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An update to cover all my online friends:   Yesterday was spent at Med Express and the emergency room with Scarlett.  She has a kidney infection, but no appendicitis (thank God) so she is on antibiotics and various OTC pain meds round the clock to kill the fever.  She is tired, but feels "okay".  We've not managed to do anything we planned to do this weekend, and in a way I'm glad.  I was tired, and taking care of Scarlett makes me want to just stay home and hibernate.  Sorry we've missed everyone, both Robinson and Lemon, but first things first. 
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People do such kind things.  I almost refrained from mentioning the shift in my account because I was afraid someone would take it as a nudge and pay me up for a few more months.  Thank you to whomever felt the urge to do so.  I am grateful, and once again humbled at the kindness of my friends list.

I made the coffee mug chocolate cake last night.  Scarlett and I ate it, and were only semi-impressed.  It turned out a bit rubbery, which is to be expected when making flour-based dishes in the microwave.  It was also a bit dry, which might have been alleviated by more milk or oil, I'm not sure which.  Once it was turned out of the mug, it was dimpled and had a cave in the center that would have been tasty filled with chocolate syrup, icing, or as Scarlett suggested, flavored cream cheese.  I'm raising her right, I tell you whut!

Have you ever had your sternum crack or pop?  Mine did this morning, it's been a while.  It was a bit of relief.

Leftover baked beans for lunch today.  Look out world! I'm runnin' on nitrogen!
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Have been without intarwebs since dunno when.  LOOOOOOOONG weekend with Scarlett, but we made it and even got a few chores done. Fixed dinner with asparagus (from the Greek, asparagos. Thank you Junior Asparagus.) 

We watched the gubenatorial debates at Brent's house last night, in which the poor Republican contender Russ Weeks stammered and blundered while Smoothy McSmootherton smirked and made direct eye contact with the camera (and all us folks out there in t.v. land) in an honest and disarming  fashion.  Honest? Manchin? Honor among Mafia maybe. I hate him.  I hate what he's done to State Employees, and I fear what he will continue to do when he is re-elected, which he certainly will be, and not just because he has $2Mil in his re-election treasury, and not just cause poor Russ has only has $2000. We will never crawl out from under the domination of Coal-fed Democrats. Never.  Manchin has said his goal is to eliminate the State Employee network altogether.  I don't know what that means, but it scares me. 

Then Scarlett and I went home and watched a Veggie Tales movie and sang along with all the songs at the top of our lungs. I do love me some Veggie Tales, I tell u whut.  I need to find out if there's a Veggie Tales community here on LJ.  I need a Larry-Go-Round icon.

Made some vegetable soup, but didn't have any cabbage or potatoes.  Won't miss the potatoes so much, but cabbage gives a tangy flavor that is lacking in this batch.  Still, it should fill our bellies until payday. 

I hope to buy Scarlett her Halloween costume this weekend after payday.  This will likely be her last year, and she wants to be a midnight fairy from KMart.  So I will search and find it.  Also this weekend Brent has acquired free tickets to the Symphony, wheee!  I haven't been in years, and sure could use a chance to wear some of my nicer clothing.  Barry Douglas will be the featured soloist.  I love piano!

So I am officially Linky McLinkerson today.  I quit at about page five of my friend's list, but I think I hit almost everything I've missed this weekend.  Ya'll point me in the direction of Albuquerque to any posts you'd like me to check out.  Dammit, now I'll have the freakin' Partridge Family in my head all morning.  Oh well, it's better than The Brady Bunch.
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My daughter was given an assignment in school, to write her own "Where I'm From" poem in the style of George Ella Lyons.  Sound familiar?  Here's my concoction.

And here is hers.  I'm terribly proud of her.

Where I’m From
By, Scarlett Chapman
I am from ballet slippers and black berries,
Trees and video games,
 My grandmother’s garden,
I am from board games and gifted classes
I am from the rhododendrons outside my grandmother’s house
The Sugar Maple
Whom I loved
That was cut down
I’m from candy bars and spaghetti
(not together of course)
From Anita and Jeffery
I’m from the Pops
And the gossipers
From Stop reading!  And Read your book!
I’m from Charleston and my hiding place behind the rhododendrons
And commercials I can recite from memory
I’m from pizza and the sound of my mother’s voice
From Kassie (sister), Taylor (cousin), and Zoe (Long)
From the great grandfather
I lost to a stroke
And the father of my father that my father found dead under an overturned tractor
I am from Little Bear and Peter Rabbit 
From kittens I’ve had and cats that play fetch
From Spongebob and Oddparents
 From scrapbooking and reading
I am from all these things here
And many, many other things that take up too much room
That’s where I am from
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I DID know the man who was killed.  He went to church with my parents and was one of Scarlett's favorite leaders in their childrens club. 

