carrie
I am a doctor
An author – a storyteller
A Teacher of teachers
But merely a vessel.
I have gained such knowledge in my lives
When I was married to an evil man in Crawford County.
I sang on the way to my hanging
The first and only woman to swing
In Illinois, because I served my evil man
Sassafras tea, with a little arsenic.
Last time Dickey Betts merely called me Elizabeth Reed.
Honored in soaring music, which I hear from time to time
AsRose Hill is blanketed with the beautiful strains
Of the tune that bears my name.
You see they laid Duane here in seventy-one
Now a tall, hard man wanders the rows
And as he nears them
A glorious golden thread fills the ether-world
Spidering toward every source of music within range
Spirits rise, join in
And the web vibrates
With the music of their souls.
Sometimes I wonder if the tall man can hear it
But mostly I just lie here
And bask in the glow of recognition.
Waiting for the next
Elizabeth Reed.


So Cool

May. 28th, 2008 08:49 am
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This is so cool:

Always loved this song. I've heard most of it explained, but the video
clarifies much of the symbolism.

Hi, ya'll

May. 27th, 2008 09:12 am
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Not much time this morning, got to start working right away.

Finally broke myself free of the ebay madness, am no longer drawn to Coach purses as I have a couple on the way that will suit my needs.  I'm super-glad of that, I tell you whut.  

Want to go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to see The Doors exhibit, not sure if we can afford it.  Suddenly Brent's money-conscious, which throws me for a loop.  But he's doing it for "us", which is nice. 

Car brakes failed this weekend, not sure how much that is going to cost, as my stepdad seems convinced that he can fix them.  We shall see. 

One of my new favorite rock and roll lines is:

Sidewalk crouches at her feet
Like a dog that begs for something sweet.

One my LEAST favorite rock and roll lines is:

You've got a hubcap diamond star halo

What are your favorites and least favorites?

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The West Virginia Music Hall of Fame is having it's first ever induction ceremony tomorrow.   There are a lot of great artists there, and if you watch for a few moments you will see the new inductees names and photos cycle through the space on the left of the page.  Of personal interest is Clark Kessinger,  a distant relative of Brent's.  Clark Kessinger is known as an "old time" fiddle player.  I think that kinda encompasses many styles, including bluegrass and folk music.  He recorded several albums in his lifetime, and my own great uncle Charlie Bill Lemon* accompanied him with guitar on at least one.  Isn't it cool the connections you can find if you look long enough?  Clark's nephew, Robin Kessinger, is also an accomplished flatpicker, with many awards to his name, and too many television appearances to list here.  

We both have music in our blood.  It's another thing that seems to draw us together. 

*YES, Charlie BILL.  Honest to god. His given name was Charles William of course, but he went by the nickname from infancy. 


Oct. 16th, 2007 04:46 pm
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I'm a poetry ho, cause I like other folks words better'n my own.

Miracles, Jefferson Starship
If only you believe like I believe, baby
Wed get by
If only you believe in miracles, baby 
So would I

I might have to move heaven and earth to prove it to you, baby
So were makin love and you feel the power 
And I feel the power
Then theres really nothing that we cant do 
If we wanted to, baby
We could exist on the stars
Itd be so easy
All we gotta do
Is get a little faith in you
Oh, Ive been (to) so many places
Ive seen some things
I know, love is the answer
Keeps holding this world together
Aint nothing better
Aint nothing better
And all the answers to our prayers
Hell , its the same everywheres, baby
Nothing ever breaks up the heart
Only tears give you away
Then youre right where I found ya
With my arms around ya
Oh baby, baby, baby, love is a magic word, yeah
Few ever find in a lifetime
But from that very first look in your eyes
I knew you and I had but one heart
Only our bodies were apart
That was so easy, so easy
I had a taste of the real world
When I went down on you, girl.

If only you believe like I believe, baby
Wed get by
If only you believe in miracles, baby
So would i
If only you believe like I believe, baby
Wed get by
If only you believe in miracles, baby
So would i.

