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People do such kind things.  I almost refrained from mentioning the shift in my account because I was afraid someone would take it as a nudge and pay me up for a few more months.  Thank you to whomever felt the urge to do so.  I am grateful, and once again humbled at the kindness of my friends list.

I made the coffee mug chocolate cake last night.  Scarlett and I ate it, and were only semi-impressed.  It turned out a bit rubbery, which is to be expected when making flour-based dishes in the microwave.  It was also a bit dry, which might have been alleviated by more milk or oil, I'm not sure which.  Once it was turned out of the mug, it was dimpled and had a cave in the center that would have been tasty filled with chocolate syrup, icing, or as Scarlett suggested, flavored cream cheese.  I'm raising her right, I tell you whut!

Have you ever had your sternum crack or pop?  Mine did this morning, it's been a while.  It was a bit of relief.

Leftover baked beans for lunch today.  Look out world! I'm runnin' on nitrogen!
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Have been without intarwebs since dunno when.  LOOOOOOOONG weekend with Scarlett, but we made it and even got a few chores done. Fixed dinner with asparagus (from the Greek, asparagos. Thank you Junior Asparagus.) 

We watched the gubenatorial debates at Brent's house last night, in which the poor Republican contender Russ Weeks stammered and blundered while Smoothy McSmootherton smirked and made direct eye contact with the camera (and all us folks out there in t.v. land) in an honest and disarming  fashion.  Honest? Manchin? Honor among Mafia maybe. I hate him.  I hate what he's done to State Employees, and I fear what he will continue to do when he is re-elected, which he certainly will be, and not just because he has $2Mil in his re-election treasury, and not just cause poor Russ has only has $2000. We will never crawl out from under the domination of Coal-fed Democrats. Never.  Manchin has said his goal is to eliminate the State Employee network altogether.  I don't know what that means, but it scares me. 

Then Scarlett and I went home and watched a Veggie Tales movie and sang along with all the songs at the top of our lungs. I do love me some Veggie Tales, I tell u whut.  I need to find out if there's a Veggie Tales community here on LJ.  I need a Larry-Go-Round icon.

Made some vegetable soup, but didn't have any cabbage or potatoes.  Won't miss the potatoes so much, but cabbage gives a tangy flavor that is lacking in this batch.  Still, it should fill our bellies until payday. 

I hope to buy Scarlett her Halloween costume this weekend after payday.  This will likely be her last year, and she wants to be a midnight fairy from KMart.  So I will search and find it.  Also this weekend Brent has acquired free tickets to the Symphony, wheee!  I haven't been in years, and sure could use a chance to wear some of my nicer clothing.  Barry Douglas will be the featured soloist.  I love piano!

So I am officially Linky McLinkerson today.  I quit at about page five of my friend's list, but I think I hit almost everything I've missed this weekend.  Ya'll point me in the direction of Albuquerque to any posts you'd like me to check out.  Dammit, now I'll have the freakin' Partridge Family in my head all morning.  Oh well, it's better than The Brady Bunch.


Sep. 22nd, 2007 01:38 pm
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I thought about just editing that last post, but decided against it.  This one will be much more upbeat.  

I'm 42 years old and have just made my first deviled eggs.  They are delicious, of course.  I think one of the secrets to my cooking skills (which are mad, yo) is that I have been watching and learning all my life. I have always read cook books, collected them, copied recipes, tried them with my own instincts, and ALWAYS asked "How did you do that?" "What's in that?" etc.  

Thus, I have known how to make deviled eggs for several years. I've never done so because I only semi-like them, I have no egg plate, and I HATE the work of boiling eggs, etc.  My mom boiled a BUNCH of eggs for Scarlett earlier this week, so I just used six of those.  I already knew Brent and I like dill pickles better than any other, and he likes things with a minimum of salt and little or no vinegar. (I know. Dill pickles? No vinegar? Howso? But anyway)  I DID have some trouble cutting up the baby pickles, but that just convinced me that NEXT TIME I see one of those chopper thingys, I'm gonna get it. They're so cheap. And I knew to put the stuffing in a baggie in order to get the stuffing in the eggs best. Just all kinna tricks up my short sleeves. 

OH. The other thing that's brought out the "cook" in me is Brent.  He's SUCH a great person to cook for.  He loves so many things, isn't nearly as picky as he says, and is grateful. Scarlett's unwilling to experiment, but Brent's great at it.

I joined a photo community, with contests every week.  I am looking forward to it.

This made me so sad.  I shall go and chop some onions to put in the freezer. Maybe that will help me not think about it. 


Jul. 20th, 2007 11:37 am
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This is an interesting mememememe:  How would you describe me to a perfect stranger? I'll screen comments in case you want to answer.

Am feeling a bit sexually needy these days.  It's been a while. And that's all I have to say about that, Forrest. 

