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May. 27th, 2008 09:12 am
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Not much time this morning, got to start working right away.

Finally broke myself free of the ebay madness, am no longer drawn to Coach purses as I have a couple on the way that will suit my needs.  I'm super-glad of that, I tell you whut.  

Want to go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to see The Doors exhibit, not sure if we can afford it.  Suddenly Brent's money-conscious, which throws me for a loop.  But he's doing it for "us", which is nice. 

Car brakes failed this weekend, not sure how much that is going to cost, as my stepdad seems convinced that he can fix them.  We shall see. 

One of my new favorite rock and roll lines is:

Sidewalk crouches at her feet
Like a dog that begs for something sweet.

One my LEAST favorite rock and roll lines is:

You've got a hubcap diamond star halo

What are your favorites and least favorites?

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Yet another weekend gone by sans internet, sans cable, oh how I miss cable.   Fairly good weekend, stayed naked most of Saturday. Tied Brent up. heh heh heh

Had a great time at Courtneys for brunch. LOTS of great food. LOTS of great conversation with such interesting people.  Lots of admiring just how pretty Beth is.  I should have said something about it.  

No staff meeting tomorrow, has been cancelled due to sick boss. I'm glad.  

Probably no dance classes this week, Scarlett's room is still a mess and I'm going to try and help her finish it up. We both need lots of reorganization.  Time to set an example. 

Brent needs lots of motivation and some goals.  Reachable goals, steps toward larger achievements. He doesn't take small steps, but he is paralyzed by the idea of the leaps and bounds he wants to make. I wish I could get him to start thinking in smaller terms! This is driving me fucking nuts. 

Holly sent some fabulous poetry, by many authors I've never read before.  (I HAVE read Dorothy Parker, and love the fact that she can be caustic and still rhyme. What a witty woman.) I'm going to copy a couple here that particularly spoke to me and felt familiar. I find myself within many of these lines. 

So much pain.  So much of society has disregard for true women in favor of those who mistreat their bodies to fit in. 

And then more, by Holly's handsome Mark Strand:

I wish my man were on my plane - I wish we could walk together through these last years satisfied and content, and occasionally blissfully happy. 
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The temperature was 74 degrees when I went out for lunch.  I hate spring in January.   It confuses the forsythia.  I think I made this same complaint last winter. Or the winter before. West Virginia is BAD about teasing its forsythia into bud before slamming with the big freeze.

I have a hickey on my right thigh.   What I have on my inner LEFT thigh can not be called a hickey. Not even a bite mark suffices.  I think the word is "hematoma".  The size of a goose egg, and the color of blueberry juice. NOT pretty.  Ahh, the price I pay for having creamy thighs.

I am in denial De Nile.   I am doing the backstroke, because my boobs are bouyant.  Care to join me?
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I'm alive. I don't have any faith that I will be able to say all I want in the 20 minutes left here at the office. I haven't typed in so long that my error ratio has been HORRENDOUS today.  My hands are going to sleep all the time, this year might be the year of carpal tunnel, much as last year was the year of blood pressure. 

Still internet-less at home, will be for at least another payday or two. Don't care, except that I MISS YOU PEOPLE! OMG I miss you so much!  I've gone to several journals to catch up, but haven't hit everyone yet.  I will do better next week because my boss will be out of town four days. 

I recieved a stunning tennis bracelet with a heart shaped charm on the latch for Christmas from Brent. The charm has a tiny ruby set in it, and I love it very muchly. I know I'd implied I was expecting jewelry of another sort.  But he is not ready for that. I am quite confused right now, I might not be ready either. Time will tell.

I have a new cat at my house.  She doesn't have a name yet, won't answer to ANYthing, and is a bossy little bitch. I think I'm going to call her Goldie, she has wonderful gold highlights in her fur.  She is marked like a bobcat or some sort of wild cat. And she's pregnant. Should drop her kitten-load in a week or so.   That's another wait and see situation - Leigh says she has home for at least 3 kittens (I think) and I'm sure we won't have trouble placing any of them.  However, I can't keep 3 adult cats.  So there will be some home-finding later, probably in March or so. 