I'll have to tell her this evening, probably after having her watch some of the news.  Poor kid. It's been several years since someone close to her died.  I have a feeling she will freak over going to the viewing or funeral, and will not want to go.  That's fine by me of course.
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You may want to click on the picture to get the full effect of the distance between Institute (yes, that's a town)
and the road to my house in Charleston.

The Bayer Plant in Institute, WV had a severe explosion last night at about 10:30.

My uncle retired from this plant. I can't remember this plant ever having such a severe incident.

There are photos here.

The plant is "about 12 miles west of downtown Charleston" I felt the blast, and it shook
my apartment building. One man has died (I didn't know him) and one man was
injured so severely they airlifted him to a burn center out of state.

It's a sobering event that has been obscured by the conventions, vice president nominations
"Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the so-called "hockey mom" credited with reforms
of her tiny, out-of-the-way state. (Alaska? TINY? PLEASE!!) Hilary Duff's dad,
andby David Duchovny's sex addiction.

Well, we are West Virginia. Sometimes we just don't qualify for headlines,
unless Chad Pennington leaves the Jets (J-E-T-S, JETS JETS JETS!)
for the Miami Dolphins.
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I'm quoting my friend Karen here at work, because she heard the fight first hand:

"Zoe and Scarlett's fight was funny in that it sounded like 2 therapists having a tiff.  
Zoe said, "I feel like you might be lying to me, you've lied to me before."  
Scarlett shot back with a "Sometimes I lie for attention!"    

Sadly my agruments at that age were: did too, did not."


Jun. 17th, 2008 09:36 am
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Dammit - I can't get back into the last post to edit it.  [ profile] nsingmanfigured it out, it's Steve Cauthen - or as I will always know him Stevie Cauthen -  best known as the youngest Jockey to ever win the Triple Crown, riding Affirmed in 1978.  Also the LAST jockey to ever win the Triple Crown.   He owns a farm and training facility known as Dreamfields in his hometown of Verona, Kentucky.  I was so fascinated with him when he won the Triple Crown - he wasn't much older than me and for many years he figured prominently in my girlish fantasies. 

[ profile] smiteboygot the other post - Boris Becker.  

GREAT LEGS!  At seconds 1:04 thru 1:06 you get to see that first victory dance.  As I mentioned, I watched it with my best friend, who was a huge tennis fan. I'd never cared for it much, but I followed Boris. Who wouldn't? He was sunshiny-looking. 

Before I go any further - here's a Happy Birthday shoutout to [ profile] warrior_priest.  What a great birthday Kel, to spend it back in your hometown after all this time!

It was 14 years ago today that the world watched the white Bronco crawl down the freeway. Hard to believe so much time has passed. I remember listening to the O.J. verdict sitting in my car after a shift at the phone company. I think it was my last day of work there.  That sparks some very bittersweet memories. Three months later, Scarlett was conceived. 

It's going to be a beautiful day here today!!  Mid to upper seventies, despite the glaring sunlight. Those temperatures always make me happy.  I'm cooking up a new idea for the grill - I'm going to try it out tonight.  I have a brand new cute little mini-grill that I'm going to take to Brent's house. I'm thinking if I cook the chicken on low heat in a skillet with lots of liquid it will steam and stay nice and moist, then throw it on the grill to finish it off - get those black marks and that yummy charcoal taste without drying it out.  I hope it works. 

I took Scarlett to Junior Conservation Camp last night.  It's at a very nice Conference Center in the woods about 45 minutes from here. I KNOW she's going to have a fabulous time, and I saw one of my closest co-workers there. I didn't know she was going to be a leader at the camp, but it makes good sense.  She loves kids, and has a soft spot for Scarlett so I have absolutely NO worries, because I know Karen will look after her.  Can't wait to hear about it when she gets home. 


Jan. 29th, 2008 08:41 am
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Bleh.  Blargh.  Ergh.

I have mentioned here before that I live in a high-rent area due to better schools and proximity to work. 

I drive past the high school every day on my way to drop Scarlett at the middle school. 

