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Attention please all divorced parents and products of same:

When I was small my mother gave me money at Christmas time to purchase gifts for her and my stepfather.  My mother also gave me the money to buy my father and stepmother presents.  (and gifts for their children) She didn't like doing this but felt it was necessary, despite the fact that my father never gave me a CENT to purchase anything for my mother, or to purchase anything for him, my stepmother, or any of his children.  My father is a stingy selfish bastard. 

So now it's my turn. Granted, I don't have the money to give Scarlett to buy gifts for anyone really, but my mother has once again taken it upon herself to give Scarlett money to buy gifts for HER father and his family. Scarlett has actually saved her own money to buy gifts for me and her grandparents.  I don't like this practice, and neither does my mother.  However, it would make Scarlett VERY sad if she had no gift to give her father for Christmas.  She is very understanding when we tell her that we don't have the money for things, and I know if we told her that in the case of a gift for her father, she would understand. And she would likely repeat it in her own form when she saw him. (which I LOVE by the way.  "Sorry I couldn't get you anything daddy, mommy didn't have enough money. CHILD SUPPORT ANYONE????)

Question is this:  What did your parents/what do you do in this instance?  What has been the norm or common practice within your family?  ALLLL comments are welcome, encouraged even. 

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I feel pretty good today.  

Good weekend.  Brent's mother made wonderful italian chicken, and a Mississippi Mud Cake, with marshmallows for my birthday! YUM! Brent actually gave me a gift yesterday, a nummy vanilla honey candle.  I told him he did good, he'd been paying attention to what I like and don't like.  He's such a sweetie, it makes the other stuff easy to overlook. 

Scarlett has a blister in the back of her throat, so she missed school today to go to the doctor. Haven't heard back from the visit yet.  She'll probably go tomorrow, mom says.  At least she got her homework done. 

Jeff continued to be an ass over the weekend. Pissed mom off (which isn't hard for him) and almost got a tongue lashing from my stepfather.  I told Brent that he is more respectful toward both me and my daughter than Jeff ever has been.  He thanked me for the compliment.

I made Brent some "Green Dragon" this weekend.  He was MUCH happy.  He wanted to call Leigh right THEN and tell her allllll about it.  I don't think it will change his preferred method of consumption, but it knocks him RIGHT OUT. And I like that.  Less chance to mouth off. 

I am taking the day off work tomorrow.  I might not be online much, so if I am late in commenting regarding any online kindness, I apologize beforehand and express my premature gratitude.   :D


Aug. 10th, 2007 09:33 am
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'Bout damned time, too.   My computer is acting wonky.  Somehow I managed to convince it to show me everything BIGGER, and when I type, the letters shift of their own accord.  Can't wait  to see what this entry looks like. NOT.

I had a bizarre comment on my journal last night:
Pls to be going away now?

I ROASTED last night.  Brent had the air at 69, and I woke in a damp spot on the bed.  Sweat under my hair, bad bad BAD dreams all night, for the third night in a row.  Finally at about 6 a.m. I laid back down and had a GOOOOD dream.  I still have a headache, but I'm not hot any more.  And we had insane crazy mad sex, finally.  So I am much happier all over.

Going to mom's for dinner tonight - she's going to fix steaks.  And fry squash, which has made Brent willing to go.  I thought I was going to have to bring Scarlett home with me, but her father FINALLY called last night.  And she confessed to him that she didn't want to go to his house.  I talked to her, though, and I think I convinced her to stand up for herself  while she's there, and go ahead.  They're going to the Ribfest, which she LOVES, and I told her it might be her only chance to go.  She's really GOT to learn to speak up, despite the fact that it creates tension.  I hate it too, so I understand exactly how she feels, but I've had to learn to do it anyway in order to get by in life. The sooner she learns the better. 

She isn't enjoying her summer reading assignment.  It seemed to be a bit boring to me, too, but I'm not going to tell her that.  I hope all of their reading choices at this school aren't as dry. 

EDIT: Oh yeah.  I want this book. 

Okay, I think I'm done.  For now anyway.


May. 14th, 2007 11:56 am
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The REAL update.   I got an email from my mom's best friend, and here's the answer I sent her.  It sums up my weekend pretty well, I think. 

Things here are going pretty well. Floyd dragged mom to Randolph County this past weekend, so Mother's Day was spent at the Marriott Brunch with my Uncle Chuck and Aunt Sharon, and their crew. There were 18 of us, it was very much fun, and of course fancy as only the Marriott can do it. Great food, and greater company. Aunt Sharon's sister Marilyn is a grandma now! Baby Dallas was there with his mommy and daddy. He's cute of course, only two months old so he's a standard-issue baby right now.