I've drawn a blank. I'm so overwhelmed with information, and so aggravated that my fingers are numb, that I can't think of anything else left to say.  So I will return to reading your journals and trying to catch up on my email.  I had 138 emails in my Yahoo account this afternoon, and 104 at work.  I love being missed!!


Dec. 21st, 2007 09:05 am
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Today is my last day at work for the rest of the year. With thanks to our capricious governor, I will only use three days of annual leave and I'll have 11 days from work day to work day.

The bad part of this: today will likely be my last day online until I return to work. My cable and internet is off at the house and I don't know that I'll be able to afford turning it back on until after I get paid on the 28th. Maybe not even then. I've got one or two more Christmas presents to buy and then I'm done. I'm looking forward to dinner with Brent and his mother's family tomorrow. I am starting to relax as the season is winding down, once the gifts are purchased the rest is a breeze. I'll be wrapping this weekend, and I enjoy doing that.

Christmas cards are going out, and a I have a few more books to send. The last gift I ordered Brent online has not yet arrived, which is frustrating. I also have to remind myself to send in my PBS pledge so I can get the gift from THAT, possibly in time for Valentine's Day.

Suzi has been the surprise Christmas tree bandit. She's pulled off two ornaments so far but she is content to bat them around on the carpet so nothing's broken. Scarlett broke four of them just putting them on. A good lesson for her in being careful. Mitzi - whom I worried about - has only taken one. However, she showed a lot of brain power in that abscondment and ended up with a broken toy. Little smartie paws pulled the ornament off the tree, carried it DIRECTLY to the entry way and dropped it there by the door. The floor there is linoleum and thus toys make more noise when they are batted about. She was surprised when the ball shattered on contact! Looking back it's funny - that night it was just one more glass mess to clean up. siiiiiiiiiiiiiigh

So happy ChrisKwannukahYule to each and every one of you. I'll miss you all! Those of you with my phone number had BETTER call me at some point, dangit. And if I get anything earth-shattering for Christmas, I'll FIND a computer and post about it. I swear. 



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I haven't had much to say these days.  I think even that sentence is a repeat.  I received a very sweet card from a very lucky man in the mail yesterday.  I now have "I love you" in writing with his signature, so it holds up in court at last. 

Busy weekend ahead, and I don't want it.  I have almost no money left and payday isn't until next Friday. I mean almost no grocery money, nothing.  I feel like a horrible person for having so quickly spent the money all of you gave me, but I did at least reserve it for crucial issues, like our glasses.  It was a great help.  Christmas is ALWAYS like this - tension and fear during the weeks between pay periods, then frantic attempts to keep the utilities on while providing gifts that will please my loved ones, cooking, working, going to performances, being cold and thus being in pain: there are just TOO MANY issues with this holiday.  I don't care much for it any more.

My dad tells other people (not me of course) that I throw my money away and don't spend it wisely.  I'm sure that's true, but changing that requires changing certain habits that are quite deeply ingrained.  If I have to think about one more single thing to do every day my brain will explode. I don't have time to break habits right now.  Truth is, I never do, and that means I'm supposed to make time, and can we say vicious circle everyone? Say it with me:  Vicious Circle.  Good. 

Well, it's back to the file room for more purging.  It will probably take me a week to finish this project, during which many other work issues will be ignored and back up on me.  siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh

 I forgot - the one thing keeping me sane right now is the sound of The Drifters singing White Christmas in my head.   ba-do-beedo
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Is it WRONG to invite a man who fears fatherhood more than death itself to tag along during your ultrasound?  

No more wrong than telling a woman that you're passing Chernobyl-ish gas clouds in your office this afternoon. 


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The West Virginia Music Hall of Fame is having it's first ever induction ceremony tomorrow.   There are a lot of great artists there, and if you watch for a few moments you will see the new inductees names and photos cycle through the space on the left of the page.  Of personal interest is Clark Kessinger,  a distant relative of Brent's.  Clark Kessinger is known as an "old time" fiddle player.  I think that kinda encompasses many styles, including bluegrass and folk music.  He recorded several albums in his lifetime, and my own great uncle Charlie Bill Lemon* accompanied him with guitar on at least one.  Isn't it cool the connections you can find if you look long enough?  Clark's nephew, Robin Kessinger, is also an accomplished flatpicker, with many awards to his name, and too many television appearances to list here.  