I drive past Million Dollar homes, $500K townhouses, every make of car you can imagine.  I noticed in the high school parking lot today a beautiful young lady locking her Mercedes SUV before crossing the street to school. I decided at that point to try and remember all the remarkable vehicles I spotted in the parking lot, driven by high school students, just to give you an idea of where we live.  I saw a Hummer, the Benz, a BMW SUV, a 4 Runner, a Pathfinder, a Land Rover, and several Volvos. A new Bug, and an ancient Subaru wagon.  (Smart parents, those! A Subaru will run forever.) 

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Yet another weekend gone by sans internet, sans cable, oh how I miss cable.   Fairly good weekend, stayed naked most of Saturday. Tied Brent up. heh heh heh

Had a great time at Courtneys for brunch. LOTS of great food. LOTS of great conversation with such interesting people.  Lots of admiring just how pretty Beth is.  I should have said something about it.  

No staff meeting tomorrow, has been cancelled due to sick boss. I'm glad.  

Probably no dance classes this week, Scarlett's room is still a mess and I'm going to try and help her finish it up. We both need lots of reorganization.  Time to set an example. 

Brent needs lots of motivation and some goals.  Reachable goals, steps toward larger achievements. He doesn't take small steps, but he is paralyzed by the idea of the leaps and bounds he wants to make. I wish I could get him to start thinking in smaller terms! This is driving me fucking nuts. 

Holly sent some fabulous poetry, by many authors I've never read before.  (I HAVE read Dorothy Parker, and love the fact that she can be caustic and still rhyme. What a witty woman.) I'm going to copy a couple here that particularly spoke to me and felt familiar. I find myself within many of these lines. 

So much pain.  So much of society has disregard for true women in favor of those who mistreat their bodies to fit in. 

And then more, by Holly's handsome Mark Strand:

I wish my man were on my plane - I wish we could walk together through these last years satisfied and content, and occasionally blissfully happy. 


Jan. 9th, 2008 09:44 am
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 When I open a page to post here, why do I have to reposition my cursor THREE FUCKING TIMES in order to type in the subject line?

I have a headache.  I am eating Twizzlers.  I am going to do work here in a minute.  I gotta go to the lav.  I missed Leigh's birthday party last night, and instead had a screaming match with my daughter.  I won.  

There are a million things going on this weekend and none of them are matching up with my desire for Scarlett to finish her room.  siiiiiiiiiiiigh

I don't like Hilary Clinton.  There. I said it.  I am not interested in discussing politics, I just don't like her. I'm sorry. 

Moving right along. 

I DO, on the other hand, like THIS news article.  I love this woman.  And if my daughter ever defies me in such a manner I pray I will be this strong.  I haven't been this strong yet, but I'm working on it. I have done some things that seem to Scarlett to be just as cruel and unreasonable. But nothing this bad.  Taking the Nintendo DS back instead of giving it to her for Christmas doesn't count because 1) she didn't know about it, and 2) it wasn't taken back for bad behavior, it was taken back because I couldn't afford it.  She speaks so wistfully about the gifts her friends received for Christmas, all their electronic toys and iPods and phones and so forth, and it makes me sad for her. I'm truly sorry that I can't afford those things for her.  But I'm just as sorry that she HAS a PS2 and can't use it at our house because of her behavior and her grades. She is sweet as sugar most the time, but I know that part of the reason she is able to maintain good behavior is because she DOESN'T have the PS2 at home.  

The rest of my life today is the same old shit. My mind is filled with wishes for things like a home and some order to my life and I don't even want to say "a husband" because I feel like an idiot still wanting that when my main problem is my lack of patience. 

So rather than think about those "same old shit" things, I'm going to quit writing and go to the loo. Ciao.


Dec. 19th, 2007 08:44 am
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(This entry accompanied by the sound of fingers tapping on my desk)

I've been waiting for this to happen.  I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because a few months ago I heard that while accompanying her bizarre sister Britney, Jamie Lynn Spears used some filthy language with a reporter/papparazi.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the pre-teen scene, Jamie Lynn is the GOOD Spears who appears on Nickelodeon in a series called "Zoey 101".  She is Zoey. She is adored.  She portrays a 14 or so year old girl, who is kind and clever and popular. (blahblahblah, yanno?)  So the language said to me "Ehh, she's gonna be trouble one day." Similar to Lindsey Lohan, or Britney herself. 

