Sep. 25th, 2007 10:22 am
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And a TMI Tuesday meme caught my attention:

1. Who did you think you would marry in elementary school?
Mike Grimm. He was my dream man.

2. Which muppet is your favorite? Why?
Kermie.  He's the great all-around guy.

3. Which politician would you most like to screw? [For pleasure or revenge]
Bill Clinton. For pleasure. 

4. How did you first find the g-spot?
I experienced it without knowing precisely what it was from the beginning of sex, at age 15. I'm not sure when I realized what it was. 

5. What is the best costume you've ever worn?
Right after I had my breast reduction I dressed up as a can-can girl for Halloween. I didn't need a bra for the costume and it was a real thrill!

Otherwise - my extra icons subscription has expired - but that's okay. I don't really mind, I earn some every once in a while, and I've saved all the ones I deleted.  I'll probably upgrade again sometime in the future. 

No air conditioning yet, as far as I know.  And no communication from my landlord, which isn't surprising.  I too avoid making phone calls when I know the person answering will be a bitch.  I am keeping track of my gas purchases, mileage, and the $16.6666 I pay for every day's rent.  If he starts trying to charge me full price again "because the mold has been fixed" I will raise SO MUCH HELL.  Brent wants me to look for another apartment.  I want to as well, but good lord.  It was so damned hard this summer I finally gave up.  There's virtually no place that will allow pets any more. And I still want to stay within Scarlett's school district, an issue which Brent doesn't fully understand. 

The cat's are at mom's today.  They've been hidden under various furniture since we arrived, coming out when they see me, and clinging to my legs.  They glance up warily at the ceiling if a fan is on. Poor nervous little things.  Suzi is biting Mitzi's head off if she comes near, so they don't even have each other for comfort.   I need to call about them. 

I also need to do some work. Dammit.
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 Or my opinion of the State Society of Slumlords?

You make the call. 

It will be DAYS before I'm cooled off.  At least mom will let me bring the cats.  The poor things are panting.

Okay, so

May. 23rd, 2007 07:02 pm
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Okay, so fairly good almost-news, maybe.

I finally had a chance to speak with my landlord.  I asked him about his other apartments, and he informed me that the ones in the right area were smaller than the place I'm in now.  He kept pushing Dunbar (which wouldn't be bad in a pinch) but he finally said that he'd talk with his wife about cutting my rent. AND give me an answer before the end of the month.  SO, rather than letting him forget about it, this gives me the opportunity to nag him.  

He said he'd consider taking $50 off the rent. That will be a huge help, but won't give me true relief.  However, I will TAKE it, rather than trying to find another place, pay a deposit, and find the time and muscle to move.  In a month or two I'm going to see if he'll consider letting me store some things under the building in waterproof containers.  THAT would give me some breathing room in here.

ALSO.  Mom and my stepdad have decided they will keep Scarlett again this summer.  She'll be spending a lot of time at her dad's anyway, so I might be on an alternate weekend schedule with her during the summer.  I don't know, but it's possible.  That will put a bit of cramp in Brent's style, however, it could allow us to eat here in the evenings, take care of the cats and shower while he putzed around on the computer, then go to his house to sleep.  In my not-so-humble opinion, he could curb his drinking quite a bit this way.  And he could do things with his buddies on his alternate weekends.  Or something.  

Finally, my stepfather is a retired structural engineer.  He used to work for Highways.  He's offered to supervise the drainage and repair of our parking lot this summer, if my landlord is interested.  Mom said he wouldn't want any pay for it, but I reminded her that any pay could be applied toward my rent for a month.  I'll be telling my landlord about the offer when I pay him next month's rent. 

And that's all.  I'm gonna go bake cupcakes.   Ciao bebehs.
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See squee-worthy bebehs here: http://anita-margarita.livejournal.com/

I am 98% certain that I am not going to find an apartment that will hold me and my kid without bankrupting me. Thus I did today what might have been a crazy thing.  I went to a mobile home dealer and completed a credit application.  After I have or have not been approved, we will discuss purchasing a singlewide mobile home.  They've found a piece of property for me, but after looking up its location in my city street guide, I'm fairly certain a mobile home will not be tolerated on that property.  Thus, we'll have to find a park. 

Long range plan is to pay on this a few years, then trade up after credit rating is inexplicably improved. Inexplicably, you say? Yes, for despite my tendency to make payments when they are due on large purchases, I have difficulty maintaining the "little things".  I just am not to do da money so good.

I will require assistance from my mother & stepfather to make the downpayment. This assistance may not be available, it's highly possible that they simply won't have it. They may be able to borrow it, but I am not sure how that will go over.  Also, they will not want me to buy a mobile home without first talking with my sister, who purchases repo'ed trailers. Thing is, I have to have bank pre-approval before I can purchase anything, and that's not easy to get. My credit union won't even talk about mobile homes, OR pre-fabs. I must go with the bank that the mfr uses or recommends. 