We both have music in our blood.  It's another thing that seems to draw us together. 

*YES, Charlie BILL.  Honest to god. His given name was Charles William of course, but he went by the nickname from infancy. 
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What a great day I have had.  Brent and I went out to eat breakfast, but shouldn't have.  He took a notion to go to the mall afterward, and we had such a good TIME!   We wanted to eat everything in sight!  It was so great to be out with him, just walking around, talking and laughing, looking at stuff.  It melted me every time he'd put his hand on my back, or put his arm around me.  He laughed when I told him how astonished I was at his decision to come out, and he said "It doesn't take much to make you happy, does it?"  He's right, it doesn't.  We ran into a couple of my old friends, and I introduced him, then we stood and talked for a minute or two.  As we parted ways Jodie patted Brent's arm and said "You've got a great girl there!".  He replied, "Yes I do, I know."  

He's so awesome. 

So here's the watch, it only needed a battery, the jeweler said it looked great inside, very clean.  It's gold plated, and (as I mentioned) Swiss made.  It fits just the slightest bit snug, but it's comfortable.  I like it very much.  Brent came into the jewelry store with me, and we actually looked at various jewelry. Even wedding bands for him.  And he didn't freak out.  I was so amazed. 

I had a hard time taking this pic, took about 6-8 takes.  The pic was always blurry, or had a glare, so this is the best of the bunch. 

Of course while I was taking the pictures, Mitzi was all "up in my grill" wondering what I was doing, sniffing the watch, begging for rubs.  So I took some pics of her, and then Suzi.  They are such sweeties.  I'll be so glad when I can have all my peeps in one place, Brent, Scarlett and the kittie-girls.  They deserve better attention.

Then I caught these poses:

The second one in the window is so poignant!  So I looked up
"poignant quotes" and found this from James Thurber.  I'm gonna 
post it in Cat Macros. 

I know. I'm a mush.  I like it that way. 


Oct. 18th, 2007 12:32 am
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It's not cool tonight.   Well, it is outside, but not in here.  I laid in bed with my sliding glass door open until I heard a raccoon outside chirring at my cat.  That was enough.  Can't trust a raccoon not to try and come through the screen. So the door is closed.

My head hurts and it's spinning every time I turn it.  My hair is too hot, and running the fan on the old unit isn't helping any more.  I don't think I'm going to make it to work tomorrow.   

So I came back in here.  Three reasons.  
#1, it will help me get sleepy.  
#2, to tell you this:

When we were at Brent's on Monday we watched Emeril after dinner.  All three of us enjoy cooking shows, and we had a good time.  Scarlett and I were on the sofa, and Brent was in his chair. 
At one point Scarlett took my hand and asked me why I didn't have any of my rings on.  
She said "See? I have MY ring on."
I told her I didn't feel like wearing them all the time.  "All-the-time is saved for a special ring."  
And she said "Oooh..."
Then she said

"Well I hope you get that ring Mommy, for your sake.  And for my sake, too."

I felt a little guilty about letting Brent hear something that he could interpret as a HUGE HINT.  But it wasn't that, so I let it be what it was.  

The next night at dinner, Scarlett asked me if Brent liked Brussels Sprouts. 

I said "No.  And why are you doing that little victory dance in your chair?"

"Because that means we have another thing in common."

"Why does that matter?"

"Because you might marry him some day."

I told her that Brent said that probably wouldn't happen.  So it probably wouldn't. 

And she said "Mom, people change their minds all the time.  It might only take one little thing...."

And #3 - to offer this to anyone who made it to the end of this post. 

I will send handmade gifts to the first three people who ask for them in a comment here.   You have to give me 365 days to get it to you, though I don't think it will take that long.  And you have to be willing to post this same offer on your own LJ once you receive your gift. 

I got my gift in the mail today from another LJer.  It's a wonderful homemade body scrub, with olive oil which I love, and rosemary and rue.  NUMnumnum!!!

Now I'm yawning. So good nite.


Oct. 1st, 2007 09:57 am
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And I have a smile on my face, despite my various frustrations. 

