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Jun. 28th, 2011 06:45 am
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Howdy, bebbehs!

It's been a while, and things continue to happen.  Isn't that always the way?  Scarlett's hijinks are giving me sleepless nights and so much sadness.  My trip to Virginia was an incredible blessing - what a beautiful place!!  I can't wait to go back.  I hope I get the opportunity.

I have a lot to say, but no time to say it right now.  Gotta get in the shower in a few minutes.  So I'm going to post this here - I've been more selective than usual with today's Writer's Almanac, but there are two profiles that spoke to me.  Today is Gilda Radner's birthday - she was a brilliant light that was snuffed too quickly.  And although I don't embrace all of John Wesley's teachings, it would appear he came to much the same conclusion as I have regarding the teachings of Christ and the Bible - it's all about the LOVE.  Learn this and the rest will follow. 


Today is the birthday of the founder of the Methodist movement, Joseph Wesley (1703). He was born in Epworth, Lincolnshire, England, and his father was a Nonconformist — a dissenter from the Church of England. Wesley studied at Oxford, where he decided to become a priest. He and his brother joined a religious study group that was given the nickname "the Methodists" for their rigorous and methodical study habits; the name wasn't meant as a compliment, but Wesley hung onto it anyway and managed to attract several new members to the group, which fasted two days a week and spent time in social service.

By 1739, he felt he wasn't really reaching people from the pulpit, so he took to the fields, traveling on horseback, preaching two or three times a day. He began recruiting local laypeople to preach as well, and ran afoul of the Church of England for doing so. He believed that Christians could be made "perfect in love" when their actions arose out of a desire to please God and to promote the welfare of the less fortunate. He wrote: "Love is the fulfilling of the law, the end of the commandment. It is not only 'the first and great' command, but all the commandments in one. 'Whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, if there be any virtue, if there be any praise,' they are all comprised in this one word, love."

He was also an ardent abolitionist. In Thoughts on Slavery (1774), he wrote: "Are you a man? Then you should have an human heart. But have you indeed? What is your heart made of? Is there no such principle as Compassion there? Do you never feel another's pain? Have you no Sympathy? No sense of human woe? No pity for the miserable? When you saw the flowing eyes, the heaving breasts, or the bleeding sides and tortured limbs of your fellow-creatures, was you a stone, or a brute? Did you look upon them with the eyes of a tiger? When you squeezed the agonizing creatures down in the ship, or when you threw their poor mangled remains into the sea, had you no relenting? Did not one tear drop from your eye, one sigh escape from your breast? Do you feel no relenting now? If you do not, you must go on, till the measure of your iniquities is full. Then will the Great GOD deal with You, as you have dealt with them, and require all their blood at your hands."

He's said to have traveled 250,000 miles, preached 40,000 sermons, and written, translated, or edited more than 200 volumes. He made £20,000 for his publications but gave most of it away and died in poverty. Though there's no evidence that he actually wrote it himself, "John Wesley's Rule" does a fair job of summing up his life:

Do all the good you can,
By all the means you can,
In all the ways you can,
In all the places you can,
At all the times you can,
To all the people you can,
As long as you ever can.

Today is the birthday of comedienne Gilda Radner (1946) (books by this author), born in Detroit. She struggled with eating disorders from the time she was nine years old, and said, "I have weighed as much as 160 pounds and as little as 93." She gained national recognition as a member of the original 1975 cast of Saturday Night Live. She was the first cast member that producer Lorne Michaels chose, and in her five years on the show she created such characters as Roseanne Roseannadanna, Emily Litella, and Baba Wawa (modeled after Barbara Walters).

In 1981, she met Gene Wilder on the set of the film Hanky Panky. They made two more movies together and married in 1984, and when she tried and failed to get pregnant, she found out she had ovarian cancer. After painful radiation and chemotherapy treatments, she went into a brief remission in 1988, and she wrote her memoir It's Always Something — the trademark phrase of her character Roseanne Roseannadanna — that same year. By the end of 1988, the cancer had returned, and she died the following May.

She wrote in her autobiography: "It is so hard for us little human beings to accept this deal that we get. It's really crazy, isn't it? We get to live, then we have to die. What we put into every moment is all we have. ... What spirit human beings have! It is a pretty cheesy deal — all the pleasures of life, and then death."

Now - I've got a black thing in the bottom of my glass.  Eww.  Got to rid myself of it.
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I'm just not a very happy camper these days.  I feel sorry for Brent, because he hates to see me feel so bad all the time.  If I'm not in pain, I'm hungry, and sometimes I'm both. 


May. 1st, 2011 11:26 am
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The mallard mama was camped out in our front yard this morning.  It's been raining steady for several hours now.  Both of her beaus are with her, one is stamping down hostas to try to tempt her into nesting in our front flower bed.  I hope she agrees!  It's got a lovely overhang to shield her from the worst weather while providing close access to the creek.  There ARE, however, several cats who roam the neighboring yards.  Maybe not such a good idea after all. 
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There's nothing like cheese to soothe the raging beast in me. 