This is hugely scary for me. Even having my name out there on an application is more than my credit report can withstand right now.  But this rent is also more than my paychecks can withstand. What do I do? 

If all things are denied, and I must resume the apartment search - it's VERY likely I will have to find homes for my cats.  It's that bad, and I don't have much hope that finding homes for them will be possible. 
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Spent 30 minutes and $80 at the grocery - I finally feel like we have almost enough food to last us until payday. Went to Aldi, which had my FAVORITE hot dogs - Oscar Meyer cheese weenies!!  SO we'll probably fire up the grill this weekend. 

Scarlett's Friday plans were cancelled, and my mother will be out of town for the entire Mother's Day weekend. (she is NOT happy about that)  Thus Scarlett and I are on our own, and I won't be having any sex this weekend.  We might splurge on a matinee or something.

Told my landlord I'd be late with the rent, he was very cool with that. 

Suzi seems to feel a bit better. 

I still have a headache and neck ache, and I might just take a bit of codeine tonight. I've had this head/ear ache for several days now. 

Had potato chips and dip for dinner. So there.


Apr. 30th, 2007 04:39 pm
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It feels as if I haven't posted, but I think that's just because everyone has been rather quiet lately. A comment here and there, but not many. 

The retirement luncheon went off without a hitch, easy thing to do when you schedule it at Shoneys.  

Will go grocery shopping this evening, after Scarlett's extra dance lesson.  Don't have much cash for groceries right now, but don't know when I'm going to get more, and we're out of almost everything.  I'm pretty sure I can make it stretch. 

Scarlett's letting her room slip again, and I've got to get off my ass and get in there, force her to do some maintenance.  I might look again next week for an apartment, I just don't know.  I'm not sure I'm going to find one in the area I want.  I know when the time is right it will probably "appear" but I'm afraid to trust that intuition since that's what got me in the mess of an apartment  I'm in now.  

Must be getting close to PMS time, because everything seems to be building to a crescendo. 

I wish apartments didn't cost so damned much.  
I wish I had better credit and could afford a house like I want.  

I wish I was a fairy princess. 

Hell, might as well dream big.
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I hate these first few days of the surly week. I really SHOULD be at home. But I stayed home yesterday, foolishly and without real reason, thus I cannot overcome the guilt in order to take yet another day. So here I am, struggling to get from one thought to another. 

This is a bad week, money-wise.  It's rent-due week, and my landlord hasn't yet called, so I'm toting around impossible amounts of cash in my wallet. I bet the landlord is on vaca for spring break.  I'm SO glad I get paid again on Friday. I would not make it otherwise. I'm going to go home for lunch every day this week, I think.  (That's a lie. I bet I go to McDonalds as soon as I finish this post.)  EDIT:  Oh yeah.  Mom is looking in the paper for apartments for me. She found a trailer, but I'm afraid it might be too far in the wrong direction. Still, it's nice, since I'm not up to looking myself right now.  I'm tellin' ya - first few days of surly, I think in pidgin English.   Just. Can. Not. Process.

I have to try and tackle my house this week as well. A little at a time, every evening after work. I wish the need to straighten up would come to an end somehow.  In my current state the idea of straightening up for the rest of ever makes me incredibly tired and sad. What a fucking drama queen. 

I wish I had a heating pad.  I must force myself to buy one next good payday, because very soon Scarlett will be needing one as well.

I'm wishing an awful lot. That's never good. 

My therapist seems to think that my inability to trust any man with whom I am in a relationship is a problem.  Frankly, I don't see it at such. Not at all.  Why should I ever completely trust anyone with my heart? When have I ever not been disappointed? He wants to address it again at our next visit. It's not like I don't eventually trust, I merely go through a long period during which I check up on any activity I view as suspicious. My therapist is very good at veiling his opinions, but he has trouble hiding this one from me. There's a touch of incredulity in his voice and face when we talk about what it takes to convince me that a man is trustworthy.  Okay, so I require years and a series of sound proofs before I begin to relax, before I stop double-checking every questionable phone call or absence.  What woman over 40 doesn't have trust issues? 

Our psychiatrist recommended a therapist for Scarlett.  Her office called today to try and fit me into a cancellation, but I still have $220+ on my family deductible (surprise to me!) so I couldn't afford the visit.  I'll see her next month, then Scarlett will see her the following week.  I like that they want to see me first to get an idea what issues I feel need to be addressed.  I think I'll like this therapist.  