Dammit.  Jamie's pregnant. She's sixteen, living with a 19 year old boyfriend (or rather he's living with HER since she brings in the bucks) and preggers.  They announced it on Bob and Tom this morning, decrying it with "Where are the parents??"  Well duh! They're trying to navigate the shark-infested waters surrounding their grandchildren!!  Who has time for a fairly well-behaved 16 year old girl who should be learning how NOT to act from her big sister?  

Scarlett of course heard it, and said "What what what?? How did THAT happen????"  

To which I responded "Sex, honey.  She's having sex." 


I am counting on her personal experience as a child born out of wedlock to prevent her from having sex too early.  I KNOW I need to do more that that.  siiiiiiiiiiiigh again

We put up the tree last night.  Not finished, but at least started and moved furniture around.  Cats aren't interested enough to climb it, are merely batting at ornaments so far.  SO FAR.

Cable (and thus intranets) is off.  I suspected it was coming. Just didn't know when.  Eh, doesn't matter. She'll be gone by Friday, and I might get it taken care of next week.  Might not.  I miss my intranets, but such is life, yes? I have gifts to buy, and groceries. So in exchange, no cable.  I can live with that.
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Attention please all divorced parents and products of same:

When I was small my mother gave me money at Christmas time to purchase gifts for her and my stepfather.  My mother also gave me the money to buy my father and stepmother presents.  (and gifts for their children) She didn't like doing this but felt it was necessary, despite the fact that my father never gave me a CENT to purchase anything for my mother, or to purchase anything for him, my stepmother, or any of his children.  My father is a stingy selfish bastard. 

So now it's my turn. Granted, I don't have the money to give Scarlett to buy gifts for anyone really, but my mother has once again taken it upon herself to give Scarlett money to buy gifts for HER father and his family. Scarlett has actually saved her own money to buy gifts for me and her grandparents.  I don't like this practice, and neither does my mother.  However, it would make Scarlett VERY sad if she had no gift to give her father for Christmas.  She is very understanding when we tell her that we don't have the money for things, and I know if we told her that in the case of a gift for her father, she would understand. And she would likely repeat it in her own form when she saw him. (which I LOVE by the way.  "Sorry I couldn't get you anything daddy, mommy didn't have enough money. CHILD SUPPORT ANYONE????)

Question is this:  What did your parents/what do you do in this instance?  What has been the norm or common practice within your family?  ALLLL comments are welcome, encouraged even. 

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Best thing I've seen in ages. LOVE this video. 

Not much to say about today. I stayed home, Scarlett stayed home.
She ran away, made it to the field next door. 
Didn't get her room cleaned up like I asked her.
She's off to dance and a church dinner now, so I'm going to take a 
nap on the sofa.  

I feel like crap.

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Just got this email:

Best Turkish Food shipped item(s) in your order, placed on
27-November-2007. shipped item(s) in your order, placed on

1 of Assorted Turkish Delight (Pistachio, Hazelnut, Plain, Rose - Haci
Bekir - 17oz.)
1 of Alex Super Embroidery Kit

To the following addressee:

I'm so excited! She's never had Turkish Delight, but of course has read about it since she's got most of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe memorized.  I probably shouldn't be buying her gifts with her grades the way they are, but i couldn't resist. She NEVER gets mail, and she feels so bad when I do.  So what harm is a little postal love? 

Also, somebody fill me in on BPAL please.  I've read so much about it, but don't know anyone in my area who dabbles in it.  So how's it work? All the lingo reminds me of when I first tried to learn the money system in the Wizarding World.  And how can it smell good with a name that reminds one of Bhopal?
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Stolen from several...

Post a picture of one of your bookshelves -- one shelf, two, part of a shelf, whatever, as long as the titles are readable. Choose whatever shelf you want: your porn collection, your textbooks, your favorite novels, whatever.

First two shelves, newest bookshelf. Bought when Orenthal
decided to start gifting me! Yes, I had to have new shelves to
hold them, and some others I've purchased at book sales 
since then. I luves me a book sale. I haven't read any of these yet.

Top shelf of the book case my stepdad made me. Several Bibles
one of which is my grandmother's, and lotsa God-books. I ADORE
historical fiction, especially written in Biblical times. I want more 
detail than the KJV will ever offer.

Most the photos that line this second shelf are laid down for these 
next shots. These are some of my favorites, mixed in with more
God-stuff.  If you've never read a John Steinbeck, I highly recommend
starting with The Winter Of Our Discontent. It's priceless.

