Dec. 21st, 2007 09:05 am
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Today is my last day at work for the rest of the year. With thanks to our capricious governor, I will only use three days of annual leave and I'll have 11 days from work day to work day.

The bad part of this: today will likely be my last day online until I return to work. My cable and internet is off at the house and I don't know that I'll be able to afford turning it back on until after I get paid on the 28th. Maybe not even then. I've got one or two more Christmas presents to buy and then I'm done. I'm looking forward to dinner with Brent and his mother's family tomorrow. I am starting to relax as the season is winding down, once the gifts are purchased the rest is a breeze. I'll be wrapping this weekend, and I enjoy doing that.

Christmas cards are going out, and a I have a few more books to send. The last gift I ordered Brent online has not yet arrived, which is frustrating. I also have to remind myself to send in my PBS pledge so I can get the gift from THAT, possibly in time for Valentine's Day.

Suzi has been the surprise Christmas tree bandit. She's pulled off two ornaments so far but she is content to bat them around on the carpet so nothing's broken. Scarlett broke four of them just putting them on. A good lesson for her in being careful. Mitzi - whom I worried about - has only taken one. However, she showed a lot of brain power in that abscondment and ended up with a broken toy. Little smartie paws pulled the ornament off the tree, carried it DIRECTLY to the entry way and dropped it there by the door. The floor there is linoleum and thus toys make more noise when they are batted about. She was surprised when the ball shattered on contact! Looking back it's funny - that night it was just one more glass mess to clean up. siiiiiiiiiiiiiigh

So happy ChrisKwannukahYule to each and every one of you. I'll miss you all! Those of you with my phone number had BETTER call me at some point, dangit. And if I get anything earth-shattering for Christmas, I'll FIND a computer and post about it. I swear. 





Dec. 19th, 2007 08:44 am
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(This entry accompanied by the sound of fingers tapping on my desk)

I've been waiting for this to happen.  I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because a few months ago I heard that while accompanying her bizarre sister Britney, Jamie Lynn Spears used some filthy language with a reporter/papparazi.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the pre-teen scene, Jamie Lynn is the GOOD Spears who appears on Nickelodeon in a series called "Zoey 101".  She is Zoey. She is adored.  She portrays a 14 or so year old girl, who is kind and clever and popular. (blahblahblah, yanno?)  So the language said to me "Ehh, she's gonna be trouble one day." Similar to Lindsey Lohan, or Britney herself. 

Dammit.  Jamie's pregnant. She's sixteen, living with a 19 year old boyfriend (or rather he's living with HER since she brings in the bucks) and preggers.  They announced it on Bob and Tom this morning, decrying it with "Where are the parents??"  Well duh! They're trying to navigate the shark-infested waters surrounding their grandchildren!!  Who has time for a fairly well-behaved 16 year old girl who should be learning how NOT to act from her big sister?  

Scarlett of course heard it, and said "What what what?? How did THAT happen????"  

To which I responded "Sex, honey.  She's having sex." 


I am counting on her personal experience as a child born out of wedlock to prevent her from having sex too early.  I KNOW I need to do more that that.  siiiiiiiiiiiigh again

We put up the tree last night.  Not finished, but at least started and moved furniture around.  Cats aren't interested enough to climb it, are merely batting at ornaments so far.  SO FAR.

Cable (and thus intranets) is off.  I suspected it was coming. Just didn't know when.  Eh, doesn't matter. She'll be gone by Friday, and I might get it taken care of next week.  Might not.  I miss my intranets, but such is life, yes? I have gifts to buy, and groceries. So in exchange, no cable.  I can live with that.
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Attention please all divorced parents and products of same:

When I was small my mother gave me money at Christmas time to purchase gifts for her and my stepfather.  My mother also gave me the money to buy my father and stepmother presents.  (and gifts for their children) She didn't like doing this but felt it was necessary, despite the fact that my father never gave me a CENT to purchase anything for my mother, or to purchase anything for him, my stepmother, or any of his children.  My father is a stingy selfish bastard. 