Okay, I just re-read that paragraph about my own therapist.  I realized that I've been trying to get some sort of "read" on his opinions ever since I first met him. He is indeed VERY good at hiding them, and I'm glad, because that's crucial if a therapist hopes to be impartial and effective. And it amuses me to think that I've finally gotten some reaction from him, especially over something as simple as my trust issues. It also amuses me that I'm becoming more aware of my efforts to "read" people.  I must have very strong shields, because I don't pick up emotion from people unless I make an effort.  I don't know, maybe that means that I'm less empathic than I first thought.  No, I don't think so. I've worked very hard to hide myself from people, and I've just done a good job, that's all.  Brent laughed at me this weekend when I said something about being empathic. He's so fucking clueless sometimes. Tres' pathetique. 

In final news, the head of the government department where I work had her baby this weekend.  She named her Savannah Rene.  I'm so fucking pissed.  I was going to name my next child Savannah Rose.  Yeah right, like I'm going to have a "next child".  But if I do, dammit, I'm namin' her that anyway.  I PICKED THAT NAME FIRST!  grrr


Feb. 12th, 2007 08:21 am
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Inches thick, and covering the entire driveway. AND the sidewalk. If someone falls, my stupid landlord is in serious trouble.

Child support hearing in half an hour, in the next county - 30 miles away. My stepdad's on his way, I'll probably be late. By by god I'll fucking get there, the dirty bastards. 

My landlord says "I thought they cleared all that off last week."  So patiently, thru tears, I explain to him that there is a SPRING at the top of the hill, and the ice is new EVERY MORNING. E.V.E.R.Y.  I NEED OUT NOW!! Not at two o'clock in the fucking afternoon!!!!  What do I get? 


Where the FUCK has he been??????? He's owned this place for years! HE'S BEEN HERE IN WINTER. He's a goddamned fool, and doesn't deserve my money.  And I'm a fool for not parking at the top of the hill. siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh

I've got to walk to the top of the hill. Fortunately after I get past the ice, it's dry, and easy walking.  If I encountered that man right now face to face, i would injure him.  And don't think I wouldn't.


Fucking "Oh."!!!!!! 

IF I FALL I"m fucking suing for ownership of this joint. 
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This is the sidewalk along the front of the building.  My stepdad shoveled the path on the right yesterday and the overhang started dripping immedately, forming the ice.  We have taken to walking in the snow.

This is the primary problem. I normally park approximately where I'm standing while taking this pic, and the ice is several inches thick in spots. As you can see, there's a "clear" spot to the left that narrows into the curve, but the width of the ice in the bottom of the pic is what keeps us from getting to the clear spot. We all drive kinda small framed cars. (Except the 4-wheel drive guy next to me - those are his tracks you see cutting across the snow beside the little pine.  The hill that is in shadow is constantly wet, 12 months a year.)

My car is the gold one, for those of you who are new here.  This is after we all managed to get reparked. This is not how we normally park, but I backed into the snow in order to get a good run at the hill. Then the "bright" girl upstairs parked in front of me. All the snow you see in the lower half of the pic is covering our parking lot. We can normally hold about 7-8 cars.

Better view of the damage done when she hit my car. Didn't phase my GrandAm a bit, but I'm pretty sure it took out her headlight. Like I said in a comment, there is some new damage to this car's body most every week.

This is taken from in front of the blue car, next to mine. you can see the tail end of a white car that is parked in the snow, and there's a 4-wheel drive thingy parked in front of it. They haven't been involved this morning.  I know it looks slushy, and in truth it's getting that way - the sun is strong today. It's just not phasing that ice sheet much. 

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So I'm awake from nap two, spent with Suzi my wonderfluff, while the washer and dryer rumbled synchronous in my subconscious. (I really need to get new pics of my girls.)

And now it's time for salad.  When I'm trying to be good, nutrition wise, I will buy a couple bags of various mixed greens, baby greens, herb blend or spinach and toss them into a BIIIIG bowl with a lid. I'll pop broccoli and carrots in there, and eat on it for a week. While I'm cooking, before dinner, instead of lunch, etc. I LOVE bell peppers, the red and yellow and orange ones, chopped up in there too, so I'll get a big container of those and put some in the salad and cook with some during the week. Good good GOOD for you, yaknow? Except when you put them in the salad and leave them. 

Then. Slimy. 


Well, I picked them out, washed off the greens who recovered nicely, and washed off what was left of the stored-separately big container of peppers. Popped in some canned chicken, some cheese, and a low fat vinaigrette. Now I'm gonna sip my saccharine iced tea and see what's on Comedy Central, and try to ignore the jungle drums coming through the ceiling. I am growing to dislike those people.  They do seem to turn it off by ten p.m., but it hinders Scarlett's school work when she's home.  They have always been cordial (and so have I!) but I'm just afraid to mention it. I've had bad luck doing that sort of thing with other tenants in the past, and there have been times I've gone up there when the car was in the parking lot and they wouldn't answer the door. Not over the music, over other stuff. So, I suffer with it. And plot my move in the summer.  My landlord never did give me my rent break anyway. 

Okay, I'm gonna go eat.


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