I have salmon at home to cook for dinner. I saw a yummy-looking dill cream sauce recipe this week, but I don't know if I want to try it. I did buy some fresh dill tho - and lots of fresh veggies.  Mushrooms are always on the menu for Brent - they're tasty, easy, and he adores them. Plus they are a great source of potassium for both of us, we've both been known to have leg cramps. I'm looking forward to dinner. 

I'm also looking forward to the weekend. He'll be playing, I think.  Scarlett will be home Saturday morning so I'll go to mom's to help them pack Scarlett's stuff for camp. She goes to camp Sunday morning.  I don't know if I'll get her the following weekend when she comes home. That's the weekend Brent is moving so I'll probably need to go help unpack or something. I don't know.

That is also the weekend of my mother's family reunion.  Mom and I are going to get Scarlett as early as we can Saturday so she can attend. That also means I won't be helping move Saturday morning. I won't be free until early afternoon.  I need to tell him this today if I can remember.  I won't be doing any heavy lifting anyway, so I won't be much use Saturday morning. 

I always enjoy the family reunion. My mom's mother was a Lemon, and we have a lot of fun with that - buying door prizes with lemons on them, making lots of lemon flavored food - and lots of SOUTHERN flavored food - and lots of FOOD.....  We sing and catch up and it's crazy loud. And the BOOBS! You should see the boobs.    

Two busy weekends.  When am I going to rest this stiff neck?  I don't have any idea.


Apr. 20th, 2007 12:41 pm
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I might try to come to work for a few hours on Saturday.  I'm supposed to have these maps done by Monday afternoon, and I just don't see how it's going to happen.  Even though I've become familiar with the ARCView program, and I'm making maps left and right of various ponds across the state, I haven't come close to finishing all the counties I need. And it's not even all 55 counties, only the southern 20 or so. siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh

So anyway, I'm probably going to keep Scarlett home this weekend. Brent isn't playing, so if she and I get the house cleaned up, I might have him over for dinner. He will balk at the idea of being there with Scarlett but I'll tell him to just suck it up and come on.  I'm thinking fresh chicken breasts simmered in white wine, made into a nice creamy sauce with broccoli, and over pasta. He might surprise me and not give me grief, but just come on. I hope so. I think he'd enjoy being around her, and she really needs to be exposed to him more. That was actually just a whim, but is now starting to flesh out as a "plan" in my head.  nod

Well, I'll have to decide between Brent and extra work. That won't be tough, but I really need to get the work done. Maybe I'll just buckle down this afternoon.  

It's almost one, and I have a guy coming in to review a file in about 20 minutes. So I'll wrap this up and potty before he gets here.  



Mar. 26th, 2007 02:16 pm
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So anyway.  I'm going to try and do stuff with Scarlett all week, including Friday night.  Scarlett's school is having a book sale and spaghetti dinner, and lots of activities. Sounds like fun, and we haven't had much chance to do that sort of thing yet this year - nor did we do it much last year. 

Then it's "me" time the rest of the weekend. I'm going to sleep in - in my own bed, thankewverrahmuch -  maybe clean, maybe just read. Maybe I don't know.  I'm taking care of everybody again, and nobody's taking care of me.  So I'll do it myself. 

I feel like the little red hen today. 

I'm going to make some fruit salsa or chutney or something this evening to put in my rice and chicken.  Anybody got any recipe recommendations? I kinda have a recipe in my head, but suggestions are ALWAYS welcome.  Then I'm gonna thaw out some ground beef and we'll have cheeseburgers on the grill tomorrow.  

I'm learning ARCView today.  Making maps with layers for streets and topography and reservoirs and stuff is kinda cool. And I've been given an instructional cd and left on my own, which is even cooler.  

I'll admit, things were kinda weird with Brent yesterday, and that's part of the reason why I'm doing the solo thing this weekend. He doesn't know yet, and I'm sure he'll blame himself somehow, because everything gets twisted around so it's all about him at some point.  It is, but it isn't.  I'm starting to expect too much boyfriend behavior from him, and I'm doing this for my own sanity.  I hate wasting beautiful spring days indoors, there are too few of them, and I'll be ready to hide from the sun again once it gets hot. 
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Another gorgeous day wasted here in the bunker/The Palace/the joke/the big green building that DEP built.  I just spent my break at Kroger buying produce.  I couldn't help it - I was overwhelmed with the compulshun!  I've had fresh veggies two of the last three days and I keep thinking of things that I want to eat, but I don't have all the ingredients.  So Scarlett and I will be having pizzas tonight, because this will be the last night I'll have the chance to cook for her this week. Hers will be the standard pizza sauce pepperoni and maybe sausage courtesy of Chef Boyardee (which we both adore! I eat the sauce straight out of the can)  Mine will be a white veggie pizza with cream cheese on the crust, sauteed spinach and onions, chopped tomatoes and grated Parmesan. (marinated artichoke hearts are good on this, too, along with olives, etc.)  I actually won a newspaper contest with that recipe. I also won a newspaper contest with my Mexican pizza.  Comment for the recipe, it's tres simple. 