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Sweet William is now married.


Katherine is a lovely girl. I watched her father singing
and wondered if he ever dreamed - before she met Will at
St Andrews - that she would one day be queen.


The Queen wore yellow.  She looked lovely.
She didn't sing along during "God Save The Queen"
But Phillip did.  I thought that was kinda sweet.
I expected him to nudge her with his elbow
when the song was done.  He probably didn't want
to do that in front of the camera. 

I've always felt like Will was a nephew, someone I
watched and loved from afar.  Harry too.  I think it's because
I was close to Diana's age, and loved her personality
and spark of life. 
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Top picture - the wall above my kitchen table. As you may or may not recall, we painted the kitchen white and painted several red accents throughout the room. These things hung on the wall are accumulated from our honeymoon, and also from a very sweet Mexican artist that blue_leaf introduced me to online.




Wouldn't these salt and pepper shakers and this jar look so lovely on my table, below this wall? *snicker* I'm almost ashamed for you to see how covetous I can be sometimes. Today's a very materialistic day for some reason.  I think it's because I HATE being living from paycheck to paycheck, and this is a particularly bad payday.  

I will likely alleviate these urges when I get paid by either purchasing some of the things I've posted (most are well within reasonable cost) Or I'll go shopping, to Big Lots, Home Goods, Marshalls and T.J. Maxx, and see if I can find some similar items that will alleviate the Gimme-monster that has reared her ugly head this week.
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Make me squee like a six-year-old in the Barbie aisle. A week before Christmas, even.




Pansies:  https://www.onekingslane.com/product/10731/342849


Hearts:  https://www.onekingslane.com/product/10731/301691


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On being asked if he had any advice for Lindsay Lohan regarding prison:

"I learned that it's better to be honest, because you can't get away from your lie."

Doesn't hurt to live by this credo outside of prison, either.


Apr. 5th, 2011 04:29 pm
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Ahh, LJ. My precious! 

Drama has waned somewhat since last week.   When my child doesn't have the phone in her hand, she's a lovely joy to be with. 

When she does, beware the banshee. 

Solution?  No phone at all.  It's a sad solution, and it's a harsh one.  But her mind and emotions can't take the drama any more than mine can. 

I'm getting more work done during the day, and less goofing off.  That's good, but my work level is still not where it should be.  I don't care.  I'm doing my best to work thru despite my current feelings for my job.  I hope this passes.  I don't know what I'm going to do if it doesn't.  My neck pain continues, spreads sometimes, and sometimes eases a bit.  Stress at its finest.

Mom's feeling okay.  Brent is doing well.  I still feel something lurking in the shadows, a year or two away, perhaps.  Nothing feels permanent, and it's quite disconcerting.  I pray I'm wrong.
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I've forgotten to tell you all a few things. 

Number one - I have become a HUGE Firefly fan over the weekend.  A co-worker loaned the entire series on DVD to Brent, and he's never managed to muster any interest.  I've wanted to watch it for some time, but never HAD the time, you know?  Well this weekend, I had lots of time.  I spent most of Saturday curled up on the living room sofa with a DVD in, surrounded by folded piles of laundry. 

I'm not done with the series yet, brief as it is, but DAAAMN!  WANT!  I wish wish WISH it were more than one season long, it's so GOOD!  I can almost TASTE IT. 

Spent the day with mom Sunday, helped her log into her email.  Not sure how long those instructions will last in her head, and her hand is rather shaky, keeping her from controlling the mouse properly. 

The bushes in the front and back yard are blooming.  I still haven't figured out what they are.  Doesn't matter I guess - they're so big that I couldn't remove them without causing some major damage to my yard.  I'm going to take out the magnolia that died last year and try to get a forsythia to grow there instead.  Not sure when I should plant it, better look that up.  And I need the front bed plowed for my hostas. 

Watched the first two episodes of "Mildred Pierce" Sunday night.  Kate Winslet, as usual, is brilliant.  Having read some reviews of the movie with Joan Crawford, I don't think I'll like where this story is going.  Still, I'm going to try and watch it all.  It's quite intriguing.  Missed watching "The 39 Steps" as a result of watching Mildred.  I'm hoping to catch it as a repeat this week.

Also watched "Stella Dallas" for the first time Sunday morning.  Cried and cried.   I should have Scarlett watch that one.  She wants to rent "The Nightmare Before Christmas" from Netflix.  I need to update my queue.

That's all the news that's fit to print at this point.  Love you guys!

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by John Updike

Show me a piece of land that God forgot—
a strip between an unused sidewalk, say,
and a bulldozed lot, rich in broken glass—
and there, July on, will be chicory,

its leggy hollow stems staggering skyward,
its leaves rough-hairy and lanceolate,
like pointed shoes too cheap for elves to wear,
its button-blooms the tenderest mauve-blue.