I shopped myself SILLY Saturday!  Then dragged Leigh's ass out and shopped her ass silly too!  She got some awesome Fenton that I'd forgot about, and I am now blue with envy. Because the glass is blue, and I love it. She will put it to great use I'm thinking. 

I GOT some blue glass stuff too - and this very cool huge goblet that would look great with a betta in it. However, I have this thing about not keeping a fish in the house with naughty cats, and also a thing about fish deserving more room than a glass bowl can give them.  So I'll do something else with it. I can't WAIT to get back to my home and break out all my treasures.  

Not the least of which is a new set of Pfaltzgraff - a gift from Leigh that I am utterly underserving and insanely crazy about.  She is the most awesome friend.  I'm kinda crazy about her too.  Shhh, don't tell anybody.  

And that man of mine.   
I will be memeing later this morning, when all my requests are in. 

The air conditioning repairman is supposed to call this afternoon to come and replace my unit.  I hope it really happens.  I miss my home.
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September 29 and 30 are National Alpaca Farm Days, [personal profile] tinhuviel

Thus, a gratuitous pic por vous.

Then, more icons, etc., behind the cut. 

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Ummm, do you know where I can get some Lycra spandex leopard-print leggings?

Happy birthday [profile] beldar I don't know you very well, but you're certainly welcome to come along for the roller coaster ride that is [personal profile] sapphirescarlet  Feel free to touch the monkeys, and please don't keep your hands inside the car.

Not much to say yet today.  Scarlett is doing quite well at getting off to school, although she drags her feet if I don't walk through the steps with her every day.  That's okay, though.   I don't have to get ready until after she leaves.  In fact, her departure at 6:45 gives me time to get on the computer, check my email and Live Journal, and kinda wake up more.  For some reason that builds my energy level.  Every morning when the alarm goes off I start thinking of ways I can miss work or go in late. By the time I have finished my computer play, I'm ready to face the day. 

Got a new icon, courtesy of [profile] gymorama.  He's my primary "maker" of animated icons nowadays.  I have been hearing new lyrics to songs in my head for several days now.  Just a creative spurt, I guess.  

I've only been taking three pills for the last several days.  For some reason I thought I'd put my blood pressure pills in my bottle where I keep everything.  But I hadn't, and I kept thinking that they weren't supposed to be blue, they were supposed to be white.  I was right, so I found them and took one today.  Hope it helps these nagging headaches when I wake up.

Brent is VERY MUCH looking forward to the weekend.  He's horny and lonely.  I miss him, too.  He's not ready to talk about anything more than what we have now.  I have been bringing it up once in a while, but I can't help it.  I drive by a 3 bedroom house for lease on my street EVERY DAY.  It's $800 a month, and has a basement where he could set up his drum kit.  We could save SO MUCH damned money. And I could leave the roaches behind.  siiiiiiiiiiiiigh

Yes, I'm still having trouble with the damned things.  I've been MUCH more conscientious regarding my kitchen, rinsing dishes before loading them in the dishwasher,  keeping the sink, stove and counters clean with bleach, and spraying roach spray into all the cracks every few days.  The spray is supposed to last six weeks, but after just a few days I start seeing roach poopie on the places where I spray.  I made myself a little sick with it yesterday, and didn't get it off my hands when I washed - so it got on my contacts and I couldn't wear them.  The bitch of it all is I actually saw the first one in the living room this morning.  Of course I sprayed it, made myself a little sick with the spray again, but that's proof to me that the spray isn't doing the job.  Which fucking pisses me off because it takes an act of God to get my landlord to do anything.  Goddammit.  I guess I'll have to move the cats to Brent's one weekend and DEMAND that he hire an exterminator. I don't know what else to do.  I'm sick of things going wrong and him not taking care of them.  I have a list of several things now: the mildew on the laundry room ceiling has been there over a year.  I suspect the carpet in the hall is ruined because it got wet when the ceiling leaked from the washing machine upstairs.  Now the light fixture in the hallway has a short and won't work.  And the fucking roaches, which originally moved in when the girls upstairs moved out.  I did NOT have them before that, dammit.