Scarlett and I had a picnic at the lake in Nitro with "the fellow" Saturday, it was very nice too. Yummy hot dogs and my yummy chili, which is a lot like my mom's yummy chili. I learned a lot from you two great cooks! Brent loves my cooking, and even brags on it to his mom, who is the "best cook in the world". I wouldn't have much respect for him if he didn't love his mom's cooking best - his devotion to her is really awesome. And the fact that he brags on me to her says a lot about how he feels about me - even when he's too stubborn to say it. Carole and Autumn came to the park for about an hour. Autumn fell while she and Scarlett were walking to the picnic table, and she ended up with a broken wrist. It was a very clean break that didn't need to be set, just put in a cast. She's such a good little girl.

I'm at home today cleaning. My back has been hurting very bad this weekend, I probably did too much - so I snuck half a Lortab from mom and stayed home to nurse it. Now that I've got some pain meds in me, I'm able to get around great and I'm getting laundry and dishes done and Scarlett's crap picked up and just moving around like I'm 30 years old. Boy those were the days.

I am going to try and take a 4 day weekend and head down there this summer. Scarlett has so MUCH planned, I'll have mom pencil in a weekend after she gets out of school.  Jeff and I are working things out pretty well, hoepfully I won't have to put her in day care too much this summer.  He got his child support payment reduced to just $125 a month, and that will pay for ONE WEEK of summer day care and two gallons of milk. (or one gallon of gas!)  I could pinch his fool head off, but I'm not taking it out on him. Aintcha proud of me? You should be.  I make Brent hold me while I cry on the weekends, so I don't take it out on much of anybody. He does come in handy for that, even if he won't agree to meet my mom or call me his girlfriend.  Love sure is complicated when you get past 40.


Apr. 18th, 2007 11:30 pm
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My petition for reconsideration of the child support formula was denied.  Jeff doesn't make enough to even include the cost of child support.  Apparently once your income is below a certain point, that's the only number they use.  I'm fucked for child care this summer.  GOT to find a new apartment.


Apr. 18th, 2007 09:14 am
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I've been so busy here at the Desk of SUCK that I feel I've worked a week already.  More busyness today, and the remainder of the week.  I don't really have time to be on LJ, but can't seem to stay away.  

I have pain in so many different places, I can't keep track. Some of it, I suspect, is rebound pain from the codeine - the pain seems to magnify when the drug wears off; some of it is from stress - my teeth and face hurt from clenching my jaws; my knee is bothering me, but I wore a low heel today anyway. (read: stupid)  Didn't have any cough syrup last night, did alright.  Had some this morning, because of the facial pain mostly, but also to make it easier to walk.  It doesn't touch the pain in my knee, but it makes me care less. 

Scarlett's "tea" was last night.  It was very nice. She didn't win her division for the entire county, but she was recognized along with the 5th graders from other schools.  Her father, stepmother, and sisters came, and we were all glad they could get there.  It was a very long drive for them.  Two of my aunts, and a cousin came, as well as my parents.  She was well represented.  Neither her teacher nor her principal came, although there were three students from her school.  I guess they knew ahead of time that she wasn't going to win, and had other things to do.  I'm going to grab the anthology tonight and type up her story here on LJ. For internet posterity.

I could talk about Brent, but we spent the night rehashing some old wounds for him, with some strong admonitions on my part to move on, distract himself until he can let go of his pain, and even some encouragement toward hospitalization. He won't hear of it now that he's sober again, but at least the ideas are getting planted in his mind.  Scott Adams (WHOM I LOVE!)  has mentioned in his blog a theory that people begin to believe something once they've written it down, even if they write down a lie to begin with.  I should give Brent some of that information.  

I think I will. 

Aaahhh, the cough syrup just kicked in.  Now I'm off to conquer the world, or at least West Virginia.


Apr. 16th, 2007 08:24 am
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I didn't want to do today.  None of it.  Spring break always spoils both of us, and summer even moreso. 

Circus this weekend, I have tickets for Friday night's show.  I'm getting excited, haven't said anything to Scarlett yet, but once I do, she'll start getting excited too.

She asked last night if she could have some toys back. I said "Not until you can keep your room straight. Right now you have no place to play." And she agreed she didn't have any room to play. Found stuff behind her bed this morning, so she won't be getting them back today. I am letting her get on the computer now, though. 

Lots of rain this weekend, and I heard on the news this morning that several hundred people were evacuated downstream of one of our dams.  I haven't seen my boss yet, so I don't know if he'll come in, or go straight to the dam.  Clearly he's been out there this weekend, tho; we don't evacuate until the situation is dire.  I'm anxious to hear what's going out there. 
Am not in the best of moods. Haven't been all weekend, but Brent said I wasn't bitchy. I felt like I was. He's so tender with me sometimes, it makes me cry.  It also makes it nigh near impossible to leave him.  That tenderness is what I crave most, you know. 

Scarlett had a good time at her dads, and there was no day care involved. So I am relieved, and very much glad.  

That's all the news that's fit to print, so it's time to make the donuts.  mmmmmmmmmmm donuts............

whoop, here he is, and I'm pullin' files........
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He won. Down from $300 to $124 plus change. Enough for a month of day care and two gallons of milk. 

YES I WILL Be filing an appeal.  



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