At any rate, there will be fresh fruit smoothies Thursday before dance - that elimintes my fret of having no time to cook before dance class, gives her a pick me up without weighing her down - AND ensures that she eats.  She's not often hungry at 5:30, (her pill doesn't wear off until about 6)  So it's hard to get her to eat on Thursdays before dance.  Yummy red bananas, some blueberries, maybe a yogurt thrown in.  Red bananas are SUCH a great idea for kids - smaller portions, attractive color, great taste.

Also got cukes and maters to make tabouli and avacados for guacamole, maybe on the weekend.  Brent likes guacamole too, so that could be a nice treat. Some carrots to dip, extra sour cream for the guac and possibly some spinach later.  

And although I'm still bored out of my fucking skull, I'm feeling very smug that I got everything done and still got back within my allotted break time.  Go team me!


Mar. 2nd, 2007 01:03 pm
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Shouldn't be here, posting. But I am, for a few minutes.

I created a community, called [profile] nocommunity   I got tired of logging out of this journal in order to post in sugarcotedbitch.  I suppose if I downloaded a client or something I could post in all the journals I wanted, but I LIKE using LJ for LJ. So. I'm gonna move all my stuff over there, and probably erase everything from [profile] sugarcotedbitch Then if I need a hideaway later, I'll fire it up again. So don't delete it from your friends list. 

Ruthie's busy, so I'll ask here. Anybody got any advice about cooking fresh shrimp?  I know you're supposed to throw a bay leaf in the pot, but I don't wanna buy a whole thing of bay leaves, and I'm wondering if some Mrs Dash will do the trick? What about wine in the water? Or vodka? heh  I'm thinking we'll just eat 'em cold with cocktail sauce, unless he wants them some other way. That's how I want them.

I don't feel so happy today. But I don't really care, I'll go on about my business, go out to eat tonight anyway, you know? Right now I'm in "whatever" mode, I don't give a shit what he says, he's such a Sag I should be used to the blunt "I didn't mean it that way" shit by now. I'm really sick of people saying things and then trying to tell me that they didn't mean me or they didn't mean it that way or whatever the fuck. If you criticize a personality trait and the person you're talking to has that personality trait, guess what? You don't get to cover your ass by wailing  "I didn't mean youuuuuuuuuuuuu!"  No more. *insert pointing finger*  dammit     And if you say something like "None of the women I want would want me." to a woman who loves you, guess what?  You're an asshole. You don't get to cover your ass with "Oh, don't take it like that!" ASSHOLEPERIOD.   No, I haven't told him any of this yet.

So anyway. Shrimp.

See ya'll later.
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Am I bored? Kinda. But Manwich rox, you know? When we eat it Scarlett always says "Tell me the story again, mom?"

The story goes like this: My mom is a fantastic cook. When I was a kid, I loved her sloppy joes and hot dog chili. (still do) One weekend I went to my aunt's house and she fixed Manwich, and I thought "How well am I gonna like something out of a can?" But I ate it, and was AMAZ-ED! I felt like my mom had gypped me all those years by fixing homemade sloppy joes instead of Manwich!

And Scarlett always says "Mom what does gypped mean?"
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So I'm awake from nap two, spent with Suzi my wonderfluff, while the washer and dryer rumbled synchronous in my subconscious. (I really need to get new pics of my girls.)

And now it's time for salad.  When I'm trying to be good, nutrition wise, I will buy a couple bags of various mixed greens, baby greens, herb blend or spinach and toss them into a BIIIIG bowl with a lid. I'll pop broccoli and carrots in there, and eat on it for a week. While I'm cooking, before dinner, instead of lunch, etc. I LOVE bell peppers, the red and yellow and orange ones, chopped up in there too, so I'll get a big container of those and put some in the salad and cook with some during the week. Good good GOOD for you, yaknow? Except when you put them in the salad and leave them. 

Then. Slimy. 


Well, I picked them out, washed off the greens who recovered nicely, and washed off what was left of the stored-separately big container of peppers. Popped in some canned chicken, some cheese, and a low fat vinaigrette. Now I'm gonna sip my saccharine iced tea and see what's on Comedy Central, and try to ignore the jungle drums coming through the ceiling. I am growing to dislike those people.  They do seem to turn it off by ten p.m., but it hinders Scarlett's school work when she's home.  They have always been cordial (and so have I!) but I'm just afraid to mention it. I've had bad luck doing that sort of thing with other tenants in the past, and there have been times I've gone up there when the car was in the parking lot and they wouldn't answer the door. Not over the music, over other stuff. So, I suffer with it. And plot my move in the summer.  My landlord never did give me my rent break anyway. 

Okay, I'm gonna go eat.


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