Okay. I'm going to try to work now.  Everybody in my section is gone for two days, so I'm the ONLY person answering phones.  My boss is sick, too.   It's nice for things to be quiet, but I have a harder time working when he's not here.  All I want to do is play.  I don't have SHIT for games on this damned computer. 

Well, I guess I had more to say than I thought.


Sep. 13th, 2007 01:49 pm
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 Second day with a nagging pain in the front of my head, above my left eyebrow.   I woke yesterday morning at 4:30 to a spinning room, and I've not felt right ever since.  I made an emergency visit to my doctor yesterday a.m., and she put me on a BP med. Started it today. We'll see.  

Scarlett had another meltdown yesterday evening, kinda went off and on all evening long.  She is NOT feeling well, appears to be a mild cold with no infection, but it's draining her quickly.  I left her at home today with no t.v. and no online access.  She's resting, and a bit restless, which is fine.  Her birthday is tomorrow. I got her some Pokemon cards, trying to accept something I don't particularly like.  

Last night there was an insistent aggressive scratching noise that pulled me out of bed at 11 p.m.  I thought Mitzi had gotten stuck in Scarlett's closet or something, but when I got to the living room, there were both cats, staring at the front door - which was vibrating from the scratching on the other side!  Scared the shit outta me, so I called 911.  The scratching stopped, but while I was on the phone with the police, it resumed further down the wall, close to the sidewalk.  The dispatcher said he'd send someone to look around, so I hung up, grabbed my broom, and waited.  The scratching stopped, but nothing walked past my window or made any further noise.  I went back to bed, and the cop showed up. TWENTY MINUTES LATER.   Charleston's finest, ya'll.  He found nothing, but I figure it was a fox or a possum or raccoon.  Or a fucking rat. 

I dreamed last night that Mitzi had a hole in her shoulder from falling against a bolt sticking out of a chair.  The vet took for EVER to work on her, spent all his time working on a horse in the next room, which kept kicking him.   Women were having their nails done in the waiting room.  Mitzi was so patient, and I felt SO horrible for her.  Poor kitty. 

Brent has asked to attend Scarlett's birthday party. How sweet!  Scarlett is very happy that he wants to come and has said "Of course!"   

Now I've got to do some work or something. I feel like crap.  My head pain won't go away. 
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I feel pretty good today.  

Good weekend.  Brent's mother made wonderful italian chicken, and a Mississippi Mud Cake, with marshmallows for my birthday! YUM! Brent actually gave me a gift yesterday, a nummy vanilla honey candle.  I told him he did good, he'd been paying attention to what I like and don't like.  He's such a sweetie, it makes the other stuff easy to overlook. 

Scarlett has a blister in the back of her throat, so she missed school today to go to the doctor. Haven't heard back from the visit yet.  She'll probably go tomorrow, mom says.  At least she got her homework done. 

Jeff continued to be an ass over the weekend. Pissed mom off (which isn't hard for him) and almost got a tongue lashing from my stepfather.  I told Brent that he is more respectful toward both me and my daughter than Jeff ever has been.  He thanked me for the compliment.

I made Brent some "Green Dragon" this weekend.  He was MUCH happy.  He wanted to call Leigh right THEN and tell her allllll about it.  I don't think it will change his preferred method of consumption, but it knocks him RIGHT OUT. And I like that.  Less chance to mouth off. 

I am taking the day off work tomorrow.  I might not be online much, so if I am late in commenting regarding any online kindness, I apologize beforehand and express my premature gratitude.   :D

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1. Who is your best friend?   Brent is now.  I've traditionally had one "best friend" at a time.  Leigh runs a close second, because I talk to her about EVERYthing.  The only thing really missing is the running around. We're both pretty busy.

2. Why did you become friends?  With Brent it was because we had so much in common and we made each other laugh.  We knew the same jokes, were raised in the same religion AND region, liked the same music and were/are both sensualists.  With Leigh it was because we just "clicked".  We had a couple of interesting things in common and just started talking. And talking and talking and talking.  

3. How did you meet?  I've known Brent for almost ten years.  We began our conversation when I realized he was a writer and asked him about it. He gave me a cd of his music, and I was hooked.  With Leigh - a mutual acquaintance introduced us.  