So now it's my turn. Granted, I don't have the money to give Scarlett to buy gifts for anyone really, but my mother has once again taken it upon herself to give Scarlett money to buy gifts for HER father and his family. Scarlett has actually saved her own money to buy gifts for me and her grandparents.  I don't like this practice, and neither does my mother.  However, it would make Scarlett VERY sad if she had no gift to give her father for Christmas.  She is very understanding when we tell her that we don't have the money for things, and I know if we told her that in the case of a gift for her father, she would understand. And she would likely repeat it in her own form when she saw him. (which I LOVE by the way.  "Sorry I couldn't get you anything daddy, mommy didn't have enough money. CHILD SUPPORT ANYONE????)

Question is this:  What did your parents/what do you do in this instance?  What has been the norm or common practice within your family?  ALLLL comments are welcome, encouraged even. 

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I haven't had much to say these days.  I think even that sentence is a repeat.  I received a very sweet card from a very lucky man in the mail yesterday.  I now have "I love you" in writing with his signature, so it holds up in court at last. 

Busy weekend ahead, and I don't want it.  I have almost no money left and payday isn't until next Friday. I mean almost no grocery money, nothing.  I feel like a horrible person for having so quickly spent the money all of you gave me, but I did at least reserve it for crucial issues, like our glasses.  It was a great help.  Christmas is ALWAYS like this - tension and fear during the weeks between pay periods, then frantic attempts to keep the utilities on while providing gifts that will please my loved ones, cooking, working, going to performances, being cold and thus being in pain: there are just TOO MANY issues with this holiday.  I don't care much for it any more.

My dad tells other people (not me of course) that I throw my money away and don't spend it wisely.  I'm sure that's true, but changing that requires changing certain habits that are quite deeply ingrained.  If I have to think about one more single thing to do every day my brain will explode. I don't have time to break habits right now.  Truth is, I never do, and that means I'm supposed to make time, and can we say vicious circle everyone? Say it with me:  Vicious Circle.  Good. 

Well, it's back to the file room for more purging.  It will probably take me a week to finish this project, during which many other work issues will be ignored and back up on me.  siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh

 I forgot - the one thing keeping me sane right now is the sound of The Drifters singing White Christmas in my head.   ba-do-beedo
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Stolen from several...

Post a picture of one of your bookshelves -- one shelf, two, part of a shelf, whatever, as long as the titles are readable. Choose whatever shelf you want: your porn collection, your textbooks, your favorite novels, whatever.

First two shelves, newest bookshelf. Bought when Orenthal
decided to start gifting me! Yes, I had to have new shelves to
hold them, and some others I've purchased at book sales 
since then. I luves me a book sale. I haven't read any of these yet.

Top shelf of the book case my stepdad made me. Several Bibles
one of which is my grandmother's, and lotsa God-books. I ADORE
historical fiction, especially written in Biblical times. I want more 
detail than the KJV will ever offer.

Most the photos that line this second shelf are laid down for these 
next shots. These are some of my favorites, mixed in with more
God-stuff.  If you've never read a John Steinbeck, I highly recommend
starting with The Winter Of Our Discontent. It's priceless.

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. That's three copies of Lord of the Dance on the shelf there. 
It's one of my favorite books of ALL TIME, and when I lost my copy, I was devastated.
SO devastated that I bought myself a paperback then purchased two hard backs 
at library book sales two years in a row before I was able to remind myself that I didn't
need any more.  

I also recommend God Game by Andrew Greeley. He's got a 
fascinating insight into what might be the mind of God. He's a great

Otherwise, I've been having a pretty damned good weekend. Scarlett and I saw Mr. Magorium's Magic Emporium, and it was far less stupid and silly than I expected. Of course Dustin Hoffman is brilliant, and I could watch Jason Bateman read the newspaper. 

I've done some Christmas shopping, and took Scarlett out on her first Black Friday.  Also managed to get her things laid away today at KMart, and there was much rejoicing in my heart.  I was afraid I was going to have to go to Wal-Mart in order to get what she wanted, but no. Thank God and Greyhound KMart was carrying it too. And at a decent price.  There's maybe one more thing I'd like to get her, but they sure as hell didn't have it there. 

Now I'm gonna lay down. I've got a couple hours before she gets home, and I'm cold. bleh

Ciao bebbehs. 



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