I can hear windmills and rainbows
Whenever youre talkin to me
I feel like swirling and dancin
Whenever youre walking with me
You ripple like a river when I touch you
When I pluck your body like a string
When I start dancin inside ya
Oh baby, you make me wanna sing
Yeah, baby, baby, baby, baby
Oh yeah, all right
Baby, were sure doin it tonight
Everytime you come by, let me try
Pretty, please sugar on it
Thats how I like it
I cant even believe it, with you
Its like having every dream I ever wanted
Come true
I picked up your vibes
You know it opened my eyes
But Im still dreamin yeah
And youre right where I found ya
With my arms around ya.

and then
Count On Me by Jefferson Starship too 
Precious love
Ill give it to you
Blue as the sky and deep in the
Eyes if a love so true
Beautiful face
You make me feel
Lite on the stairs and lost in the
Air of a love so real

And you can count on me girl
You can count on my love woman
You can count on me baby
You can count on my love to see you through

Emerald eyes and china perfume
Caught in the wheel and lost in
The feel of a love so soon
Ruby lips
You make my song
Into the night and saved by the lite
Of a love so strong

See you thru
You can count on me girl
You can count on my love
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I love these words - especially when Glen Campbell sings them:

Gentle On My Mind
by John Hartford

It's knowing that your door is always open and your path is free to walk,
That makes me tend to leave my sleeping bag rolled up and stashed behind your couch.
And it's knowing I'm not shackled by forgotten words and bonds 
And the ink stains that have dried upon some line,
That keeps you in the backroads by the rivers of my mem'ry 
That keeps your ever 
Gentle on my mind.

It's not clinging to the rocks and ivy planted on their colums now that binds me
Or something that somebody said because they thought we fit together walkin'.
It's just knowing that the world will not be cursing or forgiving 
When I walk along some railroad track and find
That you're moving on the backroads by the rivers of my memory 
and for hours
You're just gentle on my mind.

Though the wheat fields and the clothes lines and junkyards 
And the highways come between us
And some other woman's crying to her mother 'cause she turned and I was gone.
I still run in silence, tears of joy might stain my face 
And summer sun might burn me 'til I'm blind
But not to where I cannot see you walkin' on the backroads 
By the rivers flowing
Gentle on my mind.

I dip my cup of soup back from the gurglin' cracklin' caldron in some train yard
My beard a roughning coal pile and a dirty hat pulled low across my face.
Through cupped hands 'round a tin can I pretend I hold you to my breast and find
That you're waving from the backroads by the rivers of my memory 
Ever smilin'
Ever gentle on my mind.


Jul. 10th, 2007 03:02 pm
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Who's that bangin' on the piano?

I dunno.

Anybody remember this one by The Detergents?    Leader Of The Laundromat

Sometimes I think Dr. Demento has orchestrated the programming on this station I listen to.


May. 8th, 2007 01:43 pm
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Sumboddy sumboddy sumboddy puhleeeze

explain to me "Quinn The Eskimo". 

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 ...which is Arabic for "Let's twist again like we did last summer, baby!!" Ha, ha, ha!! You know what I mean! Whew! 

Ahab The Arab was just on the radio, followed by Alley Oop, oop, oop oopoop. 

I just ate half a bag of Kentucky Mints, and now I feel like shit.  I was just trying to stay awake. 

I had a dream a few months ago while I was at Brent's house.  I dreamed that the Assistant Secretary here at my agency told me and my boss that my cleavage was "inappropriate for the office".  Like I can just take it OFF or something.  Not really, I mean I knew he was saying that what I was wearing was too low.  I usually try to curb that tendency to wear low-cut items, but sometimes (LIKE TODAY! haHA!) I just don't give a shit.  

When I woke up I told Brent about the dream, and he rolled over and wrapped his arms around me and said "It IS inappropriate for the office."  And then he buried his face in it and laughed madly.  NO motorboat noises, I don't tolerate that nonsense. lol  But I make up for it by laughing at other inappropriate noises.  I am indeed a ribald maiden. 

I will now attempt to nurse away my sugar-headache.  meh
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Shimmy shimmy koko bop
Shimmy shimmy bop
Shimmy shimmy koko bop
Shimmy shimmy bop
SIttin' in a native hut
All alone and blue
Sittin' in a native hut
Wonderin' what to do

Now all I need is The Bertha Butt Boogie!  No question!

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MP3's.  I don't have an online music download service. Jim has recommended Limewire, but I'm afraid.  I have a nice shiny new computer that works like magick and I don't want to fuck it up. 

So I'm looking for a few MP3's.  If you have one of them would you care to email them?  If you can recommend a service, please do so in comments?