How good of it to risk the roadside fumes,
the oil-soaked heat reflected from asphalt,
and wretched earth dun-colored like cement,
too packed for any other seed to probe.

It sends a deep taproot (delicious, boiled),
is relished by all livestock, lends its leaves
to salads and cooked greens, but will not thrive
in cultivated soil: it must be free.

"Chicory" by John Updike, from Americana and Other Poems. © Alfred A. Knopf, 2001. Reprinted with permission. (buy now)

I was surprised and pleased to see this poem this morning in my Writers Workshop email. Leave it to a poet to say what I've tried to say myself about this lovely plant.  It has long been my favorite flower, and grows in profuse abundance along the highways here in West Virginia.  I love it's color, and it's perverse pleasure in pollution. It seems the more rank and odorous the air that surrounds it, the more the plant throws itself into spreading and flowering with lusty abandon.  I've never drank chickory, but I fully intend to some day.  I always think of my loveliest friend [livejournal.com profile] padiwack  when I think of this flower, because she often writes of drinking it.  I hope to share a cup with her over beignets some sultry morning in her beloved city!

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Mushu Pork, FTW!

Mom update

Mar. 10th, 2011 01:45 pm
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Mom is doing much better.  She has a UTI, as well as the pneumonia, which they retracted, then diagnosed again, so who knows, except I know because she's got fluid on her lungs and how else do you suppose it got there, so get a grip, people.  Right? Right. 

I've been to the chiropractor twice this week and while it helps immediately, the relief is not lasting, at least not yet.  I figure it will take a while to get the tension worked out of my left shoulder, but I've swapped out big purse for little purse, and I'm sure that will help in the long run.  I've ended up sleeping in the recliner anyway, on some nights, because I MUST alternate sides during the night or my back will hurt too much in the mornings.  But if I turn over and sleep on the sore side more than once or twice, it becomes unbearable.

Ugh.  I've got to get some more work done.  I miss writing here.  I still feel the urge, but have very little time to myself on the computer any more, either here or at home.  I'm growing more and more frustrated with many issues in my life, and I'm not sure what I'm going to do about it.  I guess I'll letcha know, if I come up with something. 
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My mom is in the hospital with double pneumonia.  She told me on the phone this evening that she was refusing to be intubated, if it came to that.  She's having so much trouble breathing and she says its just not worth it, to make the effort. She sent my stepdad home, and she's there, in the ER, alone.  Has been in the ER since about 11 a.m., (it's after nine p.m. during the call) and they still don't have her in a room.  She's not even being propped up, so she can breathe better.

So of course I'm a basket case.  I want to go. But I've still got this sinus infection crap going on.  My car's tags are expired, and so is my drivers' license.

And out of the blue, Brent gets out of bed, puts his clothes on, and goes. He went to the hospital FOR ME, to make sure my mom is getting the breathing treatments she needs, the nebulizer, enough pillows, etc. 

How awesome is that?  I am so overwhelmed with gratitude right now. 


Mar. 4th, 2011 09:53 pm
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My husband has a cold.

Scarlett and I managed to turn it into a sinus infection with bronchitis.

I actually went to the doctor, and stayed home from work for two days.

My eyes are burning as I type this, but I did work today. 

I'm regretting it, I think.

I've gone thru most or all of the posts I've missed.  Now this chair is hurting mah butt.

I've gotta go do something else. 

But I've missed ya'll.
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I want to learn these lines, and possibly even learn the rest of these other versions of the song "This Land Is Your Land". 

The British version:

From the coast of Cornwall to the Scottish Highlands 
From the sacred forests to the holy islands
This land was made for you and me.

And for the Irish, it's:
From the northern highlands to the western islands 
From the hills of Kerry to the streets of Derry 
This land was made for you and me.

It almost feels a little sacrilegious, but I want to know them anyway. 


Feb. 21st, 2011 11:27 am
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Today's a holiday, President's Day.  So I've slept in, and we are going to a matinee today, to see The King's Speech.  

Things are going very well right now.  I'm fighting a regular neck pain with a heating pad and occasional Excedrin or Anaprox.  Work seems a million miles away for some reason, and I'm grateful.  Just wish I had more gumption to get things done around here.  I'm gonna work on that today. 

To those of you who are privvy, it will be a week today and the change in attitude remains.  To those of you who are not privvy, just be glad with me that things are going VERY well around here right now. 
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The prices are comparable, but slightly higher in some cases, than I find at the Dollar Store, Family Dollar, or Walgreens.  The advantage that I can immediately see is getting EXACTLY what I want or need, without going from store to store and finding my preferred brand - or worse yet my required brand - unavailable.

I can see using this on a monthly basis, ordering enough to avoid shipping, and being a VERY happy camper.


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