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. That's three copies of Lord of the Dance on the shelf there. 
It's one of my favorite books of ALL TIME, and when I lost my copy, I was devastated.
SO devastated that I bought myself a paperback then purchased two hard backs 
at library book sales two years in a row before I was able to remind myself that I didn't
need any more.  

I also recommend God Game by Andrew Greeley. He's got a 
fascinating insight into what might be the mind of God. He's a great

Otherwise, I've been having a pretty damned good weekend. Scarlett and I saw Mr. Magorium's Magic Emporium, and it was far less stupid and silly than I expected. Of course Dustin Hoffman is brilliant, and I could watch Jason Bateman read the newspaper. 

I've done some Christmas shopping, and took Scarlett out on her first Black Friday.  Also managed to get her things laid away today at KMart, and there was much rejoicing in my heart.  I was afraid I was going to have to go to Wal-Mart in order to get what she wanted, but no. Thank God and Greyhound KMart was carrying it too. And at a decent price.  There's maybe one more thing I'd like to get her, but they sure as hell didn't have it there. 

Now I'm gonna lay down. I've got a couple hours before she gets home, and I'm cold. bleh

Ciao bebbehs. 



Nov. 15th, 2007 08:59 pm
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We've  established that I'm empathic to a degree. Those of you who are new you may click here for a general description of how it works for me.  The "he" I am bonded to is Brent, although the entry linked was written right after he broke up with his ex.  

I don't talk about the empathy much because I've only bonded to a few people. I consider myself fortunate in that respect because I don't handle stress in my own life well, much less the added stress of someone ELSE'S stress.  I can pick up on stuff with my kid most the time, but usually only when we're together.  And that's what this entry is about. 

Scarlett (on purpose) did a flip over the back of the sofa tonight, and lost control of it.  Her back landed on the edge of the sofa and it hurts, but she told me she couldn't breathe, and was grabbing at her throat for a few minutes until she calmed down. I think her chin tucked in too far.     At any rate, she hasn't mentioned it since.  But I've had a feeling all evening of a tight band around my throat, like I'm wearing a mock turtleneck.  I never wear them, because I think I was strangled or hanged in a past life. I can't STAND stuff around my neck. Bleh!

So goes my woo woo for the evening.


Oct. 31st, 2007 11:21 am
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Went trick or treating with [profile] kokopelleighand crew last night.  Five adults and six children, only one of whom stayed with us, and that was only because he needed to be carried most the way.   We had a great time, and got mondo mounds of candy.  I learned after we dropped her off that Scarlett's little friend was not comfortable being separated from the adults most of the time.  Heck, we couldn't keep up with those five! Poor Zoe.  She also heard me say "fuck" last night.  Her parents don't use those types of words.  I apologized of course but I know it kinda made her feel weird. 

So this morning I'm suffering.  My left knee and right hip are bitching like mad, and it hurts so much it makes me say "Wow! That really HURTS!" when I walk.  Not in tears at this point, just amazed.  I have no Lortab with me, so it will be Excedrin here at work and likely Lortab at home tonight.  siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh  I don't like taking it frequently, some of this is rebound pain from taking one last night.  However, I would not have been able to walk at a steady pace for almost two full hours last night without taking one.  I'm just paying the piper now.  toot toot

I need to get me a drink and my Excedrin before lunch.  So I'll quit for now and possibly write more later.  I hope I get some work done today.
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Here are some of the pictures I took Saturday at Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh.
Despite the fact that Scarlett was a shit, I was grateful for the opportunity to see such 
beauty and art in person.  My only real regret was not touching some of the glass. 
I had plenty of chances, but was too reverend for my own satisfaction.

I didn't touch up the color on the pic of Scarlett because it tended to make her kinda red. 

The sage-y color of the room where she's standing is accurate - it was grey and blue and only 
slightly green. And it smelled fabulous. Scarlett took a sketch pad, but I don't know how many 
things she drew while she was there.  She was too busy darting from thing to thing. As a result
she missed a lot.  

The orchid room was a real pleasure, and a great opportunity for me to experiment with my flash
and my telephoto. (as you can see)  They're so vaginal. 

The rest of the photos have developed beautifully with only the slightest brightness adjustment. 
It was overcast all day, heavily gray as you'll see in some of the other pics, but it was simply 
beautiful weather. Cool, crisp, almost no rain.  And Pittsburgh is awesome. I wish I traveled
there more often.  I think I might, once I show Brent some of the opportunities there.



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