I'm No Angel  Gregg Allman
I Need a Lover   John Mellancamp
Jolene   Dolly Parton
Rhythm Of My Heart   Rod Stewart
Mysterious Ways   U2
Words Of Love    Mama Cass
Brick House   Commodores
No One Else On Earth   Wynonna

And especially THIS song:   It absolutely melts me when he sings this.   MELTS.

Someone To Give My Love To
by Tracy Byrd

Well I could search from now till the end of time
And never find another you
I'm so glad because I know you're mine
Someone to give my love to

I believe my love that you're one of a kind
For there's no one else like you
You're the light of my life so let it shine
Someone to give my love to

I find that happiness is loving you
And I'll do my best to make your dreams come true

I will follow you to the end of the earth
For my place will be with you
Now I have taken you for better or worse
Someone to give my love to

Yeah I find that happiness is loving you
And I'll do my best to make your dreams come true

Days of man and wife time are precious few
I will spend them all with you
For in beyond forever I'll wait for you
Someone to give my love to
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I've searched and searched and can NOT find that list of songs I made - that I felt described me or whatever. 

I remember it had the following on it:

I'm No Angel  Gregg Allman
I Need a Lover   John Mellancamp
Jolene   Dolly Parton
Find Me Somebody To Love   Queen
Misty   Ray Stevens
Rhythm Of My Heart   Rod Stewart
Mysterious Ways   U2
Little Less Conversation   Elvis
Brandy   Looking Glass
Miracles   Jefferson Airplane
The Other Side of Life  Moody Blues
She's Hot To Go   Lyle Lovett
Play The Game   Queen
Words Of Love    Mama Cass
Brick House   Commodores

I KNOW I'm forgetting things!!!  It was after Myria and Teena added me, but before I went to their house to meet them. Hmmmm, that should help some. Let me check my stats again....

If any of you can remember, or can find it, pleasepleaseplease let me know.  I think [profile] smiteboy will make the cd for me.
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If there was an album titled "Anita" this would be the playlist:

I Need A Lover - John Mellancamp
I’m No Angel - Gregg Allman
Find Me Somebody To Love - Queen
Count On Me - Jefferson Airplane
Miracles - Jefferson Airplane
Mysterious Ways - U2
Little Less Conversation - Elvis
Goody Two Shoes - Adam Ant
Angel In Blue - J. Geils
Emotional Rescue - Rolling Stones
Jolene - Dolly Parton thanks Jen
Brandy - Looking Glass
In Your Wildest Dreams - Moody Blues
Come On Eileen - Dexy's Midnight Runners
Innocent Man - Billy Joel
Play The Game - Queen
Cool Change - Little River Band
Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For - U2
Long Time Gone - Roger Miller
Train of Life - Roger Miller
Rhiannon - Fleetwood Mac
Waiting For A Friend - Rolling Stones
Someone To Watch Over Me - Linda Ronstadt (I think she did a version)
She’s Hot To Go - Lyle Lovett

I keep feeling like I'm forgetting something. Not sure what tho.
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(Dolly Parton)

Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene
I'm begging of you please
Don't take my man
Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene
Please don't take him
Just because you can

Well your beauty is beyond compare
With flaming locks of auburn hair
With ivory skin and eyes of emerald green
Your smile is like a breath of spring
Your voice is soft like summer rain
And I cannot compete with you Jolene

Well he talks about you in his sleep
And there's nothing I can do to keep from crying
When he calls your name Jolene
And I can easily understand
How you can easily take my man
But you don't know what he means to me Jolene

Well now you could have your choice of men
But I could never love again
He's the only one for me Jolene
Well I had to have this talk with you
My happiness depends on you
And whatever you decide to do Jolene

Alright, so Dolly Parton wrote a song about me. I can live with that, most of the time. Because I know that when it comes down to brass tacks, the men don't leave their cozy warm homes - most of the time. Bad girl? Always have been. But only because I like to give what they like to get, unbridled, uninhibited, impassioned mad fucking. So a good girl in a bad package. I'm not really bad, I'm just drawn that way. 