4. Why have you stayed friends?  In both cases we know the value of what we have. We appreciate the ability to speak freely, whine, bitch and moan, and the frequent laughter. 

5. How long (realistically) do you think you'll be friends?   I hope forever.  I've hoped that before, but I'm learning with each friendship.

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She won't go to sleep. She's been in there an hour, and won't quit talking to herself. 

I want to eat something, but apparently whatever it is I want to eat isn't in my kitchen. My knees are cold from standing in front of the refrigerator. 

Brent called, and was beyond conversation.  He said "There comes a point where you care less about yourself, and more about the night."

To which I replied: "Feeling a bit melodramatic, are we?"  He was offended. I don't give a shit.

He's calling back. I'm not answering. 

I think I might go to bed.
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And all and any others who will be at le bonfire tonight. 

I am sorry, but we at Chez 'Nita have decided that you are all wacked in the haid for even THINKING about FIRE on a 101 degree day. I don't care if it WILL cool off by tonight. Wacked, chilren.

And Courtney, my personal apologies for being unable to take your call today at lunch. I was, shall we say ... indisposed .  And yes, this is gratuitous gloating. Sex at lunch rox my sox.
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And for everyone else, a poem.  Written a few days ago.  You know I don't normally rhyme, but it came to me as broken lines when I passed a blue-eyed man on the street. 

When a dark haired man goes walkin' by
And he looks up at me with bright blue eyes
My heart just skips a beat
No matter where
No matter when
My boyfriend doesn't understand
He thinks it makes him less a man
But that's just not the case
I'm on the ball
I love only one

What struck me about the encounter, which was merely our eyes meeting as we passed - I no longer feel the need to reach out to every man I pass in the hopes that he is the man. I searched most my life for the man, and I've been so hurt and disappointed in that search. 

I don't want the man any more.  I want the one I have. I've never felt like that - just plain satisfied. I'm no longer a huntress, and it feels good.


Aug. 23rd, 2007 10:36 am
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C'mon People! Are you reading?

Yeah, I know a few of you are, my die hard friends, and I thank you. Just seems a little slow these last few days. I'm a spoiled LJ whore, I know.

Scarlett comes home today. Mom will be buying her school supplies, so that's an expense I won't have to absorb, which is nice. I'm going to pick up some printer cartridges so she'll have a working printer to start school. I'm going to pick up the Chuzzle game for $9.whatever at WalMart if I can find it. Yes, WalMart. Home of the non-union bastards where I swore I'd never go. Hey. They have something I want. pbbbbt.

Brent came over and ran my sweeper yesterday after work. The darling thing. I appreciated it so much, and he didn't even feel up to an exhibition of my appreciation. I need a new sweeper. siiiiiiiiiiiigh  He didn't stick around even for dinner. My night was quiet, and there  was much affection on the cell lines about nine p.m.  He makes me feel so good, even when I don't know what it really means when he says he cares for me. I guess the explanation for that is I don't understand exactly what that entails. It's not love, but it includes meeting his mother, having dinner with her sometimes, meeting my family and eating with them, occasional sex and frequent kisses, a hug when I need it, a lot of laughter, some aggressive banter, and tolerance of my moods. Someone who asks how I'm feeling, who rants when my father makes me cry. Much gratitude and appreciation, marvel at my patience and kindness, and dinners out now and then. Is that what caring for someone is supposed to include? I think so, but I keep wondering why this isn't called love. Is there more to love? I think there is, but it's nice to finally experience caring first hand.

Scarlett will go to school tomorrow morning, and catch the bus for the first time in her life. The students have orientation for a few hours then are sent home. She'll go to our friend Nancy's house with the twins (her "best friends") and I'll pick her up there. Monday is the first real day of school. She will not be going to daycare this year.  This is NOT legal in West Virginia. But what am I to do? I make too much to qualify for anything more than a reduced rate at certain places. I don't even know where those places are. And I can't afford a reduced rate. Make too much, can't afford. Story of my life. 

Taste of Charleston is Saturday and Sunday, and we are planning to attend. Leigh has mentioned she'd like to go, and Brent as well. It's always yummy, and fun. 

I think that's all for now. Except I need a new pair of tennis shoes.  WalMart here we come.


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