I wasn't really in the mood to cry, today is such a great day! I got a package today that I wasn't expecting - Sacred Sexuality by Georg Feuerstein. I'm SO EXCITED! I can't wait to dig into it, but I've got clothes upstairs waiting to be sorted and packed. Gotta move, gotta do, gotta get my ass in gear!  But the book got me thinking about other things Eric and I have talked about, and I had meant to give you all the link to this web-essay earlier this week, the thought just got away from me. It was eerily familiar for me, especially after Eric pointed out the paragraph says in part:

The idea is not so much a salvation from 'original sin', but salvation by restoration to the original blessing, which occurs in the unification of male and female. Accordingly, the bread represents the Logos and the wine represents the Sophia, the male and female aspects of the Christos. Thus the eucharist is a ceremony celebrating their mystical union or sacred marriage ~ the union of the Divine Masculine and Feminine through which all creation transpires, as well as redemption through divine illumination.
Here's the complete essay.

No, I hadn't read this before. I've read DaVinci Code of course, but I'd had hints of the divine union before that time, from The Divine Romance and also other places that I can't put my finger on. Andrew Greeley has had a hand in influencing me, as well. I'm just tickled that I'm not the only person to ever come to this conclusion. I just wish there was some place I could go for some face to face interaction with other people who believe this way.

And on THAT note, I'm going to fix some lunch for my kid. Then maybe shower and pack some more. All this scrambling around in the closet has my nose stuffy and running like mad.  bleh Also got Ming creeping around like a stealth missile.


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I answered the phone, and the voice on the other end made me lose my breath. 45 minutes later he was at my doorstep, and my heart was trying its damnedest to get out of my chest as I let him in. No matter how much we talk, his voice always makes my skin burn, and seeing him in my house, having his focus even for these few moments, is enough to make me ache to be touched.

He fiddled with the stereo, popped in the cd he brought with him, and pulled me to the center of the room. I hadn’t bothered turning on the lights, the moon and the streetlamp were more than enough as he wrapped his arms around me and kissed my cheek. The music started, and I immediately recognized an old Billy Joel song that I had been singing in the car quite a bit lately. But there was a difference. It was subtle and I looked up at him, about to ask what was different when the voice, his own voice poured out of the speakers. The incredulous look on my face made him laugh, as tears welled in my eyes and I whispered "How did you know?"

"Shhhh..." was the only response before he bent and kissed me, his moustache brushing over my lip as he caressed it with his tongue, sliding it gently inside as the firm warmth of his lips covered mine, turning my mind to mush. Brief, too brief, before he moved to my ear and murmured "Its you. Listen."

Some people live with the fear of a touch
And the anger of having being a fool
They will not listen to anyone
So nobody tells them a lie

I leaned against him, swaying more from the contact than the music, the words that had pierced my heart so many times of late now taking on more meaning than I’d ever dreamed. The idea that he’d chosen this song and gone to the trouble of recording it for me left me gasping, fighting sobs while his hands stroked my back, my hair, and he kissed my ear, my neck and danced me slowly around the room. That he’d seen so far inside me after I’d made such an effort to never let anyone in again had me wondering if I were transparent to the world. For the second time in a year, someone had managed to get inside my skin and see what was there, and actually try to understand. And for the first time in my life, someone had chosen to do something for me, to show me in this small simple way that he wanted to see more.

The voice on the cd made me shiver, and I pressed my lips against his neck. I’d loved listening to him from the first song I’d ever heard him sing. Not in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would ever hear him sing to me. I unconsciously hummed the harmony while I buried my face beneath his jaw, his chest vibrating against mine as he hummed along too, and I smiled at the feel of it.

I'm not above being cool for a while
If you're cruel to me, I'll understand

He looked down at me, kissing the tears left on my cheeks and running a warm hand through my hair before he bent and took my mouth again. The bitterness of my own tears mixed with his sweetness, the heat from his body rushing through me as I sighed into that kiss, giving myself to him. No effort, no seduction, just allowing him to convince me that he wanted me, filling me with the warmth of his tongue, his lips, totally losing myself in the sensation. I slid my arms around his neck as I felt my knees grow weak, while his mouth took mine with an uncharacteristic aggression that had my flesh pounding.

I am an innocent man
Oh yes, I am an innocent man

The music faded and he sat on the couch, pulling me into his lap. He kissed me again, gently, and I saw an amazing heat in his eyes that I’d never seen before. I had no idea what he had in mind, but I could tell from that look that it was going to be slow, torturous and absolutely incredible. ETA: The second half of this is under construction...


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